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Environment and Natural Resources Finance Committee
Tuesday, March 7, 2017
10:30 AM, Room 1150, Minnesota Senate Bldg.


Present: Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen - Chair, Senator Carrie Ruud Vice Chair, Senator Thomas M. Bakk, Senator Kari Dziedzic, Senator Justin D. Eichorn, Senator Foung Hawj, Senator Mark Johnson, Senator Andrew R. Lang, Senator Andrew Mathews, Senator Erik Simonson, Senator David J. Tomassoni, Senator Bill Weber

Absent: No Members Absent

Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen called the meeting to order at 10:30AM

S.F. 348: Senator Dahms: Area II Minnesota River basin projects floodplain management grants appropriation.

Senator Ingebrigtsen moved that S.F. 348, be laid over and maybe considered for omnibus bill.

S.F. 1195: Senator Ingebrigtsen: \"Consumer Choice Act\"; plastic and paper bags local government bans or taxation prohibition; plastic bag recycling pilot project appropriation.

Senator Ruud moved that S.F. 1195, be laid over and maybe considered for omnibus bill.

S.F. 550: Senator Westrom: Environment and natural resources trust fund appropriation and receipt of fund money requirements modification.

Senator Lang moved that S.F. 550, as amended, recommended to pass and re-referred to the Finance Committee. - MOTION CARRIED.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:55AM

Senator Bill Ingebrigtsen, Chair
Sean Murphy, Legislative Assistant