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Minnesota Republican Party Caucus

The Republican Majority Caucus consists of elected legislative members of the Republican (R) Party.

Legislative Role

The Senate Republican Caucus represents Republican Party views on Minnesota legislative policy.

Functions and Services

The Senate Republican Caucus holds the majority of seats in the Minnesota legislature. This office also oversees daily tasks performed by internal Senate offices including operation of the Senate parliamentary procedures during each legislative session as well as production of legislative and other documents. Research, media announcements, and communications with Senators' constituents are provided by this office.

Key Resources

Resource Description
Republican Caucus Senators View the list of Senators that are members of or caucus with the Republican Caucus
Republican Leadership View the list of leadership positions.

Timeline/Calendar Highlights

Date timeline Description
July 1 State fiscal year begins each year, and in odd-numbered years, state fiscal biennium begins.
July through December Groundwork is laid for upcoming legislative session. Ongoing budget activity, budget-related events, trends, and issues are analyzed for their fiscal policy implications. Budget divisions, committees, and legislative commissions hold special meetings to examine pending issues.
End of November Department of Finance issues November Forecast of state revenues and expenditures.
Beginning of January Legislature convenes, begins official budget hearings and committee hearings to discuss pertinent issues and bills. Staff drafts bills and amendments upon request of Senators.
Fourth Tuesday in January in odd-numbered years, or third Tuesday in February, if a new governor has just been elected Governor issues detailed budget for following biennium.
Mid February Governor issues detailed budget and policy bills for the next biennium.
End of February Department of Finance issues February Forecast of state revenues and expenditures.
March to June Legislature finishes committee and budget hearings, bills are debated and voted on in floor sessions, and conference committees meet to finalize bills. Governor signs or vetoes legislation.
Monday following third Saturday in May Constitution mandates end of regular session.

Staff List



Name Title Office Phone Number
Aplikowski Rachel Majority Communications Director 3120 MSB 651.296.4906


Name Title Office Phone Number
Bakke Rachel Leadership Assistant 3113 MSB 651.296.7193
Benson Marissa Legislative Assistant 2101 MSB 651.296.3988
Biorn Alec Committee Administrator 2120 MSB 651.296.7593
Boesche Jonathan Researcher 1300 MSB 651.296.2011
Brennan Tom Committee Administrator 328 Capitol 651.296.5538


Name Title Office Phone Number
Carlson Paul Committee Administrator 2116 MSB 651.296.2512
Cook Angela Committee Administrator 3212 MSB 651.296.4842
Cook Ed Researcher 3236 MSB 651.296.0129
Cotter Jonathan Researcher 1300 MSB 651.297.5393
Countryman Gina Communications Supervisor 1300 MSB 651.296.8864


Name Title Office Phone Number
Dauer Loren Legislative Assistant 2111 MSB 651.296.3218


Name Title Office Phone Number
Elfritz Matthew Committee Administrator 3234 MSB 651.296.4167
Elite Tricia Committee Administrator 2118 MSB 651.296.1738
Exley Greg Legislative Assistant 1300 MSB 651.296.0671


Name Title Office Phone Number
Fisher LaRissa Researcher 1300 MSB 651.296.1930
Florell Victor Legislative Assistant 3213 MSB 651.296.4136
Fossum Jason Legislative Director 3118 MSB 651.296.5557
Fraser Dave Researcher 1300 MSB 651.296.9191


Name Title Office Phone Number
Geroux Suzy Committee Administrator 3405 MSB 651.296.1240
Globa Pete Legislative Assistant 2107 MSB 651.296.9251
Golding William Legislative Assistant 3111 MSB 651.296.8660


Name Title Office Phone Number
Haavisto Wendy Leadership Assistant 2112 MSB 651.297.8070
Hanson Joel Committee Administrator 3204 MSB 651.296.5968
Hingst Bryce Legislative Assistant 3403 MSB 651.296.4196
Hoy Madeline Legislative Assistant 3235 MSB 651.296.5956


Name Title Office Phone Number
Johnson Brittany Legislative Support Supervisor 3210 MSB 651.296.1223
Johnson Karen Legislative Assistant 3411 MSB 651.296.0293
Johnson Kelly Legislative Assistant 2113 MSB 651.296.6996
Johnson Ryan Media Relations Specialist 1300 MSB 651.296.9477
Johnson Spencer Legislative Assistant 3219 MSB 651.296.5245


Name Title Office Phone Number
Kaluza Pat Committee Administrator 3110 MSB 651.296.6401
Kleinboehl Beth Legislative Assistant 3401 MSB 651.296.1117
Knutson Jim Director of Media Relations 1300 MSB 651.296.5541


Name Title Office Phone Number
Larson Andy Researcher 1300 MSB 651.296.4839
Layne Kobey Legislative Assistant 3215 MSB 651.296.4847
LeBrun Luke Legislative Assistant 3101 MSB 651.296.6200
Lee Darrin Committee Administrator 2114 MSB 651.296.2962
Lonetti Dom Legislative Assistant 3211 MSB 651.296.9457
Luehrs Sheila Legislative Assistant 3209 MSB 651.296.0769


Name Title Office Phone Number
Majerus Nicholas Legislative Assistant 3205 MSB 651.296.5094
Manteufel Marissa Legislative Assistant 3114 MSB 651.296.7891
Marcus Greg Committee Administrator 3228 MSB 651.296.2167
McArdell Jesse Committee Administrator 3208 MSB 651.296.4901
McDonald Angelique Legislative Assistant 3217 MSB 651.296.1780
Meyer Stephen Media Relations Specialist 1300 MSB 651.296.2156
Michaelson Linnea Researcher 1300 MSB 651.296.1416
Mickelberg Daniel Director of Majority Research 1300 MSB 651.296.4106


Name Title Office Phone Number
Neubauer Owen Committee Administrator 2124 MSB 651.296.4175
Noonan Matthew Legislative Assistant 2105 MSB 651.296.0476


Name Title Office Phone Number
Osterlund Jonathan Legislative Assistant 3109 MSB 651.296.4380


Name Title Office Phone Number
Pearson Paige Media Relations Specialist 1300 MSB 651.296.0270
Petrusa Sage Legislative Assistant 3221 MSB 651.296.4922
Pyykkonen Lamont Legislative Assistant 2109 MSB 651.296.5070


Name Title Office Phone Number
Raisanen David Committee Administrator 2110 MSB 651.296.8092
Reynolds Jillian Media Relations Specialist 1300 MSB 651.296.5307


Name Title Office Phone Number
Schroeder Kalyn Legislative Assistant 3107 MSB 651.296.5774
Sherlock Nick Media Relations Specialist 1300 MSB 651.296.4158
Sondag Craig Executive Director Rules Committee 3124 MSB 651.296.5311
Spennewyn Garrick Legislative Assistant 3207 MSB 651.296.0101
Steinhoff Brian Committee Administrator 3242 MSB 651.296.5640
Strand Bailey Committee Administrator 3112 MSB 651.296.4151


Name Title Office Phone Number
Tschida Tom Legislative Assistant 3227 MSB 651.296.1279
Tulenchik Andy Legislative Assistant 3203 MSB 651.296.4264


Name Title Office Phone Number
Voit Maria Legislative Assistant 2103 MSB 651.296.5252


Name Title Office Phone Number
Warrick Nicole Legislative Assistant 3231 MSB 651.296.7136
Watson Maureen Leadership Assistant 3122 MSB 651.296.1224
Wiley Joey Researcher 1300 MSB 651.296.1530
Williamson Mitchell Legislative Assistant 3229 MSB 651.296.9248
Wilson Christina Legislative Assistant 3103 MSB 651.296.1323
Wooldridge Matt Legislative Assistant 3105 MSB 651.296.5246