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KEY: stricken = old language to be removed
         underscored = new language to be added
Authors and Status

S.R. No. 60, as introduced: 91st Legislative Session (2019-2020) Posted on February 14, 2019

1.1A Senate resolution
1.2congratulating Wyatt Bradley Rivers of Afton, Minnesota, for receiving the
1.3Eagle Award.
1.4WHEREAS, the Eagle Award is the highest award given by the Boy Scouts of America;
1.6WHEREAS, attaining the rank of Eagle in the Boy Scouts is an important achievement that
1.7is worthy of recognition; and
1.8WHEREAS, Wyatt Bradley Rivers is a member of Boy Scouts of America Troop 9226 and
1.9has displayed the attributes of a responsible and serving member; and
1.10WHEREAS, he has demonstrated mastery of all scouting skills and completed a community
1.11service project, which involved designing and constructing an outdoor cooking shelter for yurt
1.12campers at Afton State Park in Afton; and
1.13WHEREAS, he completed his board of review on December 20, 2018, and an Eagle Court
1.14of Honor will be held on February 16, 2019; and
1.15NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the State of Minnesota that it
1.16congratulates Wyatt Bradley Rivers of Afton, Minnesota, for receiving the Eagle Award.
1.17BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is directed to prepare a
1.18copy of this resolution, to be authenticated by the Secretary's signature and that of the Chair of the
1.19Senate Rules and Administration Committee, and transmit it to Wyatt Bradley Rivers.
Cal R. LudemanSecretary of the Senate Paul E. GazelkaChair, Senate Committee onRules and Administration
Roger C. ChamberlainState Senator, District 38