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Wednesday, March 16, 2016
8:30 AM, Room 1100, Minnesota Senate Bldg.


Present: Senator Ann H. Rest - Chair, Senator Lyle Koenen - Vice Chair, Senator Kari Dziedzic, Senator Chris A. Eaton, Senator Paul E. Gazelka, Senator Rod Skoe, Senator Dave Thompson

Absent: Senator Julianne E. Ortman

Senator Ann H. Rest called the meeting to order at 8:36 AM. NOTE: Senator Ortman was excused. Senator Thompson moved that the minutes from the Division meeting on March 25, 2015 be approved. MOTION ADOPTED.

Temporary Reading Credit Report

S.F. 2283: Senator Chamberlain: Reading tax credit modification.

S.F. 2288: Senator Rest: Income tax refundable credit for parents of stillborn children authorization.

S.F. 2250: Senator Rest: Uncashed rebate or property tax refund warrant or check reissuance limitation removal.

S.F. 2249: Senator Rest: Local governments sales and use taxes exemption effective dates acceleration.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:14 AM.

Senator Ann H. Rest, Chair
Chris McCall, Legislative Assistant