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Finance Committee
Friday, April 16, 2021
9:45 AMLivestream YouTube


Present: Senator Julie A. Rosen - Chair, Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen - Vice Chair, Senator Michelle R. Benson, Senator Bobby Joe Champion, Senator Mark Johnson, Senator Susan Kent, Senator Mary Kiffmeyer, Senator Melisa López Franzen, Senator John Marty, Senator Eric R. Pratt

Absent: No Members Absent

Senator Julie A. Rosen called the meeting to order at 8:31am.

S.F. 2387: Senator Duckworth: Biennium conclusion report requirement; obsolete tobacco bonds provision repeal.

Senator Jasinksi introduced SF2387 on behalf of Senator Duckworth.
Senator Ingebrigtsen moved the A3 amendment.
The A3 amendment was adopted.
Senator Ingebrigtsen moved the A5 amendment.
The A5 amendment was adopted.
Eric Naumen, Senate Counsel, provided a walkthrough of the budget spreadsheet.
Minnesota Management and Budget, Commissioner Jim Schowalter, provided testimony.
Senator Ingebrigtsen moved the A4 amendment.
The A4 amendment was adopted.
Senate Finance Committee went into recess at 8:59am.
Senate Finance Committee returend from recess at 9:45am.
Senator Rosen laid SF2387 on the table.

Senator Rosen moved that S.F. 2387, be laid on the table. - MOTION PREVAILED.

S.F. 1279: Senator Rosen: Fentanyl and heroin same weight threshold and penalty establishment.

Senator Rosen introduced SF1279.
Senator Rosen moved the A8 amendment.
The A8 amendment was adopted.
Senator Rosen moved the A9 amendment.
The A9 amendment was adopted.

Senator Rosen moved that S.F. 1279, as amended, be recommended to pass. - MOTION PREVAILED.

S.F. 82: Senator Jasinski: Penalties for certain assaults on peace officers, judges, prosecuting attorneys and correctional employees increase; mandatory minimum sentences establishment.

Senator Jasinski introduced SF82.

Senator Pratt moved that S.F. 82, be recommended to pass. - MOTION PREVAILED.

S.F. 519: Senator Osmek: Offenders released from incarceration identification cards; commissioner of corrections requirements to provide information, services, medications, a homelessness mitigation plan, and reporting.

Senator Osmek introduced SF519.
Senator Marty introduced the A5 amendment.
The A5 amendment was adopted.

Senator Marty moved that S.F. 519, as amended, be recommended to pass. - MOTION PREVAILED.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:44am.

Senator Julie A. Rosen, Chair
Ruth Gredvig, Legislative Assistant