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Authors and Status

S.R. No. 25, as introduced: 91st Legislative Session (2019-2020) Posted on January 9, 2019

1.1A Senate resolution
1.2honoring the Andy and Colette Thorson Family of Wright County for being named a
1.32018 Farm Family of the Year.
1.4WHEREAS, family farms form the foundation of Minnesota agriculture, drive Minnesota's
1.5economy, and maintain the vitality of Minnesota's rural communities; and the University of
1.6Minnesota is proud to annually recognize families from throughout the state who exemplify the
1.7contributions of family farms to the prosperity of our state; and
1.8WHEREAS, the farm on which Andy and Colette Thorson live was homesteaded in 1874
1.9by Gary Diers' great-grandfather. Gary is the fourth generation of the family to farm the land; and
1.10WHEREAS, Gary's son-in-law, Andy Thorson, started with the farm in 1995 and Andy's
1.11wife, Colette, joined in 1998. They have three daughters: Mikayla, Malorie, and Victoria; and
1.12WHEREAS, the Diers Corporation consists of 250 milk cows with all young stock raised
1.13on site. The families farm about 900 acres with 650 of those owned; and
1.14WHEREAS, Gary Diers, vice-president of Diers Corporation, is involved in all aspects of
1.15the farm. His wife, Linda, helps with yard and garden care and contributes significantly by running
1.16errands for the families and the farm; and
1.17WHEREAS, Colette Thorson, secretary/treasurer of the corporation, oversees all cow-related
1.18activities and employees and handles most of the office accounting work along with some seasonal
1.19field work; and
1.20WHEREAS, Andy Thorson, president of Diers Corporation, is involved in most farm
1.21operations and oversees crop production and machinery maintenance; and
1.22WHEREAS, Gary and Linda's daughter, Tracy Janikula, works full time as Wright County
1.23Feedlot Administrator and helps out on the farm with cow data entry. The Dierses' son, Scott,
1.24handles the daily feed-mixing chores and works off the farm as an auto mechanic; and
2.1WHEREAS, Gary and Linda are active in their church, St. John's Lutheran in Howard Lake.
2.2Gary is president of the church council and president of Love INC Heartland and Linda is very
2.3involved in a variety of groups at the church; and
2.4WHEREAS, Andy and Colette are members of Peace Lutheran Church in Watertown where
2.5Colette teaches confirmation and the couple are supporters of their local FFA Alumni chapter; and
2.6NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate of the State of Minnesota that it
2.7congratulates the Andy and Colette Thorson Family of Wright County for being named a 2018
2.8Farm Family of the Year and extends best wishes to them for the future.
2.9BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Secretary of the Senate is directed to prepare an
2.10enrolled copy of this resolution, to be authenticated by the Secretary's signature and that of the
2.11Chair of the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, and transmit it to Andy and Colette
Cal R. LudemanSecretary of the Senate Paul E. GazelkaChair, Senate Committee onRules and Administration
Bruce D. AndersonState Senator, District 29