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Civil Law and Data Practices Policy Committee
Thursday, February 4, 2021
1:00 PM, Livestream YouTube


Present: Senator Andrew Mathews - Chair, Senator Warren Limmer - Vice Chair, Senator Bruce D. Anderson, Senator Karla Bigham, Senator Jim Carlson, Senator Mark Johnson, Senator Ron Latz, Senator Torrey N. Westrom

Absent: No Members Absent

Senator Andrew Mathews called the meeting to order at 1:04 PM.

Call to Order

S.F. 193: Senator Benson: Psychology interjurisdictional compact (PSYPACT) creation.

Senator Benson’s introduces her bill, SF 193.


Mr. Doug Wolfberg of the Council of State Government testifies in support of SF 193.


Member questions and discussion.


Senator Benson thanks the committee, and gives her closing remarks.


Voicevote: motion prevails, and the bill is passed.


Be recommended to pass.

S.F. 529: Senator Duckworth: Landlord to require a tenant to provide documentation supporting the tenant\'s need for a service or support animal.

Sentor Duckworth introduces his bill, and mentions he has an A-1 Author's Amendment, which provides the definition for the word disability as it pertains to the bill.


Senator Mathews makes a motion to adopt the A-1 Amendment. 


Motion prevails, amendment is adopted. 


Senator Duckworth introduces Mr Ellwood, testifying in support of SF 529. 


Leanna Steaniak with "At Home Apartments" also testifies in support of the bill.


Senator Johnson moves that SF 529 as amended be recommended to pass.


Voicevote: Motion prevails with unanimous support and SF 529 is passed.

As amended, be recommended to pass.

S.F. 395: Senator Johnson: Uniform Recognition and Enforcement of Canadian Orders for Protection Act.

SF395 is introduced by Senator Johnson, it's author.


Michele Timmons testifies first in support of SF 395.


Commissioner Harriet Lansing is a retired judge and testifies in support of the bill. 


Ms Cheryl Thomas, the Executive Director of Global Rights for Women testifies in support of the bill.  


Senator Johnson moves that the bill be passed and sent to Judiciary.


Voicevote, the bill has been passed and moved to Judiciary.

Be recommended to pass.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:37 PM.

Senator Andrew Mathews, Chair
Kayla Khang, Legislative Assistant