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Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy Committee
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
1:00 PM, Room 1100, Minnesota Senate Bldg.


Present: Senator Warren Limmer - Chair, Senator Dan D. Hall - Vice Chair, Senator Bruce D. Anderson, Senator Kari Dziedzic, Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen, Senator Mark Johnson, Senator Ron Latz, Senator Sandra L. Pappas, Senator Jerry Relph

Absent: No Members Absent

Senator Warren Limmer called the meeting to order at 1:10. Quorum Present.

S.F. 3306: Senator Kiffmeyer: Campaign finance additional definitions; disclosure, independent expenditures, noncampaign disbursements, reporting, coordinated and noncoordinated expenditures, and miscellaneous campaign finance modifications (re-referral - focusing on section 29).

Senator Relph moved that S.F. 3306, as amended, be recommended to pass. - MOTION CARRIED.

S.F. 3245: Senator Pratt: Energy improvements program modification; residential property assessed clean energy (PACE) loans consumer protections authorization (re- referral - focusing on section 31).

Senator Hall moved that S.F. 3245, be recommended to pass and re-referred to the Taxes Committee. - MOTION PREVAILED.

S.F. 3326: Senator Latz: Revisor\'s bill.

Senator Latz moved that S.F. 3326, be recommended to pass. - MOTION PREVAILED.

S.F. 235: Senator Westrom: Fireworks manufacture, sale, and use regulation and sales revenue dedication for public safety purpose; volunteer fire assistance grant account establishment.

Senator Relph moved that S.F. 235, be recommended to pass and re-referred to the State Government Finance and Policy and Elections Committee. - MOTION PREVAILED.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:54.

Senator Warren Limmer, Chair
Lilly Whittle, Legislative Assistant