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2019 State Fair Opinion Poll Minnesota Senate Survey Results


A) Minneapolis/St. Paul

37.80% (2602)

B) Rural

12.51% (861)

C) Suburban

43.74% (3011)

D) Regional hub of at least 40,000 people (Rochester, Duluth, St. Cloud, Mankato, Moorhead)

4.07% (280)

E) Another state

1.39% (96)

F) No answer

0.49% (34)
Total Votes:


A) 18-24

7.25% (500)

B) 25-34

13.30% (917)

C) 35-49

16.27% (1122)

D) 50-64

30.80% (2124)

E) 65 and older

30.50% (2103)

F) No answer

1.87% (129)
Total Votes:

Should Minnesota legalize betting on professional sports?

A) Yes

31.57% (2172)

B) No

47.59% (3274)

C) Undecided / No opinion

20.83% (1433)
Total Votes:

Should Minnesota law be amended to provide a special tax credit for donations to nonprofit organizations that provide scholarships to low-income students to attend K-12 private schools?

A) Yes

43.69% (2996)

B) No

44.61% (3059)

C) Undecided / No opinion

11.70% (802)
Total Votes:

Based on your knowledge of other states regarding the costs and benefits of recreational marijuana, should the use of marijuana for recreational purposes be legalized in Minnesota for individuals aged 21 or older?

A) Yes

55.02% (3797)

B) No

35.82% (2472)

C) Undecided / No opinion

9.16% (632)
Total Votes:

After the 2020 Census, the state Legislature is constitutionally required to redraw the boundaries of the legislative and congressional districts. This process, known as redistricting, establishes districts that have roughly equal population. Who should be responsible for conducting redistricting?

A) The Legislature (as required by current law)

14.67% (1004)

B) A redistricting commission made up of members that are not legislators

56.61% (3875)

C) A redistricting commission that advises the Legislature, but the Legislature has the final responsibility

16.49% (1129)

D) Undecided / No opinion

12.23% (837)
Total Votes:

Should law enforcement agencies be authorized to petition a court to remove firearms from a person who the court determines is immediately dangerous to themselves or others and in which due process has been adequately ensured?

A) Yes

84.96% (5839)

B) No

10.87% (747)

C) Undecided / No opinion

4.18% (287)
Total Votes:

Minnesota law currently prohibits regulators from permitting construction of new nuclear-powered electric generating plants. In order to lower greenhouse gas emissions, should the law be changed so that new nuclear energy power plants could be considered?

A) Yes

50.31% (3443)

B) No

32.93% (2254)

C) Undecided / No opinion

16.76% (1147)
Total Votes:

Minnesota's roads and bridges are funded from a variety of revenues at the local, state and federal levels, including a state law change in 2017 in which a portion of the state sales tax on auto parts and repairs was dedicated to roads and bridges. One of these sources of revenue is the state's gas tax, which is currently 28.5 cents per gallon. Do you support increasing the state's gas tax to raise additional funds for roads and bridges?

A) No, I don't support an increase in the gas tax

30.27% (2072)

B) Yes, by 5 cents per gallon

37.83% (2590)

C) Yes, by more than 5 cents per gallon

27.58% (1888)

D) Undecided / No opinion

4.32% (296)
Total Votes:

In general, state funding for a K-12 Minnesota public school is not dependent on outcomes such as student achievement and growth, graduation rates, or other measures of student performance. Should the performance of students be considered in public school funding?

A) Yes, with more funding directed to lower-performing schools

27.08% (1843)

B) Yes, with more funding directed to higher-performing schools

8.11% (552)

C) No, maintain current law

55.27% (3762)

D) Undecided / No opinion

9.54% (649)
Total Votes:

State law requiring immunizations for children enrolled in public and private schools and child care facilities has an exemption for conscientiously held beliefs, which includes both religious beliefs and personal beliefs. Should the law be changed?

A) Yes, the exemption for conscientiously held beliefs should be eliminated

52.15% (3562)

B) Yes, the exemption should be amended so that religious beliefs remain exempt, but personal beliefs are not exempt

21.71% (1483)

C) No, the existing exemption from immunizations should stay the same

21.76% (1486)

D) Undecided / No opinion

4.38% (299)
Total Votes:

Minnesota is one of 13 states that taxes a portion of Social Security income. Should the state make all Social Security income exempt from Minnesota taxation?

A) Yes

68.98% (4723)

B) No

18.49% (1266)

C) Undecided / No opinion

12.53% (858)
Total Votes:

Minnesota's water recreation account is projected to run short of the money needed to pay for public water access and water safety projects. The account is supported by fees on boat licenses such as kayaks and motor boats, and also a portion of the gas tax attributed to watercraft. How should the situation be addressed?

A) Increase boat license fees

50.28% (3441)

B) Reduce water access projects

3.65% (250)

C) Restructure how the program operates

29.18% (1997)

D) Undecided / No opinion

16.89% (1156)
Total Votes:

Minnesota prisons are nearing full capacity. Which option would you prefer to address the issue of prison overcrowding?

A) Build a new prison or expand capacity at an existing prison

17.33% (1182)

B) Expand an early release program for prisoners who are incarcerated for nonviolent criminal offenses

76.39% (5211)

C) Undecided / No opinion

6.29% (429)
Total Votes: