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Popular Bills 2021-2022

Please note: This list is produced for internal use within the Senate Information office as a way of quickly finding “popular” bills.


Major Subjects:

Regular Session 2021-2022

Subject File Number Author Brief Summary
AbortionSF 212Abeler, J.Establishing "Choose Life" special license plates. (See also: SF 1802.)
AbortionSF 356Mathews, A.Prohibiting abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected with certain exceptions; providing penalties.
AbortionSF 731McEwen, J.Establishing reproductive health rights. (See also: SF 1211, SF 1995.)
AbortionSF 1045Rarick, J.Limiting use of funds for state-sponsored health programs for funding abortions.
AbortionSF 1636Benson, M.Requiring licensure of abortion facilities.
AbortionSF 2263Wiklund, M.Repealing informed consent requirements before abortions may be performed.
AgricultureSF 251Draheim, R.Establishing the agricultural riparian buffer credit.
AgricultureSF 374Bigham, K.Requiring depopulation of farmed deer herd when an animal is infected with chronic wasting disease.
AgricultureSF 566Weber, B.Repealing recent restrictions on spreading manure and prohibiting future restrictions.
AgricultureSF 794Murphy, E.Requiring additional seed label information; prohibiting certain seed uses; requiring product stewardship for corn and soybean seed coated or treated with neonicotinoid pesticide.
AgricultureSF 944Westrom, T.Increasing the minimum biofuel content in gasoline; requiring fuel retailers to offer blends of ten percent biofuel for use by certain motorists.
AgricultureSF 1941Mathews, A.Establishing the Minnesota Food Freedom Act; exempting homemade food sellers from certain statutes; preempting application of certain local ordinances to homemade food sellers.
AgricultureSF 2017Dibble, D.Banning the sale, use, and application of chlorpyrifos; requiring certain product recall and collection efforts.
AnimalsSF 73Ruud, C.Establishing the Minnesota Companion Animal Board; establishing a companion animal license plate.
AnimalsSF 335Dibble, D.Prohibiting the knowing euthanasia of pet or companion animals with non-anesthetic gas at certain facilities; providing penalties. (See also: SF 2207.)
AnimalsSF 343Dibble, D.Permitting local ordinances to be adopted to allow dogs within designated indoor areas of food and beverage service establishments.
AnimalsSF 370Bigham, K.Prohibiting the sale of dogs and cats by retail pet shops.
Civil LawSF 1253Chamberlain, R.Prohibiting online content discrimination based on race, sex, political ideology, or religious beliefs; authorizing civil action. (See also: SF 2270.)
Civil LawSF 2457Port, L.Authorizing change of sex on original birth certificates.
CommerceSF 502Bigham, K.Requiring restaurants to serve specified drinks as the default beverage for children's meals; providing penalties.
CommerceSF 650Marty, J.Establishing statewide moratorium on new billboards.
CommerceSF 890Marty, J.Making it unlawful for a scrap metal dealer to purchase a catalytic converter from any person other than a bona fide automobile repair shop, bona fide automobile recycling facility, or other person that can provide evidence of legitimate removal to the scrap metal dealer. (See also: SF 1565, SF 2491.)
CommerceSF 1327Koran, M.Prohibiting app stores from requiring developers to use a specific app store or in-app payment system; providing penalties.
CommerceSF 1363Utke, P.Establishing requirements for healthy children's meals at restaurants to be implemented on a phased-in basis; providing for enforcement.
CommerceSF 2032McEwen, J.Prohibiting sale of water in plastic containers.
CommerceSF 2080Johnson Stewart, A.Providing for digital fair repair; providing penalties.
CommerceSF 2126Torres Ray, P.Exempting hairstyling, makeup application, and eyelash application from licensing; establishing cosmetology apprenticeships.
CommerceSF 2534McEwen, J.Banning the sale or provision of single-use plastics by hotels.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 18Rest, A.Entering into the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote. (See also: SF 30, SF 85.)
Constitutional AmendmentSF 57Marty, J.Changing the process for filling a vacancy in the office of lieutenant governor by requiring members of the legislature to resign from their legislative office if they accept the governor's appointment to fill that vacancy. (See also: 887.)
Constitutional AmendmentSF 121Utke, P.Limiting the duration of the governor's declaration of an emergency to seven days; providing for a 30-day extension to the governor's declaration of an emergency by legislative authorization.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 238Cwodzinski, S.Providing for gender-neutral terms in the Minnesota Constitution.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 323Pappas, S.Providing for gender equality under the law. (See also: SF 342, SF 423, SF 850, SF 886.)
Constitutional AmendmentSF 337Dibble, D.Providing that the right of citizens to be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures includes protection against unreasonable searches and seizures of electronic communications and data. (See also: SF 1613, SF 2428.)
Constitutional AmendmentSF 361Cwodzinski, S.Authorizing individuals under the age of 18 to vote at a primary election in certain circumstances.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 556Eken, K.Creating a dedicated fund for long-term care services; closing a tax loophole by levying a tax on individuals with income not taxed for Social Security purposes to fund long-term care services.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 557Eken, K.Requiring phaseout of taxes on real and personal property; requiring the commissioner of revenue to implement a progressive tax based on individual income.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 754Draheim, R.Placing limits on the terms of office of legislators and executive officers.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 937Dibble, D.Providing for free, fair, and equal elections.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 1268Eken, K.Providing for the election of executive officers, judges, and legislators by a majority of the votes cast.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 1608Mathews, A.Strengthening the single subject requirement for legislative enactments.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 1620Champion, B.Prohibiting slavery or involuntary servitude as criminal punishment for a crime.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 2328Koran, M.Protecting the right of the people to keep and bear arms.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 2563Benson, M.Providing for a fundamental right to quality public education for all children.
CorrectionsSF 1315Kiffmeyer, M.Authorizing the placement of pregnant and postpartum female inmates in community-based programs.
CorrectionsSF 2006Pappas, S.Requiring state and local jail and prison inmates to be housed in publicly owned and operated jails and prisons; prohibiting the state and counties from contracting with private prisons.
CorrectionsSF 2295Latz, R.Establishing the Minnesota Rehabilitation and Reinvestment Act; providing for earned incentive release and supervision abatement status.
COVID-19SF 1Mathews, A.Authorizing businesses to continue operations during the COVID-19 pandemic with the use of a COVID-19 preparedness plan.
COVID-19SF 8Rosen, J.Requiring all federal funds received for COVID-19 purposes to be spent pursuant to a direct appropriation by law. (See also: SF 2273.)
COVID-19SF 64Wiger, C.Implementing actions to combat the educational effects of COVID-19; authorizing school districts to implement a one-time extension to school day and school year programming; establishing school district requirements for students with disabilities.
COVID-19SF 213Abeler, J.Prohibiting imposition of additional penalties to businesses for violating certain executive orders related to COVID-19.
COVID-19SF 263Bakk, T.Excluding federal PPP loan forgiveness from state income taxes; providing certain business entities the option to file as C-option corporations. (See also: SF 1017, SF 1778, SF 1779, SF 2300.)
COVID-19SF 351Chamberlain, R.Providing distance learning aid for families.
COVID-19SF 474Wiklund, M.Providing assistance for housing, the Minnesota family investment program, food, and broadband.
COVID-19SF 491Dziedzic, K.Amending certain eviction procedures during and after a public health emergency; allowing for expungement of certain eviction actions filed during and after a public health emergency; preventing home foreclosure during and after a public health emergency; appropriating money for emergency housing assistance grants during the peacetime emergency related to COVID-19.
COVID-19SF 512Benson, M.Specifying immunity from liability for health care facilities and health care providers based on the level or manner of care due to the COVID-19 peacetime emergency. (See also: SF 745.)
COVID-19SF 719Bakk, T.Adopting worker protection provisions; providing a presumption for workers' compensation coverage; removing social security and social security disability offsets for unemployment insurance; providing rehire and retention protections for laid-off workers during a declared emergency; providing emergency paid sick leave for certain essential workers. (See also: SF 105, SF 1203.)
COVID-19SF 739Wiklund, M.Requiring face coverings in certain settings; establishing implementation requirements; providing for penalties and injunctive relief; providing for expiration of the face covering requirements. (See also: SF 1245.)
COVID-19SF 1006Port, L.Providing emergency paid sick leave to health care employees excluded from the federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act. (See also: SF 1518.)
COVID-19SF 1099Coleman, J.Prohibiting the commissioner of public safety from suspending or revoking certain licenses due to COVID-related executive order violations.
COVID-19SF 1133Ingebrigtsen, B.Voiding fines and penalties arising out of a violation of an executive order related to COVID-19.
COVID-19SF 1200Howe, J.Creating a timeline for ending restrictions on businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
COVID-19SF 1425Tomassoni, D.Exempting greater Minnesota bars and restaurants from executive orders promulgated in response to COVID-19 that limit occupancy, require physical distancing or customer facial coverings, or otherwise direct or control the conduct of persons at bars, restaurants, and other places of public accommodation unless otherwise determined by the commissioner of health.
COVID-19SF 1500Utke, P.Establishing forgiveness of violations of certain executive orders related to COVID-19.
COVID-19SF 1589Benson, M.Establishing limits for contact tracing, immunizations, communicable disease testing, and the required disclosure of certain information; prohibiting mandatory digital contact tracing by employers; providing for civil penalties.
COVID-19SF 1755Wiklund, M.Establishing a COVID-19 food relief grant program.
COVID-19SF 1987Tomassoni, D.Requiring the commissioner of health to prioritize postsecondary instructors for the COVID-19 vaccine.
COVID-19SF 2051Klein, M.Establishing requirements for distribution of COVID-19 vaccines; providing for equitable COVID-19 vaccine distribution.
COVID-19SF 2193Benson, M.Regulating data collected by the state's COVID-19 vaccine connector tool.
COVID-19SF 2197Utke, P.Providing for a workplace face mask requirement opt-out for certain employees.
COVID-19SF 2234Duckworth, Z.Establishing a COVID-19 emergency mortgage assistance program.
COVID-19SF 2430Pratt, E.Prohibiting the requirement of vaccine passports for COVID-19 immunization status. (See also: SF 2474, SF 2475.)
COVID-19SF 2431Coleman, J.Establishing limits for contact tracing, immunizations, and communicable disease testing; requiring the destruction of certain data; prohibiting mandatory digital contact tracing by employers; providing for civil penalties.
COVID-19SF 2450Draheim, R.Removing face covering requirement for organized youth activities.
COVID-19SF 2559Howe, J.Establishing a COVID-19 public health disaster response; terminating the peacetime emergency declared in Executive Order No. 20-01.
Economic DevelopmentSF 211Draheim, R.Prohibiting grants to nonprofit organizations with highly compensated officers or employees.
Economic DevelopmentSF 1347Utke, P.Establishing a forgivable loan program for remote recreational businesses.
Economic DevelopmentSF 1986Tomassoni, D.Proposing a film production credit.
EducationSF 48Wiger, C.Authorizing school districts to renew expiring referendums by action of school board. (See also: SF 1804.)
EducationSF 58Wiger, C.Requiring a nationally normed college entrance exam for high school graduation.
EducationSF 96Ruud, C.Creating a violation in Minnesota Statutes for public schools or schools that are members of the Minnesota State High School League that allow a person whose sex is male to participate in an interscholastic or intramural athletic event designed for women or girls.
EducationSF 239Cwodzinski, S.Requiring schools to make disposable menstrual products freely available in school restrooms.
EducationSF 240Cwodzinski, S.Requiring a civics course as a graduation requirement. (See also: SF 996, SF 1365.)
EducationSF 292Mathews, A.Providing for an exemption from statutory immunization requirements for a sincerely held religious belief.
EducationSF 308Senjem, D.Requiring schools to maintain a supply of non-patient-specific epinephrine auto-injectors.
EducationSF 332Dziedzic, K.Requiring a school counselor in every school.
EducationSF 362Cwodzinski, S.Modifying graduation requirements to include personal finance. (See also: SF 750, SF 996.)
EducationSF 446Abeler, J.Strengthening the Increase Teachers of Color Act; seeking to increase the percentage of teachers of color and American Indian teachers in Minnesota. (See also: SF 797.)
EducationSF 613Hoffman, J.Requiring seat belts on newly purchased school buses.
EducationSF 666Port, L.Requiring school districts and charter schools to provide climate justice instruction.
EducationSF 1048Torres Ray, P.Prohibiting dismissals of students in kindergarten through grade 3.
EducationSF 1150Newman, S.Requiring the commissioner of education to suspend any ongoing review or revision of state social studies standards; requiring the commissioner to dissolve the current social studies standards review committee and appoint new members to the committee.
EducationSF 1164Kiffmeyer, M.Prohibiting school districts from providing sexual education instruction to students who are minors without written parental or guardian consent.
EducationSF 1317Nelson, C.Providing for unlimited distance learning days.
EducationSF 1373Chamberlain, R.Providing for locally adopted social studies academic standards.
EducationSF 1383Howe, J.Classifying teachers as essential employees.
EducationSF 1443Rosen, J.Appropriating money to schools that provide in-person instruction during the 2020-2021 school year.
EducationSF 1648Murphy, E.Suspending standardized testing for 2020-2021 school year. (See also: SF 1943.)
EducationSF 2296Lang, A.Requiring the development of American Indian history curriculum.
Elder CareSF 78Newton, J.Creating a Silver Alert system to aid in locating missing persons who are senior citizens with cognitive impairments; providing a criminal penalty for false reports.
ElectionsSF 5Newman, S.Requiring photo identification to register to vote and to vote; creating a voter identification card; establishing provisional ballots. (See also: SF 173.)
ElectionsSF 179Kiffmeyer, M.Requiring voters who register on Election Day to cast provisional ballots.
ElectionsSF 218Eken, K.Providing for ranked-choice voting in elections for federal and state offices; authorizing jurisdictions to adopt ranked choice voting for local offices; establishing procedures for adoption, implementation, and use of ranked-choice voting; allowing municipalities to use electronic voting systems with a reallocation feature. (See also: SF 1651, SF 2159.)
ElectionsSF 326Carlson, J.Authorizing mail balloting in any town or any city with fewer than 400 registered voters.
ElectionsSF 329Carlson, J.Regulating access to certain lists of voter data related to the presidential nomination primary; allowing voters to request that their data be excluded from the lists. (See also: SF 489.)
ElectionsSF 390López Franzen, M.A resolution applying to Congress for a limited national convention for the exclusive purpose of proposing an amendment to the United States Constitution to restore balance and integrity to U.S. elections.
ElectionsSF 409Murphy, E.Prohibiting certain political activities by foreign-influenced corporations; requiring a certification of compliance; prohibiting candidates from accepting certain contributions.
ElectionsSF 422Port, L.Modifying provisions related to voter registration and absentee voting; establishing a system of early voting; eliminating a restriction on the number of voters an individual may assist on election day; regulating intimidation, deceptive practices, and interference with voter registration and voting; regulating small donor political committees and funds; repealing the campaign public subsidy program; establishing a criminal penalty. (See also: SF 1064, SF 1065, SF 1066, SF 1067, SF 1068, SF 1069, SF 1872.)
ElectionsSF 499Bigham, K.Providing for early voting.
ElectionsSF 649Marty, J.A resolution memorializing Congress to overturn the United States Supreme Court decision Citizens United v. FEC; requesting that Congress clarify that the rights protected under the Constitution are the rights of natural persons and not the rights of artificial entities and that spending money to influence elections is not speech under the First Amendment; asking that Congress propose a constitutional amendment to provide such clarification. (See also: SF 878, SF 940.)
ElectionsSF 708Koran, M.Prohibiting political subdivisions from establishing or enforcing ranked-choice voting.
ElectionsSF 842Champion, B.Restoring the civil right to vote of an individual upon release from incarceration or upon sentencing if no incarceration is imposed; requiring notice. (See also: SF 1010, SF 1235.)
ElectionsSF 846Champion, B.Allowing persons to be absent from work to vote in person before election day.
ElectionsSF 995Newton, J.Prohibiting use of public funds to promote or defeat a ballot question.
ElectionsSF 1104Putnam, A.Providing a system of automatic voter registration.
ElectionsSF 1187Fateh, O.Requiring the allocation of certain incarcerated persons based on their last known address in the state.
ElectionsSF 1422Kiffmeyer, M.Amending process for challenged voters; requiring use of challenged ballots in certain circumstances; providing a penalty.
ElectionsSF 1480Pratt, E.Permitting a candidate to request the candidate's residential address be classified as private data when the candidate has reasonable fear as to the safety of the candidate or the candidate's family.
ElectionsSF 1515Draheim, R.Requiring video surveillance; requiring ballots to be kept in locked containers; regulating absentee ballot drop boxes; requiring specific training for absentee ballot boards; prohibiting personal items near ballots; requiring use of ballpoint pens in marking ballots.
ElectionsSF 1600Howe, J.Requiring identification of individuals providing assistance to a voter in a polling place; prohibiting certain activities related to voter registration and absentee voting; increasing criminal penalties.
ElectionsSF 1715Kiffmeyer, M.Establishing redistricting principles for legislative and congressional districts.
ElectionsSF 1960Frentz, N.Prohibiting intimidation, deceptive practices, and interference with voter registration and voting; providing penalties.
ElectionsSF 2167Koran, M.Amending thresholds for major political party designation; amending nominating petition requirements; allowing political parties to authorize which candidates may affiliate with the party on the ballot.
EmploymentSF 29Pappas, S.Providing for earned sick and safe time; imposing civil penalties.
EmploymentSF 171Champion, B.Prohibiting employers from inquiring about past pay.
EmploymentSF 187Champion, B.Prohibiting employers or prospective employers from requiring or using credit information as a condition of employment or for employment purposes.
EmploymentSF 658Fateh, O.Eliminating subminimum wage; repealing statute and rules allowing payment of subminimum wage to employees with disabilities.
EmploymentSF 665Koran, M.Restricting public union release time from being used for engaging in political activities.
EmploymentSF 1205Kent, S.Providing for paid family, pregnancy, bonding, and applicant's serious medical condition benefits; regulating and requiring certain employment leaves.
EmploymentSF 1440Marty, J.Providing a phased-in minimum wage increase; increasing the working family credit; providing increased child care assistance to all low-income workers and increasing reimbursement rates; increasing MFIP grants; closing a tax loophole for high-income individuals with income exempt from Social Security taxes. (See also: SF 1439, SF 2031.)
EmploymentSF 1911Anderson, B.Modifying the minimum wage for certain employees receiving gratuities.
EmploymentSF 2424Abeler, J.Prohibiting employment discrimination based on vaccination status.
EnergySF 225Kiffmeyer, M.Abolishing prohibition on issuing certificate of need for new nuclear power plant.
EnergySF 227Rarick, J.Establishing the Energy Conservation and Optimization Act of 2021.
EnergySF 955Senjem, D.Requiring electric utilities to meet resource needs using carbon-free resources.
EnergySF 992Mathews, A.Repealing energy conservation improvement program requirements.
EnergySF 1713Isaacson, J.Increasing electric utility renewable energy standard obligations.
EnergySF 2526Marty, J.Requiring a plan for an equitable, sustainable, and 100 percent renewable energy future that brings Minnesota's economy to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.
EnvironmentSF 70Bigham, K.Regulating use of PFAS chemicals in food packaging. (See also: SF 373.)
EnvironmentSF 450Mathews, A.Repealing authority of the Pollution Control Agency to adopt maximum allowable standards of emission of air contaminants from motor vehicles.
EnvironmentSF 466Draheim, R.Creating Department of Water Resources; transferring duties from various state agencies; abolishing Board of Water and Soil Resources and Environmental Quality Board.
EnvironmentSF 1630McEwen, J.Amending state greenhouse gas reduction goals to be net zero by 2050.
EnvironmentSF 1797Dibble, D.Clarifying that Pollution Control Agency has authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.
FirearmsSF 13Ruud, C.Clarifying law on use of force in defense of home and person; codifying and extending Minnesota's self-defense and defense of home laws; eliminating the common law duty to retreat in cases of self-defense outside the home; expanding the boundaries of dwelling for purposes of self-defense; creating a presumption in the case of a person entering a dwelling or occupied vehicle by stealth or force; extending the rights available to a person in that person's dwelling to a person defending against entry of that person's occupied vehicle. (See also: SF 442, SF 727.)
FirearmsSF 275Koran, M.Providing for the right to carry without a permit; providing for an optional permit to carry. (See also: SF 664, SF 1266.)
FirearmsSF 420Eichorn, J.Amending the Minnesota Personal Protection Act; creating lifetime permits to carry handguns; reducing the application fee for permits to carry.
FirearmsSF 894Latz, R.Requiring criminal background checks for firearms transfers; modifying grounds for disqualification of transferee permit.
FirearmsSF 1126Limmer, W.Increasing penalties for gang members who possess firearms in public without a permit to carry.
FirearmsSF 1183Benson, M.Increasing penalties for transferring certain firearms to persons who are ineligible to possess firearms.
FirearmsSF 1189Utke, P.Permitting certain retired law enforcement officers to carry firearms in schools.
FirearmsSF 1431Latz, R.Enabling law enforcement and family members to petition a court to prohibit people from possessing firearms if they pose a significant danger to themselves or others by possessing a firearm.
FirearmsSF 2048Marty, J.Prohibiting the possession of dangerous weapons in the Capitol complex; eliminating the permit to carry holder exception to the crime of carrying rifles and shotguns in public places.
FirearmsSF 2327Koran, M.Allowing permitted and trained school staff to carry firearms.
GamblingSF 151Kiffmeyer, M.Making the name of lottery prize winner private.
GamblingSF 410Bigham, K.Authorizing a Sports Wagering Commission to regulate sports betting; imposing a tax on sports betting net revenue; establishing crimes related to certain betting on sporting events. (See also: SF 574.)
GamblingSF 1863Bakk, T.Clarifying definitions relating to electronic games.
Game and FishSF 12Ruud, C.Directing commissioner of natural resources to reduce walleye limit.
Game and FishSF 163Howe, J.Eliminating shotgun zone for taking deer; permitting the statewide use of all legal firearms during the regular firearms deer season.
Game and FishSF 247Wiger, C.Prohibiting sale, manufacture, and use of lead tackle.
Game and FishSF 600Eichorn, J.Requiring one or more 2021 open seasons for taking wolves. (See also: SF 1769.)
Game and FishSF 1144Eaton, C.Prohibiting open season for taking wolves.
Game and FishSF 1394Hawj, F.Modifying provisions for taking turtles.
Game and FishSF 1445Ruud, C.Providing for regulation of possessing, propagating, and selling snakes, lizards, and salamanders.
Game and FishSF 1545Ingebrigtsen, B.Expanding use of crossbows during firearms deer season.
Game and FishSF 1828Howe, J.Modifying age-related exemptions for certain licenses.
Game and FishSF 2545Klein, M.Requiring the use of nontoxic ammunition.
GovernmentSF 180Benson, M.Requiring public comments at all open meetings of public bodies, including those conducted by electronic means.
GovernmentSF 2464Mathews, A.A resolution memorializing Congress to call a convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution to impose fiscal constraints on the federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, and limit the terms of office for its officials and for members of Congress.
HealthSF 53Koran, M.Requiring prescribers of opioids to offer a prescription for naloxone hydrochloride under certain circumstances and provide education on overdose prevention and the use of naloxone hydrochloride.
HealthSF 131Draheim, R.Requiring manufacturers to report and maintain prescription drug prices; prohibiting health carriers from denying or limiting coverage due to lack of prior authorization; requiring prescription drug benefit transparency and disclosure.
HealthSF 184Champion, B.Preserving access to affordable drugs.
HealthSF 312Senjem, D.Designing a wholesale drug importation program.
HealthSF 1172Mathews, A.Requiring health care providers to disclose vaccine ingredients before administering vaccinations.
HealthSF 1249Abeler, J.A resolution memorializing the President and Congress to hold vaccine manufacturers liable for design defects that result in adverse side effects from vaccines.
HealthSF 1352Eaton, C.Establishing an end-of-life option for terminally ill adults.
HealthSF 2262Wiklund, M.Directing commissioner of human services to establish a prescription drug purchasing program.
HealthSF 2394Goggin, M.Requiring written consent for vaccination; prohibiting consent coercion and discrimination; imposing criminal penalties.
HealthSF 2554Eaton, C.Removing an exemption from immunizations.
Health CareSF 133Draheim, R.Requiring medical practices to make available to the public their current standard charges; authorizing the commissioner of health to establish a price comparison tool for items and services offered by medical practices.
Health CareSF 604Koran, M.Requiring the state to transition from MNsure to a federally facilitated marketplace.
Health CareSF 875Ingebrigtsen, B.Requiring nondiscrimination in access to transplants; prescribing penalties.
Health CareSF 1029Wiklund, M.Expanding eligibility for MinnesotaCare and establishing a public option; modifying enrollee premiums; requiring an implementation plan.
Health CareSF 1462Westrom, T.Creating a crime for administering controlled substances to protected persons without a prescription.
Health CareSF 1643Marty, J.Guaranteeing that health care is available and affordable for every Minnesotan; establishing the Minnesota Health Plan, Minnesota Health Board, Minnesota Health Fund, Office of Health Quality and Planning, ombudsman for patient advocacy, and auditor general for the Minnesota Health Plan. (See also: SF 1644, SF 1645, SF 1646, SF 16547.)
Health CareSF 2110Draheim, R.Establishing health care price transparency requirements.
Health CareSF 2435Port, L.Prohibiting coverage for gender dysphoria care from having to meet a higher medical necessity definition.
Health InsuranceSF 252Draheim, R.Requiring health plan companies to develop and implement a shared savings incentive program.
Health InsuranceSF 365Nelson, C.Requiring individual and small group health plan offerings to include a pre-deductible, flat co-pay on prescription drug option.
Health InsuranceSF 949Pappas, S.Establishing supply requirements for prescription contraceptives; requiring health plans to cover contraceptives, contraceptive services, sterilization, and related medical services, patient education, and counseling. (See also: SF 1884.)
Higher EducationSF 10Osmek, D.Repealing the Regent Candidate Advisory Council.
Higher EducationSF 832Clausen, G.Allowing closed meetings to interview candidates for the president of the University of Minnesota. (See also: SF 1859.)
Higher EducationSF 1323Nelson, C.Allowing a tax subtraction for federally discharged student loans.
Higher EducationSF 2501McEwen, J.Modifying the process for electing members of the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota.
HousingSF 333Dziedzic, K.Establishing a state rent assistance program for low-income, cost-burdened households.
HousingSF 529Duckworth, Z.Permitting a landlord to require a tenant to provide documentation supporting the tenant's need for a service or support animal.
HousingSF 766Dziedzic, K.Modifying termination of tenancy at will; requiring residential tenant notice of grounds for eviction before action may be brought. (See also: SF 767, SF 772, SF 773.)
HousingSF 1596Fateh, O.Repealing restrictions on adoption of rent control laws by local governments.
HousingSF 2321Port, L.Prohibiting certain design covenants on single-family homes and duplexes.
HousingSF 2345Dziedzic, K.Requiring landlords to test for radon and provide disclosures; providing penalties and remedies.
Human RightsSF 31Ruud, C.Clarifying that the 1973 ratification by the 68th Minnesota Legislature of the proposed 1972 Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution was only valid through March 22, 1979.
Human RightsSF 360Bigham, K.Establishing a Council on LGBTQI Minnesotans; limiting criminal defenses and authorization for the use of force relating to a victim's sexual orientation or identity; prohibiting conversion therapy with children or vulnerable adults; prohibiting the misrepresentation of conversion therapy services or products. (See also: SF 1374, SF 1512, SF 1871.)
Human RightsSF 730McEwen, J.A resolution relating to ratification of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution; memorializing Congress to remove the extra textual time limit for ratification of the amendment by the states. (See also: SF 879.)
Human RightsSF 1272Champion, B.Amending the statute of limitations from one year to ten years for actions under the Minnesota Human Rights Act.
Human RightsSF 1670Eichorn, J.Prohibiting discrimination based on political affiliation.
Human ServicesSF 132Draheim, R.Creating Department of Direct Care and Treatment and Office of Human Services Licensing and Integrity; transferring duties from Department of Human Services to new state office; directing commissioners of health and human services to contract with third party to administer grant programs administered by Department of Health and Department of Human Services; providing for performance-based budgeting for Department of Human Services.
Human ServicesSF 843Champion, B.Modifying child welfare provisions; establishing the Minnesota African American Family Preservation Act; providing criminal penalties.
Human ServicesSF 1730Hoffman, J.Adding sex trafficking to the definitions of egregious harm and substantial child endangerment.
Human ServicesSF 2170Nelson, C.Establishing a Department of Early Childhood.
ImmigrationSF 2118Torres Ray, P.Making Minnesota a sanctuary state for immigration enforcement purposes; restricting state and local officials from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement efforts.
JudiciarySF 825Newton, J.Limiting the use of money bail for certain offenses.
JudiciarySF 1466Limmer, W.Authorizing the juvenile court to terminate all rights of a parent to a child if the parent committed criminal sexual conduct that resulted in the conception of the child.
JudiciarySF 1673Housley, K.Amending the best interest factors for custody determinations.
JudiciarySF 2133Chamberlain, R.Prohibiting execution of criminal sentences for certain probation violations.
LiquorSF 874Housley, K.Removing cap prohibiting Minnesota breweries that produce more than 20,000 barrels per year from selling growlers. (See also: SF 1909.)
LiquorSF 2497Housley, K.Authorizing food retailers to sell wine and beer.
Local GovernmentSF 39Draheim, R.Requiring voter approval for capital improvements over $1,000,000.
Local GovernmentSF 298Torres Ray, P.Repealing the prohibition on local ordinances governing plastic bags and similar items.
Local GovernmentSF 749Weber, B.Authorizing the commissioner of revenue to adjust local government aid amounts for cities and counties with unpaid local assistance amounts.
Local GovernmentSF 910Draheim, R.Prohibiting adoption of building codes without prior legislative approval; placing a moratorium on adoption of new or amended building codes; requiring energy code changes to be offset by savings.
Local GovernmentSF 947Johnson, M.Providing for election of the police chief in cities of the first class.
Local GovernmentSF 1060Cwodzinski, S.Lifting the political subdivision compensation limit of 110 percent of governor’s salary.
Local GovernmentSF 1658Anderson, B.Providing for towns to adopt home rule charters.
Local GovernmentSF 2514Dibble, D.Requiring cities to allow native landscapes on private land; prohibiting certain vegetation overgrowth within cities.
MarijuanaSF 757López Franzen, M.Establishing the Cannabis Management Board; legalizing and limiting the possession and use of cannabis by adults; taxing the sale of adult-use cannabis; amending criminal penalties. (See also: SF 1640, SF 2067.)
MarijuanaSF 803Koran, M.Modifying the medical cannabis program; allowing combustion of dried raw cannabis by patients age 21 or older.
MarijuanaSF 1055Eaton, C.Adding opiate addiction as a qualifying medical condition for participation in the medical cannabis registry program.
MarijuanaSF 1358Abeler, J.Requiring the commissioner of health to apply for a federal Schedule I exemption for the medical use of cannabis; reclassifying marijuana and nonsynthetic THC from a Schedule I to a Schedule II controlled substance. (See also: SF 1358.)
MarijuanaSF 2348Abeler, J.Modifying definition of small amount of marijuana; authorizing expungement of records in certain instances; ending driver's license revocations for persons who commit low-level marijuana offenses.
Metropolitan CouncilSF 938Dibble, D.Providing for the election of Metropolitan Council members.
Metropolitan CouncilSF 2063Bigham, K.Providing for staggered terms; expanding the membership of the nomination committee; requiring additional information to be made publicly available as part of the selection process; clarifying council member qualifications.
Metropolitan CouncilSF 2199Bigham, K.Establishing the Metropolitan Transportation Planning Board as part of the Department of Transportation; eliminating the authority for transportation and transit planning and construction from the Metropolitan Council.
Metropolitan CouncilSF 2490Pratt, E.Modifying governance of the Metropolitan Council; eliminating the Transportation Advisory Board; creating a technical advisory committee.
MiningSF 59McEwen, J.Requiring certain determinations before issuing nonferrous mining permits; establishing a moratorium on issuing permits for nonferrous sulfide ore. (See also: SF 205, SF 851, SF 942, SF 2535.)
MiningSF 590Eichorn, J.Declaring Minnesota to be a mining-friendly state.
MiningSF 763Cwodzinski, S.Expanding prohibition on mining in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness to the Rainy River headwaters. (See also: SF 1406, SF 2436.)
Motor VehiclesSF 255Jasinski, J.Providing for an online driver education program.
Motor VehiclesSF 276Housley, K.Authorizing third-party programs and third-party testers to conduct behind-the-wheel road tests for class D drivers' licenses. (See also: SF 1656.)
Motor VehiclesSF 314Senjem, D.Imposing an alternative fuel vehicle tax for dedicated, flexible, or dual-fuel vehicles operated primarily on an alternative fuel.
Motor VehiclesSF 1086Howe, J.Increasing the surcharge on electric vehicle registration and imposing a surcharge on plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.
Motor VehiclesSF 1101Coleman, J.Providing for reinstatement of driving privileges with ignition interlock for persons whose licenses have been revoked as the result of certain offenses.
Motor VehiclesSF 1428Latz, R.Requiring underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage for motorcycles.
Motor VehiclesSF 1625McEwen, J.Imposing a luxury vehicle surcharge on the sale of certain motor vehicles.
Natural ResourcesSF 498Abeler, J.Exempting paddleboards from watercraft licensure requirements.
Natural ResourcesSF 755Eichorn, J.Establishing Wild Rice Stewardship Council; appropriating money.
Natural ResourcesSF 1385Isaacson, J.Establishing forest carbon sequestration goal; providing for tree planting.
Natural ResourcesSF 1541Utke, P.Requiring exclusionary fencing to prevent chronic wasting disease.
Natural ResourcesSF 1639Johnson, M.Regulating wake surfing on Minnesota waters.
Natural ResourcesSF 1718Ingebrigtsen, B.Requiring persons age 16 and older to possess a valid watercraft operator's permit to operate a motorboat or personal watercraft.
PensionsSF 976Pappas, S.Establishing the Minnesota Secure Choice retirement program.
Public SafetySF 20Dziedzic, K.Requiring peace officers to be residents of Minnesota or a surrounding state.
Public SafetySF 49Osmek, D.Withholding local government aid from a city that reduces the number of peace officers.
Public SafetySF 76Marty, J.Prohibiting state and local units of government and law enforcement agencies from acquiring military grade weapons from the Pentagon's 1033 program.
Public SafetySF 155Dziedzic, K.Requiring installation of automatic sprinkler systems in certain existing high-rise buildings.
Public SafetySF 160Cwodzinski, S.Establishing a program to provide payments to firefighters with cancer or heart disease, counseling for firefighters, and firefighter training. (See also: SF 621, SF 686, SF 924, SF 1035.)
Public SafetySF 313Senjem, D.Prohibiting the use of arrest quotas; prohibiting the use of certain traffic stop-related and arrest-related information as criteria for peace officer job performance. (See also: SF 2423.)
Public SafetySF 334Dibble, D.Requiring that certain peace officer-initiated use of force cases be prosecuted by a special prosecutor; establishing the Board of Special Prosecution and a special prosecutorial office; prohibiting the use of grand juries in certain peace officer-initiated use of force cases.
Public SafetySF 348Dibble, D.Requiring local units of government to establish law enforcement citizen oversight councils; requiring law enforcement policies, guidelines, training, and reporting on matters relating to procedural justice and community interactions.
Public SafetySF 355Mathews, A.Creating liability and vicarious liability for trespass to critical infrastructure; creating a crime for recruiting or educating individuals to trespass on or damage critical infrastructure. (See also: SF 386, SF 1378.)
Public SafetySF 515Senjem, D.Eliminating the statute of limitations for certain sex offenses.
Public SafetySF 580Fateh, O.Prohibiting immunity for peace officers from civil and criminal liability.
Public SafetySF 765Anderson, B.Increasing penalties for certain human trafficking offenses; increasing penalties for patrons of prostitutes.
Public SafetySF 807Fateh, O.Imposing duties on peace officers and law enforcement agencies regarding video and audio recordings of use of deadly force; providing for a civil remedy.
Public SafetySF 868Carlson, J.Establishing the crime of child torture; imposing criminal penalties.
Public SafetySF 1197Bigham, K.Prohibiting the public dissemination of information regarding a law enforcement official's home address.
Public SafetySF 1220Ingebrigtsen, B.Increasing penalties for creating, distributing, and possessing sexually explicit materials involving children.
Public SafetySF 1279Rosen, J.Providing the same weight threshold and penalty for fentanyl as is for heroin.
Public SafetySF 1285Ingebrigtsen, B.Increasing penalties for obstructing traffic access to a trunk highway or airport; amending the crime of obstructing transit.
Public SafetySF 1354Weber, B.Establishing State Aid For Emergencies (SAFE) account and aid program to reimburse local governments and state agencies for expenses incurred in responding to emergencies; transferring money from the general fund to the State Aid For Emergencies (SAFE) account. (See also: SF 2441, SF 729.)
Public SafetySF 1451Pappas, S.Creating an affirmative defense to child pornography offenses where the defendant was under the age of 18 at the time of the offense and the sexual performance or pornographic work only depicted the defendant.
Public SafetySF 1507Johnson, M.Providing that data held by law enforcement agencies regarding a person or entity that posted bail is public.
Public SafetySF 1683Senjem, D.Modifying and clarifying criminal sexual conduct provisions.
Public SafetySF 1856Chamberlain, R.Establishing the Clean Slate Act; providing for an automatic expungement process for certain offenders.
Public SafetySF 1924Abeler, J.Requiring referrals to mental health crisis teams via the 911 system.
Public SafetySF 1989Kunesh, M.Creating an office for missing and murdered indigenous relatives.
Public SafetySF 2004Pappas, S.Establishing eligibility for release for individuals sentenced to life in prison for crimes committed while under the age of 18.
Public SafetySF 2138Fateh, O.Repealing the prohibition on obstructing highways.
Public SafetySF 2139Fateh, O.Regulating no-knock search warrants.
Public SafetySF 2378Fateh, O.Repealing crime of falsely reporting police misconduct.
Public SafetySF 2381Osmek, D.Prohibiting any state loan, grant, or assistance for persons convicted of offense related to protest, demonstration, rally, civil unrest, or march.
Public SafetySF 2445Howe, J.Expanding the right to use deadly force during declared states of emergency.
Public SafetySF 2446Fateh, O.Prohibiting law enforcement from using tear gas, chemical weapons, and kinetic energy munitions.
Public SafetySF 2462Fateh, O.Limiting the authority for peace officers to stop or detain drivers for certain motor vehicle equipment violations.
Public SafetySF 2482Pratt, E.Establishing the crime of residential protesting.
Public SafetySF 2484Dziedzic, K.Authorizing cities and counties to impose residency requirements for peace officers.
Public SafetySF 2517Latz, R.Assigning prosecutorial authority for peace-officer-involved deaths to the attorney general.
Public SafetySF 2560Ingebrigtsen, B.Modifying the police use of deadly force law.
Standards of TimeSF 149Kiffmeyer, M.Providing for daylight saving time year-round effective upon authorization by federal law.
State DisastersSF 7Rosen, J.Restricting the definition of state-declared disasters to exclude civil unrest.
State DisastersSF 165Champion, B.Establishing the PROMISE Act; creating redevelopment and relief programs; imposing a sales and use tax; requiring property tax abatement for certain properties; establishing the Civil Unrest Investigatory Commission. (See also: SF 1008, SF 1195, SF 1675, SF 2015.)
State EmergenciesSF 2Nelson, C.Eliminating the authority for the governor to use peacetime emergency authority to impose restrictions on schools.
State EmergenciesSF 4Osmek, D.Requiring legislative approval to extend the duration of a peacetime emergency declared by the governor; limiting duration of peacetime emergency extensions. (See also: SF 1947.)
State EmergenciesSF 6Benson, M.Permitting the legislature to terminate any order or rule adopted by the governor directing a response to a peacetime emergency if the emergency is continued for more than 30 days.
State EmergenciesSF 359Mathews, A.Authorizing inverse condemnation by a business closed by executive order due to a peacetime emergency.
State EmergenciesSF 1470Draheim, R.Nullifying Executive Order 20-79; prohibiting the governor from issuing modifications to landlord and tenant law.
State EmergenciesSF 1657Anderson, B.Prohibiting the Minnesota legislature and the governor from making laws or executive orders respecting an establishment of religion or the right of the people peaceably to assemble.
State EmergenciesSF 2288Howe, J.Requiring three-fifths majority approval from both legislative bodies to extend peacetime emergencies beyond 30 days.
State EmergenciesSF 2356Koran, M.Repealing governor's power to declare emergency; establishing a legislative emergency declaration and extension process; repealing governor's authority to adopt orders and expedited rules that have the effect of law during an emergency; protecting citizen rights.
State GovernmentSF 65Cwodzinski, S.Establishing appointment confirmation through senate inaction.
State GovernmentSF 299Koran, M.Requiring growth of executive branch agency employment to be proportionate to growth of state population.
State GovernmentSF 554Eken, K.Requiring inflation adjustments to budget forecasts.
State GovernmentSF 646Marty, J.Closing a loophole in disclosure of economic interests of public officials to include disclosure of certain independent contracting and consulting; requiring additional disclosure of lobbying and lobbyist contributions; requiring certain reports of lobbying activity; requiring disclosures of campaign contributions from lobbyists, principals, and political committees.
State GovernmentSF 648Marty, J.Providing that accepting large campaign contributions creates a conflict of interest on issues related to the contributor; imposing a civil penalty; requiring disclosure of all lobbyist contributions; increasing public subsidy payment for candidates who agree to refuse donations from specified sources.
State GovernmentSF 689Pratt, E.Establishing observance of India Day. (See also: SF 2511.)
State GovernmentSF 847Kunesh, M.Creating a commission to redesign the official state flag and the official state seal. (See also: SF 1196.)
State GovernmentSF 1039Kunesh, M.Repealing law that prohibits the Legislature and state agencies from entering into contracts with vendors that discriminate against Israel.
State GovernmentSF 1143Eaton, C.Establishing the American Indian and Indigenous Peoples Day.
State GovernmentSF 1415Kunesh, M.Establishing government-to-government relationship with Minnesota Tribal Nations.
State GovernmentSF 1520Rest, A.Establishing Autism Awareness and Acceptance Day. (See also: SF 1861.)
State GovernmentSF 1913Ingebrigtsen, B.Repatriating the statue of Columbus on the Minnesota Capitol grounds.
State GovernmentSF 7800Fateh, O.Appropriating money directed at ending systemic racism; adopting provisions that address racial injustice and systemic racism.
TaxesSF 56Goggin, M.Allowing an unlimited Social Security subtraction. (See also: SF 273, SF 441, SF 558, SF 2019, SF 2091.)
TaxesSF 117Draheim, R.Prohibiting an increase in property value for homesteads owned by persons 65 years of age or older. (See also: SF 713, SF 2458.)
TaxesSF 203Eichorn, J.Providing annual tax holiday period for sales and purchases of school supplies.
TaxesSF 245Eichorn, J.Providing annual tax holiday periods for sales and purchases of certain firearms and certain fishing equipment.
TaxesSF 685Miller, J.Repealing the sunset of the historic structure rehabilitation credit. (See also: SF 318.)
TaxesSF 1314Nelson, C.Increasing the amount of the small business investment credit and repealing the sunset.
TaxesSF 1401Murphy, E.Modifying income tax rates and brackets.
TaxesSF 1436Marty, J.Prohibiting the Department of Revenue from recapturing taxpayer refunds for medical debt.
TaxesSF 1945Dziedzic, K.Limiting maximum amount of itemized deductions.
TaxesSF 2071Dibble, D.Authorizing a temporary deferral of commercial-industrial property taxes.
TaxesSF 2344McEwen, J.Providing a onetime individual income tax subtraction for certain unemployment compensation payments. (See also: SF 2300.)
TaxesSF 2369Port, L.Disallowing the itemized deduction for mortgage interest on a second home.
TechnologySF 1408Bigham, K.Giving various rights to consumers regarding personal data; placing obligations on certain businesses regarding consumer data; providing for enforcement by the attorney general.
TelecommunicationsSF 34Draheim, R.Increasing the civil penalties for unlawful robocalls.
TelecommunicationsSF 500Bigham, K.Prohibiting certain activities by Internet service providers to maintain net neutrality for Minnesota customers and those under contract to the state or political subdivisions.
TelecommunicationsSF 506Bigham, K.Prohibiting false caller identification information; providing for criminal penalties.
TobaccoSF 1271Champion, B.Prohibiting the sale or offer for sale of flavored products.
TobaccoSF 1664Ruud, C.Assessing penalties for use of certain tobacco products or electronic delivery devices in public schools.
TobaccoSF 1774Dziedzic, K.Amending the definition of tobacco products to include electronic delivery devices.
TransportationSF 75Marty, J.Establishing a statewide 25 cent fare for public transit; requiring a study on eliminating public transit fares.
TransportationSF 142Goggin, M.Authorizing local governments to pass ordinances allowing all terrain vehicles to be driven on certain roadways or the shoulder of certain trunk highway segments located within their jurisdiction.
TransportationSF 214Abeler, J.Prohibiting the use of automated driving systems.
TransportationSF 279Osmek, D.Prohibiting use of state funds for operating costs of future light rail lines; prohibiting use of state funds for capital costs of light rail. (See also: SF 602.)
TransportationSF 1151Newman, S.Prohibiting the use of highway user tax distribution funds or trunk highway funds for bicycle lanes or routes; prohibiting vehicle travel lanes from being converted into bicycle lanes.
TransportationSF 1161Dibble, D.Classifying and regulating electric-assisted bicycles.
TransportationSF 1602Howe, J.Imposing a tax on electric fuel distributed by a utility through an electric vehicle charging station at a public or private parking space.
TransportationSF 1880López Franzen, M.Imposing a road usage charge.
TransportationSF 1918Dibble, D.Requiring the purchase of electric buses by the Metropolitan Council.
TransportationSF 1962Miller, J.Appropriating money for passenger rail infrastructure. (See also: SF 1624.)
TransportationSF 2085Coleman, J.Designating a segment of marked Trunk Highway 5 in Chanhassen as Prince Rogers Nelson Memorial Highway.
TransportationSF 2244Benson, M.Terminating operations of the Northstar Commuter Rail service; requiring termination of all agreements and selling of all remaining assets related to Northstar Commuter Rail. (See also: SF 2437.)
TransportationSF 2476Utke, P.Requiring the commissioner of transportation to inspect trains entering the state from Canada.
VeteransSF 116Chamberlain, R.Establishing the Military Veteran Offenders Restorative Justice Act.
VeteransSF 986Hawj, F.Expanding the definition of veteran to include individuals who served from a base in Laos in support of U.S. armed forces between 1961 and 1975.
VeteransSF 1511Eichorn, J.Establishing a veterans suicide prevention and awareness day.

2021 Senate Omnibus Budget Bills

Topic File Number Author
Agriculture and BroadbandSF 958Westrom, T.
EducationSF 960Chamberlain, R.
Energy and UtilitiesSF 2075Senjem, D.
Environment and Natural ResourcesSF 959Ingebrigtsen, B.
Health and Human ServicesSF 2360Benson, M.
Higher EducationSF 975Tomassoni, D.
HousingSF 969Draheim, R.
Human Services ReformSF 383Abeler, J.
Jobs and Economic GrowthSF 1098Pratt, E.
Judiciary and Public SafetySF 970Limmer, W.
Legacy FundsSF 971Ruud, C.
State GovernmentSF 1831Kiffmeyer, M.
TransportationSF 1159Newman, S.
Veterans and Military AffairsSF 485Lang, A.

2021 Governor’s Budget Bills (as introduced)

Topic File Number Author
AgricultureSF 958Westrom, T.
CommerceSF 972Dahms, G.
EducationSF 960Chamberlain, R.
Environment and Natural ResourcesSF 959Ingebrigtsen, B.
HealthSF 981Wiklund, M.
Higher EducationSF 975Tomassoni, D.
Human ServicesSF 982Wiklund, M.
JobsSF 1098Pratt, E.
Legacy (Clean Water, Parks and Trails, and Arts and Culture funds)SF 971Ruud, C.
TaxesSF 961Nelson, C.
TransportationSF 957Newman, S.