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KEY: stricken = old language to be removed
         underscored = new language to be added
Authors and Status

S.R. No. 3, as introduced: 2020 1st Special Session Posted on June 12, 2020

1.1A Senate resolution
1.2amending the Temporary Rules of the Senate.
1.3Effective the day following the adoption of this resolution, Temporary Senate Rule No. 37
1.4is amended to read:
1.6    A member or officer of the Senate may not be absent from a session of the Senate unless​
1.7excused by the Senate. For the purposes of this rule only, a member is present when present in the​
1.8Senate chamber or when voting from a location outside of the chamber, as provided in Rules 40.7​
1.9and 40.8. The name of a member excused must be printed in the Journal.
1.10Effective the day following the adoption of this resolution, Temporary Senate Rule No. 40
1.11is amended to read:
1.1340.1The President shall distinctly state the question before taking the vote. The President
1.14shall declare the result of the vote. If a member questions the result of a vote, the President shall
1.15order a division.
1.1640.2Except as provided in Rules 40.7 and 40.8, A member may vote on a question or be
1.17counted on a division only at the member's own seat in the Senate Chamber.
1.1840.3At any time before the start of voting on a question, a member may request a roll call
1.19vote, which must be entered in the Journal, unless at the time the request is made, the Senate is
1.20taking a roll call vote using the electrical voting system.
1.2140.4Unless otherwise ordered, a roll call vote, except upon elections, may be taken by means
1.22of the electrical voting system under the control of the President.
2.140.5A roll call vote may not be interrupted except: (1) to announce the vote of a member​
2.2voting remotely, as provided in Rule 40.8, and (2) to close the roll as provided in Rule 41.3.
2.340.6A member or other person may not proceed to or remain by the Secretary's desk while
2.4a roll call or division is being taken.
2.540.7During a peacetime public health emergency, a member may vote on a question from​
2.6a location outside the Senate chamber, in accordance with Rule 40.8. For the purposes of this rule,
2.7"peacetime public health emergency" means any peacetime emergency declared by the Governor​
2.8in an executive order that relates to the infectious disease known as COVID-19.
2.940.8When permissible under Rule 40.7, a member may authorize a designee chosen by the​
2.10respective caucus leader to vote on the member's behalf while the member is at a location outside
2.11of the Senate chamber. When a member assigns the member's vote to a designee under this rule,
2.12the designee shall vote on the member's behalf as directed by the member on each question. The​
2.13Secretary may adopt procedures to ensure the accurate and efficient administration of this rule.

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