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State Government Finance and Policy and Elections Committee
Wednesday, February 3, 2021
10:30 AM, Livestream YouTube


Present: Senator Mary Kiffmeyer - Chair, Senator Jeff R. Howe - Vice Chair, Senator Jim Carlson, Senator Gregory D. Clausen, Senator Omar Fateh, Senator Mark W. Koran, Senator David J. Osmek, Senator Eric R. Pratt

Absent: No Members Absent

Senator Mary Kiffmeyer called the meeting to order at 10:30 AM A quorum was present

S.F. 2: Senator Nelson: Peacetime emergency authority elimination of governor\'s authority to use peacetime emergency restrictions on schools authorization.

Senator Nelson presented SF 2


Kofi Montzka testified


Melissa Sauser testified


Thaddeus Helmers testified


Kimberly Timm testified


Heather Mueller, Minnesota Department of Education testified


Dan Huff, Minnesota Department of Health testified


Kirk Schneidawind testified


Senator Kiffmeyer moved that the A-1 Amendment be adopted


Motion prevailed on a voice vote


Kiffmeyer moved that SF 2 as amended be recommended to pass and rereferred to the Education Committee


Roll call requested


Senator Kiffmeyer voted yes

Senator Howe voted yes

Senator Carlson voted no

Senator Osmek voted yes

Senator Pratt voted yes

Senator Koran voted yes

Senator Clausen voted no

Senator Fateh voted no


There being 5 yes votes and 3 no votes the motion prevailed


Senator Kiffmeyer moved that S.F. 2, as amended, recommended to pass and re-referred to the Education Finance and Policy Committee. - MOTION PREVAILED.

Senator Howe assumed the chair

S.F. 354: Senator Kiffmeyer: Board of cosmetologist examiners legislative appointees addition.

Senator Kiffmeyer introduced SF 354


Senator Kiffmeyer moved that SF 354 be recommended to pass and moved to general orders


Motion prevailed on a voice vote

Senator Kiffmeyer moved that S.F. 354, be recommended to pass. - MOTION PREVAILED.

Senator Kiffmeyer reassumed the chair

The meeting was adjourned at 11:58 AM

Senator Mary Kiffmeyer, Chair
Christina Wilson, Legislative Assistant