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Minnesota Legislature

Popular Bills 2019-2020

Please note: This list is produced for internal use within the Senate Information office as a way of quickly finding “popular” bills.


Major Subjects:

Subject File Number Author Brief Summary
AbortionSF 1168Benson, M.Requiring physicians to notify the patient of the opportunity to see the ultrasound imaging before the abortion is performed.
AbortionSF 1609Benson, M.Prohibiting abortions at or after 20 weeks postfertilization age, unless certain exceptions apply.
AbortionSF 869Mathews, A.Prohibiting abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected, with certain exceptions.
AgricultureSF 1722Dahms, G.Appropriating money for mental health counseling to support farm families and business operators. (See also SF 1723)
AgricultureSF 740Weber, B.Increasing the number of animal units that trigger an environmental review for a proposed feedlot.
Constitutional Amendment
Constitutional AmendmentSF 1007Nelson, C.Amending the Constitution to provide for staggered terms for senators.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 1115Utke, P.Providing in the Constitution for the right of people to keep and bear arms.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 127Draheim, R.Amending the Constitution to establish term limits for legislators and executive officers.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 157Jensen, S.Reducing the number of members who serve in the Senate and the House of Representatives.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 186Dibble, D.Adding a section to the Constitution that provides for gender equality under the law. (See also SF 200, SF 432 and SF 919)
Constitutional AmendmentSF 2153Housley, K.Authorizing food retailers to sell wine and beer.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 2187Mathews, A.Strengthening the single subject requirement for legislative enactments.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 2233Isaacson, J.Establishing a redistricting commission to adopt congressional and legislative district boundaries. (See also SF 2255)
Constitutional AmendmentSF 2380Little, M.Providing for freedom of speech as a fundamental right in the Constitution.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 2525Pappas, S.Allowing local governments to lower the voting age to 16 in local elections.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 2889Eken, K.Requiring a phaseout of all taxes on real and personal property and requiring a progressive tax based on individual income.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 500Dibble, D.Making constitutional protections against unreasonable searches and seizures include electronic communications and data.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 522Pappas, S.Changing the wording of the Constitution to gender-neutral terms.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 581Eken, K.Prohibiting legislators from receiving per diem living expenses during legislative sessions.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 729Eken, K.Creating dedicated funding in the Constitution for long-term care services.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 757Marty, J.Changing the Minnesota Legislature to a unicameral legislature.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 921Marty, J.Changing the Constitution so that vacancies in the office of lieutenant governor are filled by governor's appointment, subject to the Senate's advice and consent.
CorrectionsSF 1678Latz, R.Prohibiting the state from using private prisons.
CorrectionsSF 413Lang, A.Allowing inmates to be housed in private prisons.
Economic Development
Economic DevelopmentSF 419Housley, K.Providing an income tax credit for costs of making a film in Minnesota. (See also SF 1983)
EducationSF 148Dziedzic, K.Requiring a school counselor in every school. (See also SF 431)
EducationSF 1743Nelson, C.Allowing school districts to count 2018-2019 snow days toward the required minimum number of days of instruction.
EducationSF 402Simonson, E.Increasing funding for special education. (See also SF 403, SF 484 and SF 531)
EducationSF 412Kent, S.Authorizing school districts to begin the school year before Labor Day in the 2020-2021 year and the 2021-2022 year. (See also SF 918)
EducationSF 429Simonson, E.Requiring seat belts on newly purchased school buses.
EducationSF 50Wiger, C.Appropriating money for school safety grants. (See also SF 1298, SF 1299 and SF 1300)
EducationSF 7Nelson, C.Providing safe schools revenue. (See also SF 25)
EducationSF 784Hall, D.Providing for school districts and charter schools to prominently display the national motto in schools.
EducationSF 900Anderson, P.Increasing the safe schools levy.
Elder Care
Elder CareSF 11Housley, K.Establishing requirements for authorized electronic monitoring in nursing facilities and assisted living facilities.
Elder CareSF 8Housley, K.Eldercare and Vulnerable Adult Protection Act of 2019. (See also SF 2685 and SF 2686)
Elder CareSF 805Dibble, D.Establishing consumer protections for residents of assisted living facilities; requiring licenses for assisted living facilities.
ElectionsSF 124Isaacson, J.Automatically registering people to vote when they get their driver's license. (See also SF 612 and SF 1189)
ElectionsSF 241Kiffmeyer, M.Providing funding to improve election security. (Passed the Senate floor on Feb. 28 as HF 14.) (See also SF 93)
ElectionsSF 2424Eken, K.Authorizing jurisdictions to adopt ranked-choice voting.
ElectionsSF 312Bigham, K.Providing for early voting.
ElectionsSF 582Rest, A.Creating a commission to recommend boundaries for legislative and congressional districts. (See also SF 2575)
ElectionsSF 785Hall, D.Allowing individuals to wear political or campaign apparel in or near the polling place.
ElectionsSF 856Champion, B.Restoring voting rights upon release from incarceration. (See also SF 1191)
EmploymentSF 1060Kent, S.Providing for paid family, pregnancy, bonding and applicant's serious medical condition benefits. (See also SF 2798)
EmploymentSF 1933Champion, B.Prohibiting wage theft.
EmploymentSF 528Pappas, S.Providing for earned sick and safe time. (See also SF 1597 and SF 2923)
EmploymentSF 622Marty, J.Increasing the minimum wage; increasing the Minnesota Family Investment Program cash grant; and other program funding increases. (See also SF 623, SF 624, SF 625 and SF 626)
EnergySF 385Bigham, K.Expanding the renewable energy standard.
EnergySF 633Osmek, D.Abolishing the prohibition on issuing a certificate of need for a new nuclear power plant.
EnvironmentSF 1903Torres Ray, P.Repealing the prohibition on local governments banning plastic bags.
EnvironmentSF 459Westrom, T.Providing compensation to farmland owners who are required to put riparian buffers on their land.
EnvironmentSF 594Utke, P.Eliminating the rulemaking authority of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.
EnvironmentSF 756Marty, J.Prohibiting restaurants from providing plastic straws to customers, except upon request.
FirearmsSF 434Latz, R.Requiring criminal background checks for firearms transfers. (See also SF 85, SF 1284, SF 1287 and SF 1289)
FirearmsSF 436Latz, R.Enabling law enforcement and family members to petition a court to prohibit people from possessing a firearm if they pose a danger to themselves or others. (See also SF 1285, SF 1286, SF 1288 and SF 2379)
FirearmsSF 72Ruud, C.Establishing when the use of deadly force is justified in defense of home and person. (See also SF 1262)
FirearmsSF 748Koran, M.Providing the right to carry a firearm without a permit. (See also SF 865, SF 1172, SF 1504, SF 1821, SF 2129 and SF 2413)
FireworksSF 1621Rarick, J.Expanding the kinds of fireworks that can be used in Minnesota.
GamblingSF 1894Chamberlain, R.Providing for licensing of sports pool operators and sports wagering premises, and other provisions related to sports betting.
Game and Fish
Game and FishSF 226Koran, M.Allowing two-line fishing during the open-water season.
Game and FishSF 456Eken, K.Allowing earlier openings for deer hunting and fishing seasons.
Game and FishSF 927Eaton, C.Prohibiting open season for wolf hunting.
HealthHF 400Rosen, J.Establishing the opioid epidemic response; establishing a registration fee for opiate manufacturers and wholesale drug distributors.
HealthSF 1520Eaton, C.Removing the exemption for conscientiously held beliefs from school immunization requirements.
HealthSF 2286Eaton, C.The End-of-Life Options Act, establishing an end-of-life option for terminally ill adults. (See also SF 2487)
HealthSF 256Klein, M.Establishing an opioid overdose reduction pilot program.
HealthSF 462Nelson, C.Adding e-cigarettes (vaping) to the smoking ban in the Minnesota Clean Indoor Air Act.
HealthSF 83Dibble, D.Prohibiting conversion therapy with children or vulnerable adults. (See also SF 164, SF 261 and SF 311)
HealthSF 858Eaton, C.Requiring a query of the prescription electronic reporting system before initially prescribing or dispensing an opioid to a patient.
Health Care
Health CareSF 1098Rosen, J.The Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act, requiring prescription drug price reporting. (See also SF 1640)
Health CareSF 272Klein, M.Prohibiting a manufacturer or wholesale drug distributor from price gouging. (See also SF 1518)
Health CareSF 353Jensen, S.The Prescription Drug Affordability Act, creating prescription drug affordability requirements.
Health CareSF 472Wiklund, M.The Alec Smith Emergency Insulin Act, creating the insulin assistance program.
Health Insurance
Health InsuranceSF 1125Marty, J.Minnesota Health Plan, ensuring that all Minnesota residents have health coverage. (See also SF 1126, SF 1127, SF 1128 and SF 1129)
Health InsuranceSF 1229Utke, P.Requiring parity between mental health benefits and other medical benefits. (See also SF 379)
Health InsuranceSF 3Draheim, R.Requiring health plan companies to create a shared savings incentive program.
Health InsuranceSF 352Jensen, S.Establishing a health insurance premium tax credit.
Health InsuranceSF 399Hayden, J.Repealing the repeal of the MinnesotaCare provider tax. (See also SF 2462)
Health InsuranceSF 684Klein, M.Creating MinnesotaCare Buy-In Option health plans. (See also SF 719, SF 720 and SF 1080)
Higher Education
Higher EducationSF 1583Anderson, P.Imposing tuition freezes and reductions at the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.
Higher EducationSF 1595Chamberlain, R.Requiring MnSCU and requesting the University of Minnesota create a free-expression policy.
Higher EducationSF 2517Draheim, R.Creating the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP).
HousingSF 404Nelson, C.Creating a Minnesota housing tax credit contribution fund to increase affordable housing.
Human Rights
Human RightsSF 1307Dziedzic, K.Clarifying the definition of sexual harassment so that the harassing conduct or communication isn't required to be severe or pervasive.
Human Services
Human ServicesSF 1Rosen, J.Providing funding for mental health grants.
Human ServicesSF 1110Anderson, P.Establishing a tax credit for qualified child care expenses, professionals and providers.
Human ServicesSF 2Housley, K.Containing provisions related to child care, including expanding the child-care tax credit and appropriating money for child care provider grants.
Human ServicesSF 4Relph, J.Providing human services provisions, including changes to statutes related to disqualification of individuals who wrongfully obtain assistance from public programs.
Human ServicesSF 975Draheim, R.Making changes to welfare laws; imposing asset limits.
ImmigrationSF 1103Utke, P.Requiring law enforcement officers to record the citizenship and immigration status of felon arrestees.
ImmigrationSF 231Dibble, D.Restricting state and local officials from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement efforts.
ImmigrationSF 80Utke, P.Reducing local government aid to cities that are sanctuary cities.
JudiciarySF 232Dibble, D.Requiring a special prosecutor in certain cases involving officer-initiated use of force.
LiquorSF 1607Housley, K.Authorizing off-sale liquor licenses for food retailers.
MarijuanaSF 619Franzen, M.Legalizing the use of cannabis for recreational purposes.
MarijuanaSF 727Howe, J.Extending the maximum supply of medical cannabis that can be distributed from a 30-day supply to a 90-day supply.
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan CouncilSF 36Wiger, C.Providing for staggered terms for Metropolitan Council members. (See also SF 56, SF 618, SF 637, SF 1088 and SF 1183)
Metropolitan CouncilSF 47Osmek, D.Requiring local approval of the governor's appointees to the Metropolitan Council.
Metropolitan CouncilSF 57Dibble, D.Providing for the election of Metropolitan Council members.
Public Safety
Public SafetySF 111Limmer, W.Expanding certain sexual conduct crimes; eliminating the exclusion in criminal law for nonconsensual, intentional touching of another person's clothed buttock. (See also SF 22)
Public SafetySF 1430Dibble, D.Regulating the use drones by law enforcement agencies.
Public SafetySF 515Torres Ray, P.Creating a task force on missing and murdered indigenous women. (See also SF 711 and SF 1736)
State Government
State GovernmentSF 1185Little, M.Providing for the election of state legislators without political party designation.
State GovernmentSF 1245Kiffmeyer, M.Abolishing the Office of MN.IT Services.
State GovernmentSF 132Marty, J.Precluding per diem payments to legislators.
State GovernmentSF 1416Kiffmeyer, M.Making daylight saving time year-round.
State GovernmentSF 2039Marty, J.Prohibiting certain public officials from lobbying for seven years after leaving office. (See also SF 2808)
State GovernmentSF 320Isaacson, J.Requiring inflation of expenditures be included in state economic forecasts. (See also SF 386 and SF 455)
State GovernmentSF 634Ruud, C.Designating the Labrador retriever as the official state dog.
State GovernmentSF 903Jensen, S.Reducing the size of the Minnesota Legislature.
TaxesSF 1066Eichorn, J.Reducing individual income tax rates.
TaxesSF 1448Anderson, B.Repealing the estate tax.
TaxesSF 1449Pratt, E.Reducing the corporate income tax rate.
TaxesSF 1826Franzen, M.Increasing the subtraction for Social Security benefits.
TaxesSF 1872Chamberlain, R.Providing an income tax credit for donations to fund K-12 scholarships.
TaxesSF 245Goggin, M.Allowing taxpayers to subtract the entire amount of the Social Security benefits they receive from state income taxes.
TaxesSF 2501Rest, A.Expanding the working family credit. (See also SF 2503, SF 2506 and SF 2507)
TaxesSF 5Chamberlain, R.Providing federal tax conformity and nonconformity.
TaxesSF 523Dziedzic, K.Increasing the appropriation for local government aid to cities.
TelecommunicationsSF 1553Latz, R.Requiring telecommunications service providers to comply with Internet privacy requirements.
TelecommunicationsSF 317Latz, R.Requiring that Internet service providers adhere to net neutrality practices.
TelecommunicationsSF 433Latz, R.Prohibiting telecommunications or Internet service providers from collecting their customers' personal information without their written approval.
TransportationHF 50Newman, S.Prohibiting cell phones while driving, unless the driver uses hands-free technology. (Ch. 11) (See also SF 204)
TransportationSF 10Newman, S.Dedicating all of the sales tax on motor vehicle repairs and replacement parts to pay for roads.
TransportationSF 1092Newman, S.Providing deficiency funding for MNLARS. (Ch. 1)
TransportationSF 1124Senjem, D.Increasing vehicle registration fees.
TransportationSF 2173Newman, S.Regulating autonomous vehicle testing.
TransportationSF 2360Dibble, D.Transportation and Public Safety
TransportationSF 2528Simonson, E.Providing rebates to purchasers of electric cars; awarding grants to install a network of electric vehicle charging stations.
TransportationSF 367Frentz, N.Increasing the motor fuels tax. (See also SF 2758)
TransportationSF 589Osmek, D.Prohibiting state funds to pay for the operating costs of future light rail lines. (See also SF 1148)
TransportationSF 620Jasinski, J.Providing a penalty for driving too slow in the left lane of traffic.
TransportationSF 674Abeler, J.Prohibiting the use of automated driving systems.
TransportationSF 75Osmek, D.Increasing penalties for texting while driving; expanding the criminal vehicular operation crime. (See also SF 139)

Special session budget bills

File Number Author Topic
HF 1Nelson, C.E-12 Education (Ch. 11)
HF 10Rosen, J.Pensions (Ch. 8)
HF 12Senjem, D.Housing bonding bill (Ch. 13)
HF 13Limmer, W.Revisor's bill (Ch. 12)
HF 2Pratt, E.Jobs, Energy and Commerce (Ch. 7)
HF 5Chamberlain, R.Taxes (Ch. 6)
HF 6 Newman, S.Transportation (Ch. 3)
SF 1Westrom, T.Agriculture, Rural Development and Housing (Ch. 1)
SF 10Kiffmeyer, M.State Government and Veterans (Ch. 10)
SF 12Benson, M.Health and Human Services (Ch. 9)
SF 3Ruud, C.Legacy (Ch. 2)
SF 7Ingebrigtsen, B.Environment and Natural Resources (Ch. 4)
SF 8Limmer, W.Judiciary and Public Safety (Ch. 5)

Senate omnibus budget bills from 2019 regular session

File Number Author Topic
HF 1555Newman, S.Transportation (Senate version is the first unofficial engrossment)
HF 2125 Chamberlain, R.Taxes (Senate version is the first unofficial engrossment)
HF 2208Pratt, E.Jobs, Energy and Commerce (Senate version is the first unofficial engrossment)
HF 2400Nelson, C.E-12 Education (Senate version is the first unofficial engrossment)
HF 2414Benson, M.Health and Human Services (Senate version is the first unofficial engrossment)
HF 653Ruud, C.Legacy (Senate version is in SF 836, the first engrossment)
SF 2226Westrom, T.Agriculture, Rural Development and Housing
SF 2227Kiffmeyer, M.State Government and Veterans
SF 2314Ingebrigtsen, B.Environment and Natural Resources
SF 2415Anderson, P.Higher Education (Ch. 64)
SF 802Limmer, W.Judiciary and Public Safety

Governor’s budget proposals (as introduced)

File Number Author Topic
SF 1019Lang, A.Legacy (Outdoor Heritage Fund appropriations)
SF 2226Westrom, T.Agriculture
SF 2302Marty, J.Health and Human Services
SF 2314Ingebrigtsen, B.Environment and Natural Resources
SF 2347Nelson, C.E-12 Education
SF 2358Anderson, B.Veterans and Military Affairs
SF 2360Dibble, D.Transportation and Public Safety
SF 2411Rest, A.Taxes
SF 2415Anderson, P.Higher Education
SF 2444Ruud, C.Legacy (Clean Water Fund, Parks and Trails Fund and Arts and Culture Fund appropriations)
SF 2611Pratt, E.Jobs, Economic Development, Energy and Housing
SF 2726Kiffmeyer, M.State Government

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