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Minnesota Senate Act Summaries

Each legislative session, the legal and research staff of Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis Office creates summaries for selected bills. When bills are passed by both bodies and signed by the governor, summaries may be created for selected acts.

Act summaries are listed on this page. View Bill Summaries

For background information on the bills process, see Frequently Asked Questions about the Minnesota Legislature.

Staff from the office of Senate Counsel, Research and Fiscal Analysis create side-by-side comparison summaries in collaboration with House Research and Fiscal staff that summarize and compare similar bill provisions to be negotiated in a conference committee. These summaries are used by elected representatives and staff to guide their work in the negotiation process. See Side-by-Side Summaries

2023 - 2024 Act Summaries
Regular Session - 2023
H.F. No. 28 - Restoration of Voting Rights
Elections and Campaign Finance Modifications
H.F. No. 2335 - Enacted Housing and Homelessness Prevention Budget
H.F. No. 1937 – Conference Committee Report for the Department of Military Affairs and the Department of Veteran Affairs (S.F. 2247)
H.F. No. 2073 – Higher Education Conference Committee Report (SF2075)
Enacted Agriculture, Broadband and Rural Development (S.F. 1955)
H.F. No. 1126 – Higher Education Policy 2nd engrossment (SF 1011)
Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy Act (S.F. 2909)
Jobs and Economic Development and Labor Omnibus Budget Bill
H.F. No. 2292 – Early Education Omnibus Bill
K12 Education Bill
Commerce Omnibus Bill
Paid Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program
H.F. No. 2310 – Environment, Natural Resources, Climate, and Energy Omnibus Finance
Human Services Omnibus Budget
State and Local Government and Elections Policy and Finance Omnibus (H.F. 1830)
H.F. 100 / S.F. 73 - Legalization and regulation of cannabis
H.F. No. 1938 - Omnibus Tax Bill
Omnibus Transportation Finance Bill
Health and Human Services Omnibus Bill Index (S.F. 2995)
2021 - 2022 Act Summaries
Regular Session - 2022
Appropriating money for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis research and caregiver support program
Veterans and Military Affairs
First Special Session - 2021
Omnibus Bill for State Government Finance and Policy, Veterans and Military Affairs, and Elections
Regular Session - 2021
State Government and Elections Policy
2019 - 2020 Act Summaries
Fifth Special Session - 2020
Omnibus Public Finance, Capital Investment, Tax, and Supplemental Appropriations Bill
Regular Session
Agriculture and Housing Budget
Miscellaneous Capital Investment Bonding Appropriations
Omnibus Transportation Finance
Environment Policy Agreement
Omnibus Judiciary and Public Safety Funding Bill
Omnibus Tax Bill
Omnibus Jobs, Economic Development, Commerce, and Energy
Minnesota State Retirement System
Omnibus Health and Human Services
State Government Omnibus Appropriations
Omnibus Education Finance
Capital Investment; Housing Infrastructure Bonding Bill
Opiate Epidemic Response
Higher Education Omnibus Bill
Disaster Contingency Account Transfer
Presumption for Certain COVID-19 Workers’ Compensation Claims; Authorization to Extend Campus Implementation Date
Insulin Safety Net Program (Conference Committee Report)
Restaurant Off-Sale
Various Transportation Provisions

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