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S.R. No. 87, as introduced: 90th Legislative Session (2017-2018) Posted on May 4, 2017

1.1A Senate resolution
1.2recognizing the Lao Freedom Fighters and the people of the former Kingdom of Laos.
1.3WHEREAS, in 1961, President John F. Kennedy authorized the dispatch of 666 United
1.4States military advisors to Laos. The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States began
1.5recruiting and training the Lao, Lao Theung, and the Hmong highlanders as the Special Guerrilla
1.6Units (SGUs) to support American objectives in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War; and
1.7WHEREAS, in 1963, President Kennedy and King Savang Vatthana of Laos met at the
1.8White House to discuss strategies for containing the destabilizing threats spreading throughout
1.9Southeast Asia; and
1.10WHEREAS, the Royal Lao Armed Forces and the Special Guerrilla Units were United States
1.11loyal allied fighters and became best known for their heroic valor in intercepting enemy supply
1.12lines and rescuing American pilots; and
1.13WHEREAS, the Royal Lao Armed Forces and the Special Guerrilla Units were armed and
1.14fought valiantly in the Secret War, enduring over 50,000 killed or missing in action with several
1.15thousand more veterans and their families perishing in Laos or fleeing across the Mekong River to
1.16Thailand; and
1.17WHEREAS, when America withdrew from Southeast Asia, the allied forces and their families
1.18were driven out by the new Communist regime and were dispersed to many different Western
1.19countries, creating a diaspora of the people from Laos; and
1.20WHEREAS, when the Communists took over Laos, more than 36,000 Lao soldiers of all
1.21ethnicities and government employees were sent to the re-education camps/prisons where thousands
1.22died by hardship, malnutrition, lack of medicine, and firing squad; and
1.23NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the State of Minnesota that it
1.24recognizes the Lao Freedom Fighters and the people of the former Kingdom of Laos for their service
2.1and valor in the Secret War in Laos during the Vietnam War on behalf of the United States of
2.3BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is directed to prepare an
2.4enrolled copy of this resolution, to be authenticated by the Secretary's signature and that of the
2.5Chair of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, and transmit it to Colonel Khao
2.6Khinsixiengmay on behalf of the Lao Freedom Fighters.
Cal R. LudemanSecretary of the Senate Paul E. GazelkaChair, Senate Committee onRules and Administration
John A. HoffmanState Senator, District 36 Foung HawjState Senator, District 67
Jerry NewtonState Senator, District 37 Dan SchoenState Senator, District 54
Chris A. EatonState Senator, District 40

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