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95 University Avenue W.
Room 2215
St. Paul, MN 55155

Marcus Barone
Legislative Assistant

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Photo/Video Credit:Senate Media Services

Hello everyone,

First deadline has come and gone, and many of my bills have made progress here in the Senate. Most of the bills I’ve pursued have had their second reading on the Senate floor, meaning that they are only a few steps away from becoming law. The Golden Valley Golf Course bill which I authored has been rolled into Senator Metzen’s liquor omnibus bill, which is great news. I’m also pleased that the funding mechanism for the wrongfully imprisoned compensation bill has been finalized and the bill has been sent to the full Finance Committee.

One of the most important issues this week was adding e-cigarettes to the Clean Indoor Air Act. I advocated for a strong bill that would help modernize this arena where new developments have left our state in need of new safety standards. I believe the Commerce Committee members provided excellent discussion and I appreciated hearing from all of the stakeholders. The health and protection of Minnesota’s residents is my primary concern and Senator Sheran’s legislation goes a long way to address this.

This week, we had a lot of community members visit the Capitol. I was so glad to be able to meet with students who came to visit me here at the capitol. Several different groups came representing different area schools including three groups from St. Louis Park Senior High School as well as students from different Minnesota private colleges. I always enjoy hearing the perspectives of younger constituents.

In addition to the groups of high school students, I also was able to meet with a number of other groups, including Pediatricians, Landscape Architects, and the Minnesota Citizens for the Arts. I hope that they all had a pleasant visit even though the construction on the Capitol renovations is in full swing.