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The Senate conducts daily business following a set agenda as stated in the Guide to the Minnesota Senate, The Orders of Business, often referred to as the Daily Orders of Business. All agendas and calendars prepared for a legislative session are produced by the Senate Desk, Journal Production Office. To learn more, visit Frequently Asked Questions About the Minnesota Legislature, search the FAQ database for Orders of Business or visit the topics Calendars and Procedures (Parliamentary).

Agendas and Calendars

Order of Business Description
First Order of Business Petitions, Letters and Remonstrances
Second Order of Business Executive and Official Communications
Third Order of Business Messages from the House of Representatives
Fourth Order of Business First Reading of House Bills
Fifth Order of Business Reports of Committees
Sixth Order of Business Second Reading of Senate Bills
Seventh Order of Business Second Reading of House Bills
Eighth Order of Business Introduction and First Reading of Senate Bills
Ninth Order of Business Motions and Resolutions
Special Orders
Tenth Order of Business Calendar
Eleventh Order of Business Consent Calendar
Twelfth Order of Business General Orders of the Day
Thirteenth Order of Business Announcements of Senate Interest
Confirmations Confirmation Calendar
Senate Confirmations of Executive Appointments