Honored to Serve Olmsted County (Senate District 26)
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95 University Avenue W.
Room 3235
St. Paul, MN 55155

Jillian Reynolds
Legislative Assistant

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Photo/Video Credit:Senate Media Services


The 2015 legislative session is underway and the State Capitol is brimming with activity.


It will be a historic session in the literal sense. Our 109 year old Capitol is receiving a long overdue and much needed renovation. It is now a major construction zone, dramatically affecting public spaces. For example, the number of Senate hearing rooms has been reduced by

half; our rotunda—the venue for public rallies — is closed and notably so are most

of the bathrooms. Port-a-potties are a new fixture at the Capitol.


Change is not limited to our beautiful State Capitol. The legislature itself has seen structural change. The election brought an end to one-party control by sending a Republican majority to the Minnesota House of Representatives. We will now have the great debate that comes with divided government. I have always been a strong advocate of debate - open, vigorous and respectful. Sadly, single party control has not always allowed for this. There will now be the opportunity to allow for full, robust debate of differing perspectives on key issues. This is good for Minnesota.


While the Senate remains in Democrat hands because senators were not on the ballot and Democrat Mark Dayton remains in the governor’s office, compromise will be required. This too is good for Minnesota.


One thing has not changed. In order to represent you, I need to hear your voice. As usual there will be much discussion about budget priorities and great debate over hot topics. Make sure you are part of it. Contact me with your experiences, ideas, concerns and suggestions. I look forward to serving you and am honored to be your voice in the Minnesota Senate.


Senator Carla Nelson