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Hnuchee Vang
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Published: 06/04/2013


The 2013 Legislative Session presented many challenges and important choices. When I look back at our accomplishments, I am proud to see numerous St. Paul-related bills now signed into law. Not only did I lead some of these local accomplishments, but I actively supported legislation that honestly balanced Minnesota's budget and invests in our future. While I am new to politics, I am not new to helping people. And this year, we helped thousands of Minnesotans by investing in job creation, education, property tax relief, and new initiatives to grow the middle class.

As Senator of District 67, I successfully passed bi-partisan legislation adding an adult basic education program advisor to the Governor's Workforce Development Council. I’ve learned from volunteering and working with many diverse groups on St. Paul’s East Side the importance of including many different voices in community planning and decisions. This bill ensures all stakeholders will have a seat at the workforce discussion table.

A number of bills I authored also passed as provisions in this year's omnibus bills. Included in the Jobs and Economic Development Omnibus Budget is $1.5 million for the Minnesota Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs to administer a statewide youth jobs skills development program. The Neighborhood Development Center in St. Paul, a non-profit organization that helps new entrepreneurs and small business start-ups, also received funding through the Jobs Budget bill. Both of these programs build Minnesota’s workforce and strengthen our communities through the support of business development.

Additional St. Paul projects receiving support in FY 14-15 are the Ordway Center's concert hall construction and Como Zoo habitat preservation exhibit restoration. Our area parks and trails will also receive funding this year through the Legacy Omnibus Bill.

Beyond these local projects, I helped the legislature make a historic $735 million investment in education for all learners--from early education scholarships and voluntary all-day kindergarten to a major investment in direct financial aid and a two year tuition freeze for all U of M and MnSCU schools. We also passed significant education policy reforms such as replacing the GRAD test with exams that better evaluate students’ college and career readiness. This new funding and reform will help give our kids access to a world-class education and prepare Minnesota students for the 21st Century workforce.

The 2013 legislature also made great strides in providing health care coverage to more Minnesotans. Early in session, I co-authored legislation that provides access to quality health care coverage for an additional 35,000 low-income adults. Not only does this expansion save Minnesota an expected $129 million for FY 2014-2015, but it means thousands of low-income children, families, and individuals will be able to see doctors sooner and live healthier lives.

Through informative meetings with constituents and my legislative work this session, I have a gained new understanding of the everyday struggles Minnesotan's experience. More importantly though, I’ve developed a boundless optimism about what is possible when we work together. It is with this mindset that I approached my new leadership post this year and I will continue developing it as your State Senator.

Published: 04/23/2013

Hello All,

Please join me on this "sprinter" night (looks like winter is still upon us) at The Heights Center for Hope Lutheran Church, 1340 N. Hazel St. St. Paul, MN 55119.  I will be speaking about my experience at the Capitol, the Homeowner Bill of Rights, issues related to East Side, and much more.  But most importantly, I look forward to seeing all of you there with your questions and comments. 

I'm here to serve, listen and understand.  If this is your one might to meet a legislator, why not let it be me?  See you there!

For more information following this link:

Please contact Amelia Decker, Director of The Center at 651-774-9503 for direction or feel free to contact my assistant: Victor 651-296-5285.

Again, I look forward to seeing all of you there and bring questions. 

Published: 04/22/2013

Senator Foung Hawj along with colleagues, Senator Sandy Pappas and Senator Bobby Joe Champion reaffirmed to the parents and attendees their support for early childhood education at "think small: Cultivating Early Childhood Champions" event.

Published: 03/15/2013


Legislative Updates

Senator Hawj Authors Bruce Vento Natural Sanctuary Bill

On Feb.6, Senator Hawj introduced a new bill (S.F. 311) to the Finance Committee. The bill appropriate $3,500,000 to transform a vacant four-story building at Bruce Vento Natural Sanctuary into a cultural center.

The Bruce Vento Nature Sanctuary, located along the north shore of the Mississippi River east of downtown Saint Paul, was a historic site for Native Americans. The area was largely abandoned in the 1970s, until being made a Saint Paul park in 2005. Many teenagers, especially those from Hmong immigrant families, are helping restore the land’s prairie and oak woodland habitat.

If the bill passes, the state will issue government bonds to support the reconstruction. Experts say the construction of the sanctuary will become “a model for communities working together to reclaim and restore cultural heritage” in the city.

The bill has now been referred to the Finance Committee.


Legislative Updates

Senator Hawj Proposes Reconstruction Plan of Pig’s Eye Park

On Jan.28, Senator Hawj authors a bill to improve and protect the ecological condition of the famous Pig’s Eye Regional Park. He proposes a state funding of $500,000 to improve the natural habitat area and control public access to the natural reserve.

The Pig’s Eye Regional Park is a natural reserve famous for spectacular bird species. The natural reserve is the nesting sites for blue herons, great egrets, black-crowned night-herons, and several eagles. The diversity of birds attracts increasing birdwatching and hunting activities, which creates the need for environmental protection.

The bill has now been referred to the Finance Committee.


Legislative Updates

Senator Hawj Proposes Reconstruction Funding of MetroState Science Building

On Jan.24, Senator Hawj proposed a funding of $38,886,000 to reconstruct a Science Building for Metropolitan State University. The project consists of design, construct, furnish and equip a new 59,000 square foot Science Education Center Building. With the new building, MSU will be able to support the rapidly growing academic programs and improve its educational quality.

School Official says MSU currently offers three Science degrees: Biology (BA), Biology (BS) and Life Science Teaching. All courses are taught in outdated and under-equipped labs on two old campuses. With this improvement, the school will hopefully support five additional degrees: Earth and Space Teaching, Earth Sciences, Chemistry Teaching, Chemistry and Environmental Studies.

The bill has now been referred to the Finance Committee.