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Senate Fiscal Services Office

Legislative Role

The Fiscal Services Office manages accounts payable and per diem and provides payroll and benefits services to Senate Members and employees.

Functions and Services

The Fiscal Services Office performs the following duties:

  • Prepares all warrants and abstracts for payment of vendor expenditures and travel expenses
  • Maintains accounting records
  • Prepares reports on cost analysis and budget preparation
  • Coordinates information regarding Senate member and employee expense reimbursements including Senator per diem
  • Prepares all warrants and abstracts for payment of all Senate salaries
  • Prepares unemployment quarterly wage reports
  • Prepares and reconciles all year end payrolls for W2 reporting
  • Maintains attendance reports
  • Coordinates information regarding Senate Member and employee benefits and compensation

Key Resources

Resource Description
Accounts payable Expenses related to legislative activity, maintenance, and operations are processed.
Senator per diem expenses Per diem expenses related to legislative activity are processed.
Payroll processing Senate payroll including calculations of benefits are processed.

Timeline and Calendar Highlights

Date timeline Description
July 1 State fiscal year begins each year, and in odd-numbered years, state fiscal biennium begins.
Monthly Senator per diem and vouchered and receipted expenses are processed
Calendar Quarterly Prepares unemployment wage and other required reports
Calendar Year End Prepares annual wage reports for tax reporting

Staff List

Name Title Office Phone Number
Betty Myers Controller G9 Capitol 651.296.2339
Sofia Perez Fiscal Services Specialist G9 Capitol 651.296.7645
Terri Small Fiscal Services Specialist G9 Capitol 651.296.4904