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Taxes Committee
Thursday, March 2, 2023
8:30 AM, G-15 Capitol


Present: Senator Ann H. Rest - Chair, Senator Matt D. Klein - Vice Chair, Senator D. Scott Dibble, Senator Steve Drazkowski, Senator Grant Hauschild, Senator Jeremy R. Miller, Senator Carla J. Nelson, Senator Aric Putnam, Senator Bill Weber

Absent: Senator Kari Dziedzic

Senator Ann H. Rest called the meeting to order at 8:35 a.m.

Call to Order

Quorum is Present.

Members Absent but Excused: Senator Dziedzic

Minutes from 3.1.23 were approved as presented.

S.F. 860: Senator Kunesh: Minnesota education credit expansion.

Senator Kunesh
Erin Martin, Director, MN Afterschool Advance at Youthprise
Abdijalil Sheik Yusuf, Educator & Director, Aflah Success Tutoring, LLC

SF 860 was laid over.

S.F. 1754: Senator Pratt: Young child temporary refundable income tax credit establishment.

Senator Drazkowski moved the A2 Amendment. The motion prevailed and the A2 Amendment was adopted.

Senator Pratt
Nan Madden, Director, Minnesota Budget Project
Debbie Fitzpatrick, Policy and Research Director, Children’s Defense Fund
Ryan Hamilton, Government Relations Associate, MN Catholic Conference
(zoom) Michael Towle, Parent from NE Minneapolis
(zoom) Ryan Richardson, Parent from NE Minneapolis
(zoom) Zach Bennett, Parent from Duluth
(zoom) Carly Pollard, Parent from NE Minneapolis

SF 1754 was laid over as amended.

S.F. 1519: Senator Maye Quade: Exemption provisions modification for construction materials by certain contractors.

Senator Maye Quade
Clint Hooppaw, Mayor of Apple Valley
Gary Carlson, Representing the League of Minnesota Cities
Matt Massman, Representing the Minnesota Inter-County Association
(zoom) Tiffany Gustin, Associate Director of Management Services, Minnesota School Boards Association

SF 1519 was laid over.

S.F. 9: Senator Hauschild: Dependent care credit expansion and great start child care credit establishment.

Senator Hauschild moved the A2 Amendment. The motion prevailed and the A2 Amendment was adopted.

Senator Hauschild
Martha Njolomole, Economist, Center of the American Experiment
(zoom) Joel Traver, Parent from Rochester

SF 9 was laid over as amended.

S.F. 1957: Senator Rest: Property classifications and class rates modification and appropriation.

Not heard.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:36 a.m.

Senator Ann H. Rest, Chair
Christie Blood, Legislative Assistant