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Popular Bills 2021-2022

Please note: This list is produced for internal use within the Senate Information office as a way of quickly finding “popular” bills.


Major Subjects:

Regular Session 2021-2022

Subject File Number Author Brief Summary

2022 Senate Omnibus Bills

Topic File Number Author
Omnibus agriculture, housing, and broadband policy and supplemental appropriations.SF4019Westrom, T.
Omnibus E-12 policy and supplemental appropriations.SF 4113Chamberlain, R.
Omnibus environment policy and supplemental appropriations.SF 4062Ingebrigtsen, B.
Omnibus health and human services policy and supplemental appropriations.SF 4410Abeler, J.
Omnibus jobs, energy, higher education and commerce policy and supplemental appropriations.SF 4091Pratt, E.
Omnibus public safety policy and supplemental appropriations.SF 2673Limmer, W.
Omnibus state government, transportation and veterans policy and supplemental appropriations.SF 3975Kiffmeyer, M.
Omnibus tax bill.SF 3692Nelson, C.

2021 Senate Omnibus Budget Bills

Topic File Number Author
Omnibus agriculture finance and policy bill.SF 958Westrom, T.
Omnibus commerce policy and finance bill.SF 972Dahms, G.
Omnibus education policy and finance bill.SF 1065Chamberlain, R.
Omnibus energy and utilities policy and finance bill.SF 2075Senjem, D.
Omnibus environment and natural resources policy and finance bill.SF 959Ingebrigtsen, B.
Omnibus health and human services policy and finance bill.SF 2360Benson, M.
Omnibus health and human services policy and finance bill.HF 2128Benson, M.
Omnibus higher education policy and finance bill.SF 975Tomassoni, D.
Omnibus housing policy and finance bill.HF 1077Draheim, R.
Omnibus human services reform budget bill.SF 383Abeler, J.
Omnibus judiciary and public safety policy and finance bill.SF 970Limmer, W.
Omnibus legacy finance bill.HF 1079Ruud, C.
Omnibus state government policy and finance bill.SF 1831Kiffmeyer, M.
Omnibus transportation policy and finance bill.HF 1684Newman, S.
Omnibus veterans and military affairs appropriations bill.SF 485Lang, A.