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Minnesota Legislature

Minnesota State Senate

Minnesota Senate Offices

Office Descriptions and Staff Contacts

Non-partisan Offices

Office Description
Senate Councel, Research and Fiscal Analysis SCRFA Description.
Secretary of the Senate The chief operating officer elected by the Senate, oversees various internal offices.
Senate Desk Conducts legislative session and related operations.
Senate Engrossing Engrossing Description.
Senate Journal Documents Senate activities and produces the official Senate Journal.
Senate Index Indexes Senate Journals.
Senate Information Provides legislative information and publications to the public.
Senate Media Services Records and broadcasts video of Senate activities and produces the Capitol Report TV program.
Senate Human Resources Communicates employment opportunities, employee benefits and related functions.
Senate Sergeant At Arms description.
Senate Information Systems (Information Technology) Provides computer and technical services.
Senate Fiscal Services Provides fiscal services to Senate Members and employees.

Partisan Offices

Office Description
Senate Republican Party Caucus
Senate Republican Research
Senate Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party (DFL) Caucus
Senate DFL Research