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Senate Desk

Legislative Role

The Secretary of the Senate, Senate Desk, provides external and internal legislative information and production services to public and Senate members and employees. The Senate Desk functions under the jurisdiction of the Committee on Rules and Administration, under the direction of and including the Secretary of the Senate. Senate Desk functions are conducted primarily at the large desk at the front of the Senate Chamber. Senate Desk is occasionally referred to as "Front Desk", which describes both the large desk at the front of the Chamber and the many activities conducted at the desk that center around the actual enactment of legislation.

Functions and Services

The Senate Desk is responsible for the following activities during floor sessions:

  • Conducting roll call.
  • Following daily agendas as stated on all calendars, ensuring the Senate Order of Business are followed and moving legislation through the process.
  • Introducing Senate bills and engrossments.
  • Processing and reading bill introductions, messages from the House of Representatives, floor amendments, bills reported out of committee, motions, and all the other written material that is a part of the legislative process.
  • Certifying passage of bills.
  • Keeping minutes and coordinating the functions of the sessions.
  • Overseeing production, duplication, and distribution of Senate Agendas, General Orders, Calendars, and printed bills.
  • Overseeing production, duplication, and distribution of the Senate Daily and Permanent Journal.
  • Overseeing Governor's appointments processing.

Key Resources

Resource Description
Order of Business, Agendas and Calendars The Senate conducts business following a set agenda, often referred to as the Daily Orders of Business. All agendas and calendars prepared for a legislative session are produced by the Journal Production Office.
Procedural Rules The Senate conducts legislative business procedures as stated in the Rules of the Senate and Joint Rules of the Senate and House of Representatives. The Secretary of the Senate ensures parliamentary procedures are followed.

Front Desk Staff

Name Title Office Phone Number
Tom Bottern Secretary of the Senate 231 Capitol 651.296.0266
Holley Desigio Indexer 306 Capitol 651.296.4392
Mark Engebretson Indexer 306 Capitol 651.296.5604
Hans Graf Indexer 306 Capitol 651.296.4970
Matt Hanson Assistant Director Journal Production G11 Capitol 651.296.4183
Linda Jackson Director Journal Production G11 Capitol 651.296.0161
Mike Linn First Assistant Secretary of the Senate G11 Capitol 651.296.5249
Melissa Mapes Engrossing Secretary 207 Capitol 651.296.4149
Scott Radunzel Third Assistant Secretary of the Senate 233 Capitol 651.296.4740
Steven Siqueiros Assistant Engrossing Secretary 207 Capitol 651.296.4868
John Trombley Director of Index 306 Capitol 651.296.5250
Jessica Tupper Second Assistant Secretary of the Senate 233 Capitol 651.296.8854