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Finance Committee
Thursday, February 25, 2021
8:30 AMLivestream YouTube


Present: Senator Julie A. Rosen - Chair, Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen - Vice Chair, Senator Michelle R. Benson, Senator Bobby Joe Champion, Senator Mark Johnson, Senator Susan Kent, Senator Mary Kiffmeyer, Senator Melisa López Franzen, Senator John Marty, Senator Eric R. Pratt

Absent: No Members Absent

Senator Julie A. Rosen called the meeting to order at 8:34 a.m. A quorum was present.

S.F. 640: Senator Jasinski: Vehicle class requiring a salvage of title modification and appropriation.

Senator Kiffmeyer moved SF 640 before the committee. Senator Jasinski presented SF 640.


Krista Boyd Fiscal Analyst presented the fiscal note.




Senator Kiffmeyer moved the SF 640 to general orders. The motion prevailed. 

Senator Kiffmeyer moved that S.F. 640, be recommended to pass. - MOTION PREVAILED.

S.F. 1354: Senator Weber: State Aid for Emergencies (SAFE) account establishment, local governments and state agencies expenses reimbursement, funds transfer, and appropriation.

Senator Kiffmeyer moved SF 1354 before the committee. Senator Weber presented SF 1354.


Senator Weber offered the A5 amendment. Senator Kiffmeyer moved the A5 amendment. The amendment was adopted.


Ken Backhus Senate Counsel walked the committee through SF 1354.


Chris Turner Fiscal Analyst presented the committee through SF 1354. 


Senator Benson makes an oral amendment. Amend A5 as follows: page 6, line 13 delete "general fund" and insert "law enforcement operations account". Senator Kiffmeyer moves the oral amendment. Motion prevailed. 


Senator Rosen makes an oral amendment. Senator Rosen moved to amend the A5 amendment as follows: Page 2, line 20, after the period, insert: "Money appropriated under this subdivision may be spent only for a reimbursement recommended by the reimbursement panel and for the expenses authorized under subdivision 12."

Senator Rosen moves her oral amendment. Motion prevails.




Senator Kiffmeyer moved SF 1354 to general orders. Motion previals. 



Senator Kiffmeyer moved that S.F. 1354, be recommended to pass. - MOTION CARRIED.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:17 a.m. The minutes were recorded by Angelique McDonald, Legislative Assistant.

Senator Julie A. Rosen, Chair
Ruth Gredvig, Legislative Assistant