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Monday, March 13, 2017

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Monday, March 13, 2017  
9:00 a.m.  
Monday, March 13, 2017

Joint Meeting: - MNsure Legislative Oversight Committee-
9:00 a.m.
Room 1200 Minnesota Senate Building



 A. Introduction of LOC members

 B. Election of Co-Chairs

 C. Approval of Minutes from the October 5, 2016 meeting

 D. Overview of MNsure 2017 Open Enrollment

 E. MNsure Exchange/METS and Health Care Financing Task Force Status Report

 F. MNsure Operating Budget Update

 G. Options for Exchange Transition


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11:00 a.m.  
Monday, March 13, 2017

The Senate will be in Session at 11 a.m.

1:00 p.m.  
Monday, March 13, 2017
Committee on Jobs and Economic Growth Finance and Policy
Meeting Minutes
Chair: Sen. Jeremy R. Miller
01:00 PM
Room 1150 Minnesota Senate Bldg.
S.F. 1504 Koran Goodwill Easter Seals Minnesota FATHER Project grant appropriation.
S.F. 1846 Senjem Pipeline dual-training programs modification and appropriation.
S.F. 1034 Bakk American Indian workforce training pilot project appropriation.
S.F. 1287 Champion Minneapolis Pillsbury United Communities wellness center and grocery store appropriation.
S.F. 1403 Anderson, P. Fighting Chance behavioral intervention programs for at-risk youth grant appropriation.
S.F. 1779 Anderson, P. Small business technology assistance appropriation.
S.F. 1505 Anderson, P. Summit Academy OIC grant appropriation.

Monday, March 13, 2017
***Revision 1: Agenda Addition(s)***
Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Policy and Legacy Finance
Meeting Minutes
Chair: Sen. Carrie Ruud
01:00 PM
Room 1200 Minnesota Senate Bldg.
S.F. 844 Johnson, M. Demolition debris landfill permitting compliance requirement.
S.F. 1093 Ruud Open air swine basins ban extension.
S.F. 1695 Ruud Off-highway motorcycle education and training program, Minnesota Naturalist Corps, invasive species and state water trail provisions, forest trails designation, water safety requirements, wildlife possession and transport, and department of natural resources (DNR) duties modifications.
S.F. 1123 Ruud Timber sales requirements and outdoor recreation rules requirements modifications.
S.F. 1374 Eichorn Natural resources enforcement and penalty provisions modification.
S.F. 1290 Mathews Groundwater appropriation permit requirements and well interference claim requirements modifications.

Monday, March 13, 2017
Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety Finance and Policy
Meeting Minutes
Chair: Sen. Warren Limmer
01:00 PM
Room 1100 Minnesota Senate Bldg.
S.F. 1598 Hall Domestic assault by strangulation impact on custody, parenting plans and parenting time modification.
S.F. 1568 Limmer Legislative commission on data practices expiration date delay authorization.
S.F. 1196 Limmer Real property owners duty to trespassers specification.

3:00 p.m.  
Monday, March 13, 2017
Committee on Human Services Reform Finance and Policy
Chair: Sen. Jim Abeler
03:00 PM
Room 1200 Minnesota Senate Bldg.

To testify on any of the items on the agenda, please contact the Committee Administrator at LaRissa.Fisher@Senate.Mn by 10 am on day of hearing, indicating which item and if you are a proponent or opponent.

The hearing will break at 5 pm and reconvene in room 1100 at 5:30 pm.

Link to available fiscal notes: http://mn.gov/fnsearch/
S.F. 395 Eken Nonprofit nursing facilities in border cities operating payment rate modification.
S.F. 897 Eken Caregiver support programs provisions modifications and appropriation.
S.F. 898 Eken Essential community supports provisions modifications.
S.F. 668 Housley Health department resident assessment modifications; elderly waiver program reform and appropriation.
S.F. 1690 Utke Community action agencies allocation of money provisions modifications; community action grants and financial coaching appropriations.
S.F. 318 Relph Certified paraprofessionals for home care services authorization.
S.F. 801 Benson Terminology correction change from food support and food stamps to supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP).
S.F. 1750 Hayden Child well-being model grant program implementation establishment and appropriation.
S.F. 1893 Abeler Minnesota transitions charter school children's mental health and recovery program grants qualification and voluntary prekindergarten program participation authorization.
S.F. 1953 Kiffmeyer Administrative law procedures for certain child care providers modification.
S.F. 448 Relph At-home infant child care program appropriation.
S.F. 727 Utke Disability waiver rate system modification.
S.F. 1515 Abeler Employment transitions services program for youth with disabilities grant appropriation.

Monday, March 13, 2017
Committee on Agriculture, Rural Development, and Housing Finance
Meeting Minutes
Chair: Sen. Torrey N. Westrom
03:00 PM
Room 1150 Minnesota Senate Bldg.

If you wish to testify on behalf of any bill please contact the committee administrator at kyle.berndt@senate.mn or 651-296-5968. Bills will be laid over for possible inclusion in the omnibus bill.
S.F. 1389 Weber Local governments housing trust funds creation authorization; cities and counties surcharge imposition on document recording fees for deposit into the housing trust fund authorization.
S.F. 1657 Goggin Farm-to-school program establishment and appropriation.
S.F. 1789 Senjem Housing project bonding authority allocations authorization.
S.F. 1688 Sparks Shade tree replacement grants appropriation.
Additional bills may be added

Monday, March 13, 2017
***Revision 1: Editing change***
Committee on E-12 Finance
Chair: Sen. Carla J. Nelson
03:00 PM
Room 1100 Minnesota Senate Bldg.
S.F. 1362 Housley School district bond proceeds use clarification.
S.F. 1556 Nelson Education funding basic formula allowance increase and appropriation.
S.F. 1252 Chamberlain Referendum equalization levy and aid modification.
S.F. 256 Chamberlain K-12 scholarships income tax credit and extension to tuition. SF 256's proponents will be given 15 minutes. Opponents of the bill will also be limited to 15 minutes. As this bill has been previously heard in the Policy Committee, opponents and proponents are encouraged to consolidate their testimony and eliminate duplication.
S.F. 1160 Franzen Gifted and talented funding appropriation increase.

5:30 p.m.  
Monday, March 13, 2017
Committee on State Government Finance and Policy and Elections
Chair: Sen. Mary Kiffmeyer
05:30 PM
Room 1200 Minnesota Senate Bldg.
S.F. 1394 Bakk Iron Range resources and rehabilitation legislative-citizen commission establishment and commissioner duties modification.
**SF 1568 removed from agenda**
** MOVED SF 1833 to Tuesday March 14**
S.F. 1449 Miller Public educational radio stations grants appropriations.
S.F. 737 Weber Pollution control agency (PCA) effluent limitations compliance requirement.
S.F. 1087 Ingebrigtsen Environmental reforms; environmental quality board elimination.
S.F. 603 Kiffmeyer Highly paid public employees severance pay limits clarification.


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