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S.R. No. 2, as introduced: 89th Legislative Session (2015-2016) Posted on January 6, 2015

1.1A Senate resolution
1.2relating to rules; adopting temporary rules for the 89th session of the Legislature.
1.3BE IT RESOLVED, by the Senate of the State of Minnesota:
1.4The permanent rules of the Senate for the 88th session of the Legislature are adopted as the
1.5temporary rules for the 89th session, to be effective until the adoption of permanent rules by a
1.6majority vote of the Senate, subject to the following conditions:
1.7A bill may not be introduced on the first day.
1.8The rules referred to above are amended as follows:
1.93.3 An original and two copies one copy are required for introduction.
1.1116.1(a) The Secretary of the Senate shall provide a reasonable number of spaces on
1.12the Senate floor and in the Senate gallery for individuals and organizations with credentials
1.13and passes issued under this rule.
1.14(b) The Sergeant at Arms may not issue credentials or day passes under this rule to political
1.15organizations or to individuals affiliated with a political organization. For the purposes of this
1.16rule, "political organization" means an organization owned or controlled by a registered lobbyist,
1.17a political caucus, a political party, or any party organization and "individuals affiliated with a
1.18political organization" means an individual who, during the preceding 24 months, has been
1.19employed by or received any compensation from a political organization.
1.20(b) (c) Due to the limited space available for organizations or individuals providing news
1.21coverage of the Senate, the Senate finds that there is a compelling public interest in limiting
2.1credentials issued under this rule to organizations or individuals who demonstrate that they
2.2provide regular news coverage of the legislature. For session credentials, an organization or
2.3individual must submit an application to the Sergeant at Arms. The Sergeant at Arms must review
2.4the application and approve or reject it within 14 days after receipt. Upon the request of the
2.5Sergeant at Arms, an applicant for credentials must provide evidence of the applicant's activities
2.6in providing regular news coverage of the legislature. Evidence of regular news coverage must
2.7include examples of news coverage of legislative matters produced by the applicant. The
2.8examples must include written, video, or audio coverage written or recorded in the past year, and
2.9a description of how they were publicly distributed. Any opinion expressed in the examples is not
2.10subject to review under this rule at any time.
2.11(c) (d) If an application is rejected, the Sergeant at Arms must state the reason for the
2.12rejection in writing and notify the applicant, the Secretary of the Senate, the Majority Leader,
2.13and the Minority Leader in writing.
2.14(d) (e) An appeal of a denial of credentials must be made in writing to the Secretary of the
2.15Senate, the Senate Majority Leader, and the Senate Minority Leader. The Committee on Rules and
2.16Administration shall review and decide the appeal within 14 days after receiving a letter of appeal.
2.1716.2The Sergeant at Arms may grant a day passes upon the request of a member or upon
2.18the request of pass for access authorized under Rule 16.1, paragraph (a). The day pass may be
2.19issued for a single day to an individual or organization who has not applied for credentials and
2.20who is not prohibited from receiving credentials under Rule 16.1, paragraph (a) (b). The pass
2.21may be granted upon the request of a member or the organization or individual, and may be
2.22renewed from day to day upon request.
2.2316.3The Secretary shall compile and distribute to the public a directory of individuals
2.24and organizations who have been issued credentials under Rule 16.1 to provide news coverage
2.25from the Senate floor. The directory must include each individual's picture and organization
2.26and a brief biography.
2.2716.4The Secretary must issue each individual or organization with credentials an
2.28identification badge showing the individual's name and organization. The individual must wear
2.29the badge when in the Senate Chamber.
2.3016.5(a) A credential shall be revoked by the Sergeant at Arms if the Sergeant has received
2.31credible information indicating that the individual or organization either was not qualified to
2.32receive the credential when it was given, or no longer qualifies for a credential.
3.1(b) An appeal of a revocation of credentials must be made in writing to the Secretary of the
3.2Senate, the Senate Majority Leader, and the Senate Minority Leader. The Committee on Rules and
3.3Administration shall review and decide the appeal within 14 days after receiving a letter of appeal.

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