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Select Committee Amendments

Most amendments offered in committee are made public at the time they are offered, during the committee meeting. They are available only in paper form and only to those present at the meeting. When an amendment is adopted, it becomes part of the committee report on the bill. When the committee report is adopted by the Senate, the committee report is posted on the Web.
Note: To find those committee amendments, access the Minnesota Legislation and Bill Status system to locate the page in the Senate Journal where the committee report appears.

Amendments on this Page

In rare cases, particularly where the chief author has a long delete-everything amendment to a bill of substantial public interest, the author desires to make the amendment available to the public before the meeting at which it will be offered or before it will appear in the Senate Journal following its adoption. The author and the committee staff advise the public that they may obtain a paper copy of the amendment from the committee office.

Note: To facilitate distribution of those amendments, they will also be posted on this page.
Unless otherwise noted, all documents are in standard HyperText Markup Language Document Format (*.HTML)


There are no Select Committee Amendments in the 2023-2024 biennium