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Senate Index Office

Legislative Role

The Senate Index Office provides information via the Internet concerning the content, status and progress of bills before the Senate. The office maintains an electronic file for each Senate and House bill introduced in the Senate, including the bill number, subject, author, committee assignment, companion bill and content summary. Also, the office is responsible for compiling the interim and permanent indexes to the Senate Journal. Miscellaneous records of appointments requiring Senate confirmation, resolutions and conference committees are also maintained for reference purposes.

Functions and Services

The Index Office performs the following duties:

  • Maintains bill number, author, subject, committee, revisor number, companion bill and chapter number indexes and miscellaneous records of gubernatorial appointments, internal resolutions, conference committee appointments and reports filed with the Secretary of the Senate.
  • Compiles content summaries for all bills introduced in the Senate with updates when amended.
  • Updates bill status online as it occurs and enters Senate Journal page numbers reflecting the actions.
  • Produces various reports and lists of interest to or requested by members, staff and the public online or in print.

Key Resources

Resource Description
Senate Bill Status

To find specific information on a particular bill, click on the Senate Bill Status link to the left, or find the Bill Information box on the left sidebar, select a session, and enter a specific Senate or House file number.

Senate bills and legislative actions taken on bills are tracked and recorded centrally. Information can be obtained in various ways, including performing various searches:

  • Minnesota Senate Action Search
  • Minnesota Senate Author Search
  • Minnesota Senate Committee Search
  • Minnesota Senate Topic Search
Report of Bills Chief and Co-Authored Compiles the status of bills chief and co-authored for each Senator.
Report of Bills in Committee Compiles the status of bills for each standing committee.
Senate Files - House Companions Records all transactions for Senate Files and House Files as submitted to the Senate. For more information, follow the process describing How a Bill Becomes Law in Minnesota.
Senate Files - Revisor Numbers Records all transactions for Senate Files, Introduction date, and corresponding Revisor Numbers as submitted to the Senate. For more information, follow the process describing How a Bill Becomes Law in Minnesota.

Staff List

Name Title Office Phone Number
Holley Desigio Indexer 306 Capitol 651.296.4392
Mark Engebretson Indexer 306 Capitol 651.296.5604
Hans Graf Indexer 306 Capitol 651.296.4970
John Trombley Director of Index 306 Capitol 651.296.5250