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Commerce and Consumer Protection Finance and Policy

2023-2024 Regular Session

Report Date: August 22, 2023 2:50:26 PM

Bill # Senate Author Description Date Received Hearing Date Action Taken Senate Last Action
SF11 Osmek City population requirement to qualify for exemption from certain temporary liquor license issuance restrictions modification 01/07/2021
SF34 Draheim Unlawful robocalls civil penalties increase 01/11/2021
SF50 Osmek Small brewers packaging requirements modification 01/11/2021 See SF3008
SF55 Rarick Sunday liquor sales hours modification 01/11/2021
SF70 Bigham Food packaging containing PFAS prohibition 01/14/2021 See First Special Session 2021, SF20, Art. 2, Sec. 105
SF99 Abeler Farm wineries certain agricultural requirements elimination authorization 01/14/2021
SF146 Benson Mandated health benefit proposals evaluation process modification 02/04/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF6, Art. 4
SF150 Kiffmeyer Day care providers insurance policies provisions modifications 01/19/2021
SF206 Housley Motor vehicle catalytic converters acquisition requirements establishment 01/21/2021
SF224 Kiffmeyer Family child care centers dependent children injuries and illnesses health plan coverage requirement 01/21/2021
SF344 Dibble Farm winery license for sake producers authorization 01/25/2021
SF365 Nelson Individual and small group health plan offerings to include a predeductible flat co-payment on prescription drugs option requirement 01/28/2021 See SF3472
SF377 Bigham First four outpatient mental health service visits cost-sharing requirements limitation 01/28/2021
SF479 Bakk Wine direct shippers sales and use, liquor gross receipts, and excise taxes imposition; licensing and reporting; data classification; bootlegging prohibition 02/01/2021
SF486 Abeler Nonprofit health service plan corporations and health maintenance organizations contracts with nonprofit corporations requirement; patient identifying data sharing restriction 02/01/2021
SF487 Abeler Individual health plans offered by health carriers guaranteed issue to residents requirement 02/01/2021
SF500 Bigham Internet service providers serving Minnesota customers and those under contract to the state or political subdivisions certain activities prohibition 02/01/2021
SF502 Bigham Restaurants service of specified drinks as the default beverage for children's meals requirement 02/01/2021
SF506 Bigham False caller identification information prohibition 02/01/2021
SF516 Kiffmeyer Day care providers insurance policies provisions modifications 02/01/2021
SF531 Duckworth Reverse mortgage loans notices requirement 02/01/2021
SF592 Ingebrigtsen Law enforcement personnel salary increases authorization and appropriation 03/04/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF6, Art. 9, Sec. 1-5
SF623 Howe Sauk Rapids on-sale liquor licenses authorization 02/04/2021 See SF3008
SF662 Draheim Financial institutions merger and tax status designation working group creation 02/04/2021
SF694 Dahms Minnesota premium security plan administration by the Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association requirement 02/04/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF33, Art. 15 Sec. 1-2
SF748 Jasinski Public transit participation program (PTPP) volunteer driver definition and not for hire clarification for automobile insurance 02/08/2021
SF753 Abeler Health care providers timely credentialing requirements 02/17/2021 See HF2128, Art. 6, Sec. 1
SF753 Abeler Health care providers timely credentialing requirements See HF2128, Art. 6, Sec. 1
SF785 Howe Real property appraisers continuing education, evaluations, and standards of conduct modifications 02/11/2021 See SF1020
SF785 Howe Real property appraisers continuing education, evaluations, and standards of conduct modifications See SF1020
SF804 Koran Health insurance underwriting, renewability and benefits modification; Minnesota health risk pool program creation; Minnesota health contribution program establishment; unified personal health premium accounts creation authorization; certain heath market plan rules elimination 02/11/2021
SF813 Hawj Debt collectors providing information in the preferred language of the debtor requirement 02/11/2021
SF824 Newton Health insurance providers negotiated provider payment enrollee charge requirement 02/11/2021
SF828 Utke Peer-to-Peer Car Sharing Program Act 02/11/2021
SF831 Benson Prescription drug manufacturer importation pathway plan application and incentives 03/11/2021
SF837 Koran Life insurers consideration of opiate antagonist prescription use prohibition 02/11/2021
SF874 Housley Brewer off-sale license condition modification 02/11/2021
SF890 Marty Catalytic converters sale to scrap metal dealers regulation 02/11/2021
SF892 Latz Interest rates for consumer short-term and small loans regulation 02/11/2021
SF917 Draheim Pharmacy benefit manager business practices modification and general reimbursement practices establishment; maximum allowable cost pricing requirements modification 03/11/2021
SF965 Port Price gouging during abnormal market disruptions prohibition 02/11/2021 See HF844
SF972 Dahms Omnibus commerce policy and finance bill 02/11/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF6
SF1020 Dahms Continuing education sponsors and instructors regulation and exceptions; real property appraisers continuing education, evaluations, and standards of conduct modifications 02/15/2021
SF1021 Koran Liquor provisions modifications 02/15/2021
SF1027 Utke Insurance company requirements exemptions authorizations 02/15/2021
SF1099 Coleman Suspension or revocation of liquor licenses and permits due to the COVID-related executive order violations prohibition 02/17/2021
SF1109 Ingebrigtsen Douglas county Lakes Area Theatre on-sale wine license issuance authorization 02/17/2021
SF1160 Rosen Minnesota Telehealth Act; task force on creating a person-centered telepresence strategy establishment 02/25/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF33, Art. 6
SF1170 Howe Cocktail room and taproom colocation provisions modifications 02/18/2021
SF1176 Koran Off-sale limit for microdistilleries modification; self-distribution for certain producers authorization; brand registration requirements modification; limited off-sale for bars and restaurants authorization 02/18/2021
SF1178 Westrom Gasoline minimum biofuel content increase; fuel retailers to offer biofuel blends for certain motorists 03/15/2021
SF1250 Koran Health plan companies establishment of an appeal process for providers to access if the provider's contract in terminated for cause requirement; health companies termination of a provider's contract without cause prohibition 02/22/2021
SF1284 Housley Checking account requirements modifications 02/22/2021
SF1327 Koran App stores use of a specific app store or in-app payment system requirement prohibition 02/22/2021
SF1391 Howe Debt settlement service providers regulation 02/25/2021
SF1391 Howe Debt settlement service providers regulation
SF1408 Bigham Minnesota Consumer Data Privacy Act 02/25/2021
SF1428 Latz Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage requirement for motorcycles 02/25/2021
SF1450 Utke Organ or bone marrow donors insurance discrimination prohibition 02/25/2021
SF1478 Howe Minnesota Grape and Wine Council establishment; Minnesota wine promotion, education, and development grant program establishment, sales and use tax nexus for certain shippers establishment, direct shipper's license for certain shipments of wine to consumers requirement; direct shippers reporting requirements establishment; appropriating money 02/25/2021
SF1496 Draheim Patient assistance program funds application to a health plan deductible disclosure requirement 03/11/2021
SF1497 Dahms Financial services inclusion program appropriation 02/25/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF6, Art. 1, Sec. 2, Sub. 2
SF1502 Duckworth Student Loan Borrower Bill of Rights 03/10/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF6, Art. 6, Sec. 1-11
SF1565 Hawj Catalytic converters sale to scrap metal dealers regulation, criminal penalties establishment 03/01/2021
SF1605 Utke Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Individual Deferred Annuities modification 03/01/2021 See SF1846, Sec. 13
SF1605 Utke Standard Nonforfeiture Law for Individual Deferred Annuities modification See SF1846, Sec. 13
SF1606 Utke Insurance Data Security Law establishment 03/01/2021 See SF1846, Sec. 5-12
SF1626 McEwen Unearned insurance premium return regulation 03/01/2021
SF1653 Port Following debt collection requirements by landlords requirement; commerce commissioner regulation enforcement authorization 03/01/2021
SF1695 Housley Collection agencies licensure and registration provisions modifications 03/04/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF6, Art. 7, Sec. 4
SF1764 Dahms Licensee education modifications 03/04/2021
SF1765 Dahms Reinsurance credit allowance modification; certification procedure modification 03/04/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF6, Art. 3, Sec. 3
SF1765 Dahms Reinsurance credit allowance modification; certification procedure modification See First Special Session 2021, HF6, Art. 3, Sec. 3
SF1806 Bigham Outdoor consumption for certain on-sale liquor license holders authorization 03/08/2021
SF1843 Lopez Franzen Unsafe consumer products enforcement mechanism authorization 03/08/2021
SF1846 Dahms Department of commerce provisions technical and reporting modifications; reinsurance credit allowance modification; insurance data security law establishment 03/08/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF6, Art. 3, Sec. 3-14, 17-26, 28-29
SF1909 Pappas Miscellaneous liquor provisions modifications 03/10/2021
SF1912 Koran Health plans limiting testing for opioids prohibition 03/10/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF6, Art. 3, Sec. 16
SF1992 Housley Off-sales of alcoholic beverages by certain on-sale licensees during the COVID-19 peacetime emergency authorization 03/11/2021
SF2032 McEwen Water sold in plastic containers sales prohibition 03/11/2021
SF2041 Housley Commonly owned liquor stores wine transfers authorization 03/15/2021
SF2042 Howe Minnesota Council on Economic Education grants appropriation 03/18/2021 See First Special Session 2021, HF6, Art. 1, Sec. 7
SF2080 Johnson Stewart Digital Fair Repair Act 03/15/2021
SF2096 Howe For-sale items at exclusive liquor stores modification 03/15/2021
SF2203 Mathews On-sale intoxicating liquor licenses for event centers located on a farm authorization 03/22/2021
SF2243 Johnson Stewart Labeling items as biodegradable and compostable requirements modification 03/22/2021
SF2491 Marty Catalytic converters purchase requirements establishment 05/05/2021
SF2497 Housley Food retailers authorization to sell wine and beer establishment 05/06/2021
SF2498 Ingebrigtsen Alexandria on-sale liquor license authorization 05/06/2021
SF2516 Westrom Federal electronic fund transfer regulations adoption 05/10/2021
SF2525 Jasinski Microdistillery definition modification 05/13/2021
SF2534 McEwen Hotel sale of or providing customers with single-use plastics prohibition 05/14/2021
SF2543 Dahms Motor vehicle self-insurance for cooperatives regulation 05/14/2021
SF2622 Jasinski Motor vehicle retail installment contracts disclosure requirements 01/31/2022
SF2624 Jasinski Single language conduction of used motor vehicle transaction requirements 01/31/2022
SF2744 Isaacson Gas fireplaces disclosures requirement 02/03/2022
SF2748 Utke Dental benefit plan contract requirements modifications; third party access to dental provider contract authorization 02/03/2022
SF2749 Utke Dental provider agreements certain terms inclusion prohibition and disclosures requirement 02/03/2022
SF2753 Utke Peer-to peer car sharing program establishment 02/03/2022
SF2814 Howe Persons 17 years of age authorization to serve alcoholic beverages establishment 02/03/2022
SF2817 Kiffmeyer Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies to provide disclosure notices and obtain consent requirement 02/03/2022
SF2855 Housley Financial institutions account additional funding provision 02/03/2022
SF2903 Pratt Credit card surcharges limitations modification 02/07/2022
SF2920 Rosen Madelia off-sale license issue authorization 02/07/2022
SF2922 Housley Collection agencies governing licensure and registration provisions modification; collection and maintenance of certain information regarding credit counseling services by the commissioner of commerce requirement 02/07/2022
SF2924 Anderson Removing certain temporary license restrictions 02/07/2022 See SF3008
SF2944 Housley Automobile theft prevention account money use for a database to track the sale of used catalytic converters authorization; catalytic converters tracking database development and maintenance establishment and availability to law enforcement authorization; appropriating money 02/07/2022
SF2978 Dziedzic Distilleries permission to operate a cocktail room of any size 02/10/2022
SF2983 Kent Automobile theft prevention program appropriation 02/10/2022
SF2991 Pratt Prohibited contract terms clarification regarding choice of venue 02/10/2022
SF3008 Dahms Omnibus Liquor Bill 02/10/2022
SF3036 Koran Preliminary application procedure establishment for individuals seeking professional licenses and licensing boards permission to charge application fees 03/24/2022 See HF3255
SF3049 Johnson Certain rights establishment for federal home loan banks with respect to collateral pledged by insurance members 02/10/2022 See HF3255
SF3053 Eichorn Certain variance and wine license regulatory requirements modification 02/10/2022
SF3054 Eichorn 3.2% malt liquor licenses conversion to 5.5% alcoholic beverage licenses conversion authorization 02/10/2022
SF3070 Draheim Disparities between geographic rating areas in individual and small group market health insurance rates study requirement 02/10/2022
SF3072 Jasinski Requirements governing motor vehicle titles and disclosure amendment and appropriation 03/14/2022
SF3131 Abeler Exclusion clarification for certain types of claims handling from civil liability 02/14/2022
SF3213 Champion Insurers prohibition to discriminate based on the breed of dog owned 02/17/2022
SF3219 Newton Underwriting for automobile insurance restrictions authorization 02/17/2022
SF3242 Dahms Registration filing modification for franchises 02/17/2022
SF3243 Dahms Technical changes to various provisions administered by the Department of Commerce 02/17/2022
SF3244 Coleman Microdistilleries license requirements modifications 02/17/2022
SF3245 Coleman Municipalities issuance of strong beer and wine licenses to owners of town ball baseball teams authorization 02/17/2022 See SF3008
SF3246 Coleman Brewer off-sale license condition modification 02/17/2022 See SF3008
SF3272 Fateh Coverage modification for autism spectrum disorder 02/21/2022
SF3285 Port Office of the Common Interest Community creation and appropriation 02/21/2022
SF3287 Dahms Department enforcement powers modification 02/21/2022 See HF3255
SF3288 Dahms Continuing education requirements for licensees provisions modifications 02/21/2022
SF3300 Eichorn Malt liquor and wine licenses issuance authorization to certain retailers currently licensed to sell 3.2 beer 02/21/2022
SF3304 Housley Growler sales prohibition elimination 02/21/2022
SF3338 Dahms Life insurance policies that provide coverage permission for long-term care to be authorized in certain instances 02/21/2022
SF3367 Murphy Cost-sharing limitation for prescription drugs and related medical supplies prescribed to treat a chronic disease 02/21/2022
SF3371 Howe Municipalities permission to issue one seven-day temporary license for a county fair 02/21/2022 See SF3008
SF3394 Wiklund Coverage requirement for infertility treatment 02/24/2022
SF3429 Eichorn Malt liquor and wine licenses issuance to certain retailers currently licensed to sell 3.2 beer authorization 02/24/2022
SF3472 Dahms Minnesota premium security plan operation extension and money transfer; requiring certain additional coverage under health plans; appropriating money 02/24/2022
SF3503 Weber Real estate minimum damage acquisition reports, continuing education and investigations provisions modifications 02/28/2022
SF3551 Koran Ectodermal dysplasias treatments health insurance coverage requirement 02/28/2022
SF3569 Eaton Suicidal patients care requirements modifications; facility requirements modification for patients who have attempted suicide 02/28/2022
SF3636 Utke Process for approval of structured settlement amendment; Structured settlement purchase companies requirement to register and provide a surety bond; appropriating money 03/28/2022
SF3637 Anderson Provisions governing commercial vehicle indemnity repeal 03/02/2022
SF3658 Koran Annual production limit modification for micro distillery on- and off-sale to exclude spirits bottled under a third-party contract 03/02/2022
SF3689 Nelson Data collected under the all-payer claims database and uses of this data modification; commissioner of health study and report requirement on systems used by health plan companies and third-party administrators to pay health care providers 03/03/2022
SF3703 Ruud Direct shippers of wine regulation; sales and use taxes, liquor gross receipts taxes and excise taxes on direct shipments of wine imposition; licensing and classification of data authorization 03/03/2022
SF3768 Tomassoni Prescription drug benefit transparency and disclosure requirement 03/07/2022
SF3800 Senjem Rochester municipal district heating and cooling energy distribution system appropriation 03/07/2022
SF3823 Duckworth Equal coverage requirement of services provided by a pharmacist 03/09/2022
SF3835 Port Disclosure of used motor vehicle pricing requirement 03/09/2022
SF3873 Westrom Minimum biofuel standard modification 03/09/2022
SF3874 Eichorn Issuance of malt liquor and wine licenses authorization to certain retailers currently licensed to sell 3.2 beer 03/09/2022
SF3885 Coleman Certain insurers authorization to offer paid family leave insurance benefits 03/09/2022
SF3933 Chamberlain Social media algorithms that target children prohibition 03/14/2022
SF4003 Putnam In-home day care cooperative health plans authorization 03/14/2022
SF4004 Port Monopoly and monopsony power regulation 03/14/2022
SF4005 Port Price discrimination in commercial transactions prohibition 03/14/2022
SF4007 Nelson Health plan enrollee access to any rebates and discounts accrued directly or indirectly to health carriers requirement 03/14/2022
SF4094 Utke Certain insurance company requirements exemption authorization 03/17/2022
SF4097 Dahms Post-loss assignment of rights related to certain services performed on residential real estate covered by property and casualty insurance regulation 03/17/2022
SF4099 Eichorn On-sale liquor license provisions modifications 03/17/2022 See SF3008
SF4108 Dahms Annuity suitability regulation modification 03/17/2022
SF4182 Kiffmeyer Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies requirement to provide disclosure notice and obtain consent 03/21/2022
SF4188 Nelson Data collected under the all-payer claims database and uses of this data modification 03/21/2022
SF4191 Dahms Provisions governing unfair practices by motor vehicle manufacturers modification 03/21/2022 See HF3255
SF4197 Pratt Liquor license authorization for the city of St. Paul 03/23/2022 See SF3008
SF4216 Port Abuse of dominance prohibition 03/23/2022
SF4300 Dahms Liquid fuel modernization fee and reimbursement program establishment and appropriation 03/28/2022
SF4312 Dziedzic Renter's insurance requirement to provide coverage for the rented property 03/28/2022
SF4345 Dahms Bullion coins and bullion products dealers provisions modifications 03/28/2022
SF4346 Dahms Continuing education course delivery methods provisions modifications 03/28/2022
SF4385 Draheim Health plan companies, public hospitals and the Board of medical Practice prohibition from requiring physicians to maintain board certification 03/30/2022
SF4427 Dahms Department of Commerce needs supplemental budget establishment and appropriation 04/04/2022 See HF3255
SF4472 Frentz Sales reporting requirement for intermediate blends of gasoline and biofuel 04/06/2022
SF4498 Abeler Anoka authorization to issue a social district license 04/19/2022 See SF3008
SF4579 Koran Bail bond agencies, surety bail producers and bail bond enforcement agents supervision establishment 05/09/2022
SF4610 Utke Biomarker testing coverage in health plans requirement 05/22/2022
HF844 Port Price gouging during abnormal market disruptions prohibition 03/24/2021
HF1913 Utke Insurance Data Security Law establishment