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S.R. No. 276, as introduced: 89th Legislative Session (2015-2016) Posted on May 4, 2016

1.1A Senate resolution
1.2celebrating the life and legacy of freedom fighter Harriet Tubman.
1.3WHEREAS, Harriet Tubman was a courageous Civil War hero, abolitionist, and freedom
1.4fighter who believed people's worth did not originate from the color of their skin or their gender; and
1.5WHEREAS, she was born a slave in Maryland, endured horrific abuse as a child, yet
1.6overcame great adversity by making a courageous escape to earn her freedom; and
1.7WHEREAS, she made tremendous personal sacrifices and displayed extreme courage to
1.8save the lives of others as a "conductor" of the Underground Railroad, risking her own life and
1.9freedom in the process; and
1.10WHEREAS, she drew strength from her faith in the face of countless hardships, put her
1.11trust in God, and found herself "at peace with God and all mankind"; and
1.12WHEREAS, in 1863, the same year President Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation
1.13Proclamation, she served as a soldier and spy for the Union in the Civil War, and was the first
1.14woman to lead and armed assault that liberated hundreds of slaves; and
1.15WHEREAS, in her later life she displayed the same perseverance in fighting for women's
1.16rights as she had for abolition, becoming a leader in the suffrage movement; and
1.17NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the State of Minnesota
1.18that it recognizes and admires Harriet Tubman's selflessness and sacrifices as a humanitarian,
1.19her enduring resolve to improve her own life and the lives of others, and her commitment to the
1.20fundamental human right of freedom.
JoAnne M. ZoffSecretary of the Senate Thomas M. BakkChair, Senate Committee onRules and Administration
Paul E. GazelkaState Senator, District 9

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