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Aging and Long-Term Care Policy

2021-2022 Regular Session

Report Date: August 11, 2022 9:01:56 AM

Bill # Senate Author Description Date Received Hearing Date Action Taken Senate Last Action
SF174 Rest New Hope nursing home licensing and certification moratorium exception establishment 01/19/2021
SF176 Goggin Red Wing nursing facility payment rate exemption 01/19/2021
SF178 Nelson Commissioner of health Alzheimer's public information program establishment requirement; appropriation 01/19/2021 02/03/2021 Recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Health and Human Services Finance and Policy
SF556 Eken Constitutional amendment creating a dedicated fund for long-term care services; tax levy on individuals with income not taxed for social security to fund long-term care services; revenues dedication; legislative implementation directive 02/04/2021
SF671 Utke Home health services and home care nursing services payment rates modifications 02/04/2021 02/24/2021 Recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Human Services Reform Finance and Policy See First Special Session 2021, HF33, Art. 13, Sec. 11-12
SF935 Dibble Long-term care facilities regulation, rights, cause of action, requirements, and governance modifications; Long-Term Care COVID-19 task force establishment; appropriation 02/11/2021
SF1482 Utke 24-hour customized living service rate floor for certain facilities establishment 02/25/2021 03/03/2021 Recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on Human Services Reform Finance and Policy See First Special Session 2021, HF33, Art. 13, Sec. 61-62
SF1786 Housley Age-Friendly Minnesota Council establishment 03/04/2021 03/17/2021 Amended, recommended to pass and re-referred to the Committee on State Government Finance and Policy and Elections
SF1957 Wiklund Nursing facility resident reimbursement classification assessments required frequency modification, reimbursement cost reporting audit activities funding, and rates and payments improved financial integrity appropriation 03/10/2021 See HF4065
SF2306 Housley Human services rates for services under elderly waiver and under disability waiver modifications 03/25/2021
SF2313 Housley Long-term care workers hero payments and appropriation 03/25/2021
SF2316 Housley Customized living services providers standards establishment; long-term care consultation services for a resident's spouse or legal partner authorization; nursing facility rates definitions modifications; criteria for adequate nursing facility documentation expansion; payroll record requirements modification; confidentiality of nursing facility financial statements; requirements for accrued expense reimbursements establishment; scholarship per diems for nursing facility employees modification; adult foster care resident rule repeal 03/25/2021 See HF4065
SF2786 Housley Nursing homes and assisted living facilities employee bonuses provisions and appropriation; Long-term care provisions modifications 02/03/2022 See HF4065
SF2912 Housley Palliative care definition modification 02/07/2022 See HF4065
SF3178 Wiklund Human services provisions in continuing care for older adults modifications 02/17/2022 See HF4065
SF3195 Housley Assisted living facilities modifications and appropriation 02/17/2022
SF3630 Fateh Provisions governing assisted living licensure modifications for small facilities 03/02/2022
SF4309 Rest Legislative task force establishment to examine the aging demographics in the state and issues affecting healthy aging in the community 03/28/2022