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Senate Information Office

Legislative Role

Senate Information serves as a first contact or central information office for the Senate. Staff handle a wide array of telephone and in-person inquiries ranging from providing the status of Senate bills to explaining the Permanent Rules of the Senate. Questions that can't be directly answered are referred to an office that can, such as the proper state agency, constitutional office or federal entity. Senate Information is also responsible for the production and the distribution of Senate publications. The office has counter computers for the public to obtain up-to-date bill information. Session Notes is published shortly after floor session adjourns for the day and provides unofficial details of the day's actions. Office staff provide a variety of outreach opportunities, including speaking to groups about the legislative process and organizing a booth at the Minnesota State Fair.

Functions and Services

The Information Office performs the following duties:

  • Servicing Minnesota Citizens The Senate Information Office provides toll-free telephone numbers to enable citizens of the metropolitan area and Greater Minnesota to obtain general information about the Minnesota Senate. The Senate is committed to making the legislative process accessible to persons with disabilities. If you need assistance accessing the Senate website or other documents using a Teletypwriter (TTY) machine, please contact us at the numbers provided. Metropolitan Area Telephone Public Inquiries: 651.296.0504 Greater Minnesota Telephone, toll-free Public Inquiries: 888.234.1112 TTY: 800.627.3529 Toll-Free or dial 7-1-1 on a machine.
  • Special Needs Access Please refer to the Special Needs Access topic in the Frequently Asked Questions About the Minnesota Legislature publication provided by the Legislative Reference Library.
  • Legislative Inquiries Public inquiries about the legislative process are accommodated by telephone, email, or in person. Information can be obtained regarding the Minnesota Legislation and Bill Status or references within Minnesota Statutes, Sessions Laws and Administrative Rules on the Minnesota Legislative website. Paper copy of bills, journals, and other legislative documentation are also available. Assistance is provided regarding Minnesota Legislators and Legislative Districts. Specific information about your Minnesota Senator is available on the Minnesota Senate website.
  • Publications Minnesota Senate publications, including directories, are available in paper copy from the Senate Information Office. Many publications are also now available on the Minnesota Senate and legislative websites. Some publications are listed in the Legislative Materials Available to the Public available in Portable Document Format (*.PDF)
  • Programs and Events The Senate Information Office administers: Senate College Internship Program National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) Legislators' Back to School Program Minnesota Senate booth at the Minnesota State Fair Talks and programs on the legislative process

Key Resources

Resource Description

The Secretary of the Senate, Information Office, issues, compiles and distributes publications providing an overview or summary of the legislative process and procedural operations within the Senate. View a list of Senate and other legislative publications.

Senate College Internship Program The Minnesota Senate provides an education program designed to provide the opportunity for secondary education students to learn the legislative process. Participating Minnesota colleges and universities grant college credit to a student working for a Senator. The internships vary in length because of differing college requirement and the differing needs of individual Senators.
Annual Minnesota State Fair Event Each year the Senate administers a booth at the Minnesota State Fair. Staff assist public in identifying their district and legislators, answer inquiries regarding the legislature and legislative process, and demonstrate new and existing technology features.

Timeline and Calendar Highlights

Date timeline Description
Year Round Distributes printed legislative literature, serves the public with inquiries.
August - September Administers the Senate booth at the Minnesota State Fair.
September - October Administers the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) Legislators' Back to School Program.
October- End of Session Administers the Senate College Internship Program.

Staff List

Name Title Office Phone Number
Wendy Dwyer Bagley Director of Senate Information 231 Capitol 651.296.4340
Diane Jungbauer Assistant Director of Senate Information 231 Capitol 651.296.1966
Devin Ramey Public Information Officer 231 Capitol 651.296.5101
Charles Roberts Public Information Officer 231 Capitol 651.296.4174