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KEY: stricken = old language to be removed
         underscored = new language to be added
Authors and Status

S.R. No. 230, as introduced: 91st Legislative Session (2019-2020) Posted on April 14, 2020

1.1A Senate resolution
1.2amending the Temporary Rules of the Senate.
1.3Temporary Senate Rule No. 14.1 is amended to read:
1.414.1The President shall take the chair at the time to which the Senate adjourned. The President
1.5shall immediately call the members to order and, on the appearance of a quorum, shall proceed
1.6with the regular order of business. For the purposes of establishing a quorum, members who have
1.7informed the President of their intention to vote from a remote location under the provisions of
1.8Rule 40.7 may be counted for the duration of the legislative day. If a member suggests the absence
1.9of a quorum at any time during the remainder of the legislative day, the President must confirm
1.10that each member intending to vote under Rule 40.7 intends to continue voting under Rule 40.7.
1.11At any time the President announces the presence of a quorum, the President shall announce the
1.12names of members intending to vote under Rule 40.7.

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