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Human Services Licensing Policy

2023-2024 Regular Session

Report Date: August 22, 2023 2:50:27 PM

Bill # Senate Author Description Date Received Hearing Date Action Taken Senate Last Action
SF254 Koran Licensed substance use disorder treatment providers alternative licensing inspections establishment 01/21/2021
SF269 Kiffmeyer Family child care regulation modernization project establishment; appropriation 01/25/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF33, Art. 2, Sec. 81
SF297 Abeler Legislative Task Force on Human Services Background Study Eligibility creation; appropriations 01/25/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF33, Art. 2, Sec. 74; Art. 16, Sec. 10
SF320 Utke Residential settings using overnight supervision technology licensing requirements modification 01/25/2021
SF456 Hoffman Chemical dependency treatment administrative rule provisions repeal; chemical dependency treatment applicants local human services agency notification requirement to open a new treatment program 01/28/2021 See HF2128, Art. 2, Sec. 2, 5
SF481 Benson Substance use disorders and mental health treatment provided through telemedicine requirements modifications 02/01/2021
SF496 Utke COVID-19 executive orders human services programs background study requirements modifications waiver extension 02/01/2021
SF497 Utke Personal care assistance agencies enrollment requirements; personal care assistants and qualified professionals additional duties and personal care assistance services payment rate methodology establishment; commissioner of human services study requirement 02/01/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF33, Art. 13, Sec. 55, 59
SF517 Kiffmeyer Child care providers administrative law procedures modification 02/01/2021
SF827 Utke Group family day care child-adult capacity ratios and age distribution restrictions modifications 02/11/2021
SF982 Wiklund Human services miscellaneous provisions governing children and family services, community supports, direct care and treatment, health care, human services licensing, background studies, and chemical and mental health services modifications; budget forecast adjustments; funds transfers 02/15/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF4
SF1028 Housley Mental health services provisions modifications 02/15/2021 See HF2128, Art. 15, 16, Sec. 1, 2, 4; Art. 17
SF1573 Wiklund Licensed family child care providers peer mentoring program appropriation 03/01/2021
SF1762 Kiffmeyer Family Child Care Task Force recommendations implementation 03/04/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF33, Art. 2, Sec. 9, 78, 81-82
SF1821 Utke Substance use disorder treatment provisions modifications 03/08/2021
SF2158 Housley Alternative adult day services licensing standards establishment; adult day services rates establishment; adult day services waiver extension allowing remote delivery authorization 03/18/2021
SF2968 Utke Adult and children foster care modifications and appropriation 02/10/2022
SF3583 Abeler Various provisions modifications relating to substance use disorder treatment 02/28/2022 See HF4065
SF3631 Fateh Community residential setting licensing moratorium exception clarification and extension 03/02/2022
SF3827 Wiklund Child care regulations modernization and update 03/09/2022 See HF4065
SF3909 Wiklund Human services licensing provisions modifications 03/10/2022
SF4503 Kunesh Cultural practitioners addition to providers of chemical dependency services 04/19/2022