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KEY: stricken = old language to be removed
         underscored = new language to be added
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S.R. No. 2, as introduced: 88th Legislative Session (2013-2014) Posted on January 8, 2013

1.1A senate resolution
1.2relating to rules; adopting temporary rules for the 88th session of the Legislature.
1.3BE IT RESOLVED, by the Senate of the State of Minnesota:
1.4The permanent rules of the Senate for the 87th session of the Legislature are adopted as the
1.5temporary rules for the 88th session, to be effective until the adoption of permanent rules by a
1.6majority vote of the Senate, subject to the following conditions:
1.7A bill may not be introduced on the first day.
1.8The rules referred to above are amended as follows:
1.9 7.3The omnibus tax and appropriation bills are:
1.10    (1) the omnibus tax bill;
1.11    (2) the E-12 education appropriations bill;
1.12    (3) the higher education and workforce development appropriations bill;
1.13    (4) the health and human services appropriations bill;
1.14(5) the environment, economic development and natural resources agriculture
1.15 appropriations bill;
1.16(6) the agriculture and rural economies appropriations bill;
1.17    (7) the jobs and economic growth appropriations bill;
1.18(8) the commerce and consumer protection appropriations bill;
2.1(9) the energy, utilities and telecommunications appropriations bill;
2.2(10) (6) the judiciary and public safety appropriations bill;
2.3(11) (7) the state government innovation departments and veterans appropriations bill;
2.4    (12) (8) the transportation and public safety appropriations bill; and
2.5    (13) (9) the omnibus capital investment bill.
2.6     An omnibus appropriation or tax bill may not be divided.
2.8The standing committees of the Senate are as follows:
2.9Agriculture and Rural Economies
2.10Capital Investment
2.11Commerce and Consumer Protection
2.13Environment and Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications
2.14Environment and Natural Resources
2.16Health and, Human Services and Housing
2.17Higher Education and Workforce Development
2.18Jobs, Agriculture and Economic Growth Rural Development
2.19Judiciary and Public Safety
2.20Local Government and Elections
2.21Rules and Administration
2.22State and Local Government Innovation and Veterans
2.24Transportation and Public Safety

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