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S.R. No. 194, as introduced: 86th Legislative Session (2009-2010) Posted on May 12, 2010

1.1A Senate resolution 1.2honoring the Alexandria Area YMCA for its capital campaign "Complete 1.3the Dream." 1.4WHEREAS, the Alexandria Area YMCA began as a dream for the community when a 1.5group of business leaders met in 2003 to determine what could be done to provide activities for 1.6kids and teens, a growing senior population, and families; and 1.7WHEREAS, the YMCA was sought out as the kind of organization that had excellent 1.8values and a long history of providing activities for these groups; a director was hired in 2006 1.9after over $400,000 was raised from the community to sustain operations until a new facility 1.10could be built; and 1.11WHEREAS, a quality Board of Directors of community volunteers was formed, as well 1.12as numerous other vital committees, and several studies were conducted to determine what the 1.13community needed; as a result of this process, several priorities were established, including child 1.14care, a pool, a gymnasium and wellness area, senior programs and senior-friendly facilities, 1.15and outdoor programs and sports fields; and 1.16WHEREAS, many more programs have been added, and because of the rapid growth, a 1.17decision was made to design the kind of building needed to serve the needs of the community; as 1.18a result, the Alexandria Area YMCA has embarked upon an $8,885,000 capital campaign, entitled 1.19"Complete the Dream," to construct a 56,000 square-foot building; and 1.20WHEREAS, the campaign began on September 7, 2007, and to date, volunteers working on 1.21the campaign have raised $8,542,050 toward the $8,885,000 goal, a tremendous accomplishment; 1.22NOW, THEREFORE, 1.23BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the State of Minnesota that it congratulates the 1.24Alexandria Area YMCA for its outstanding strides towards reaching its goal for its capital 1.25campaign, "Complete the Dream," and extends best wishes as it approaches full funding for 1.26this extremely worthwhile community project. 1.27BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is directed to prepare an 1.28enrolled copy of this resolution, to be authenticated by his signature and that of the Chair of the 1.29Senate Rules and Administration Committee, and transmit it to the Alexandria Area YMCA.
1.30 1.31 1.32 Peter S. Wattson Secretary of the Senate (Legislative) Lawrence J. Pogemiller Chair, Senate Committee on Rules and Administration
1.33 1.34 Bill G. Ingebrigtsen State Senator, District 11

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