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XSL FO Document
State of Minnesota
Monday, May 1, 2023
2:00 P.M.
Introduction and First Reading of Senate Bills
The bills listed on today's introduction calendar are given their first reading and referred as indicated.
Senator Hauschild introduced--
S.F. No. 3312: A bill for an act relating to natural resources; appropriating money for capital improvements to the International Wolf Center.
Referred to the Committee on Environment, Climate, and Legacy.
Senator Latz introduced--
S.F. No. 3313: A bill for an act relating to crime; enacting the Collateral Consequences of Conviction Model Act; conforming other law regarding collateral consequences and the rehabilitation of criminal offenders with the model act; appropriating money; amending Minnesota Statutes 2022, sections 245C.22, by adding a subdivision; 245C.24, by adding a subdivision; 364.07; proposing coding for new law in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 638; repealing Minnesota Statutes 2022, sections 609B.050; 609B.100; 609B.101; 609B.102; 609B.103; 609B.104; 609B.106; 609B.107; 609B.108; 609B.109; 609B.110; 609B.111; 609B.112; 609B.113; 609B.120; 609B.121; 609B.122; 609B.123; 609B.124; 609B.125; 609B.126; 609B.127; 609B.128; 609B.129; 609B.130; 609B.132; 609B.133; 609B.134; 609B.135; 609B.136; 609B.139; 609B.140; 609B.141; 609B.142; 609B.143; 609B.144; 609B.146; 609B.147; 609B.148; 609B.149; 609B.1495; 609B.150; 609B.151; 609B.152; 609B.153; 609B.155; 609B.157; 609B.158; 609B.159; 609B.160; 609B.161; 609B.162; 609B.164; 609B.1641; 609B.1645; 609B.165; 609B.168; 609B.170; 609B.171; 609B.172; 609B.173; 609B.174; 609B.175; 609B.176; 609B.177; 609B.179; 609B.180; 609B.181; 609B.183; 609B.184; 609B.185; 609B.187; 609B.188; 609B.189; 609B.191; 609B.192; 609B.193; 609B.194; 609B.195; 609B.200; 609B.201; 609B.203; 609B.205; 609B.206; 609B.216; 609B.231; 609B.235; 609B.237; 609B.241; 609B.245; 609B.255; 609B.262; 609B.263; 609B.265; 609B.271; 609B.273; 609B.275; 609B.277; 609B.301; 609B.310; 609B.311; 609B.312; 609B.320; 609B.321; 609B.330; 609B.331; 609B.332; 609B.333; 609B.340; 609B.341; 609B.342; 609B.343; 609B.344; 609B.345; 609B.400; 609B.405; 609B.410; 609B.415; 609B.425; 609B.430; 609B.435; 609B.445; 609B.450; 609B.455; 609B.460; 609B.465; 609B.500; 609B.505; 609B.510; 609B.515; 609B.518; 609B.520; 609B.525; 609B.530; 609B.535; 609B.540; 609B.545; 609B.600; 609B.610; 609B.611; 609B.612; 609B.613; 609B.614; 609B.615; 609B.700; 609B.710; 609B.720; 609B.721; 609B.722; 609B.723; 609B.724; 609B.725.
Referred to the Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.
Senators Cwodzinski and Frentz introduced--
S.F. No. 3314: A bill for an act relating to retirement; Teachers Retirement Association; higher education individual retirement account plan; lowering the normal retirement age to age 64; increasing employee and employer contributions; extending the end of the amortization period to 2053; increasing the pension adjustment revenue for school districts; appropriating money; amending Minnesota Statutes 2022, sections 126C.10, subdivision 37; 354.05, subdivision 38; 354.42, subdivisions 2, 3; 354B.23, subdivision 1; 356.215, subdivision 11.
Referred to the Committee on State and Local Government and Veterans.
Senator Limmer introduced--
S.F. No. 3315: A bill for an act relating to taxation; tax-forfeited land sales; requiring payment to former owner of any remaining balance after sale of tax-forfeited property and payment of canceled taxes; amending Minnesota Statutes 2022, sections 282.05; 282.08.
Referred to the Committee on Taxes.