-Representing District 36-
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95 University Avenue W.
Room 2231
St. Paul, MN 55155

Kevin Parker
Legislative Assistant

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Photo/Video Credit:Senate Media Services

    image red diamond  Bill helps streamline drivers’ license process for Minnesota veterans

    image red diamond  Bill would help kickstart business creation for African communities

    image red diamond  Hoffman bill makes caring for aging loved ones easier

    image red diamond  Hoffman focused and re-energized to work for progress for people with disabilities

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman Unveils Next Generation Main Street Act to Help Small Businesses Thrive

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman to attend task force on helping people with disabilities find work

    image red diamond  The student loan debt crisis in Minnesota

    image red diamond  Minnesota Senate begins 2016 Legislative Session

    image red diamond  Responsible Budgeting has led to Minnesota Prosperity

    image red diamond  Why Silos Have to Go

    image red diamond  Blue Line Moving Forward

    image red diamond  Senator Hoffman Remembers Former Senator Leo Foley

    image red diamond  Senator John Hoffman Wins MSBA Legislator of the Year Award

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman co-authors bill to crack down on causes of lead poisoning

    image red diamond  Progress and opportunities in the northwest metro

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman bill lauded for encouraging 18-year-olds to vote

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman support aids Brooklyn Park pharmaceutical center transition

    image red diamond  Erasing inequality for all Minnesotans

    image red diamond  Minnesota Budget Forecast Points to Strong Economic Growth

    image red diamond  Seeking State Investment in Northwest Metro

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman 1 of 3 MN legislators invited to Clean Power Plan Policy Workshop

    image red diamond  Business is Booming in the Northwest Metro

    image red diamond  Rep. Nolan’s Bill Commendable as Federal Government Shutdown Looms

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman Wins Arc Legislator of the Year Award

    image red diamond  Thinking Safe as the Kids Head Back to School

    image red diamond  Anoka-Ramsey Community College Awarded Nearly $600,000 in Grants

    image red diamond  CNBC Ranks Minnesota #1 Top State for Business

    image red diamond  Senator Hoffman Will Not Accept Pay During Special Session

    image red diamond  Senator Hoffman Honored With Conference Committee Appointment

    image red diamond  Senate E-12 Finance Bill an Investment in Minnesota Kids

    image red diamond  State's Olmstead Plan Gets a Helpful Boost with Passage of Senate Bill

    image red diamond  Under Sen. Hoffman Bill, Patients Gain Pharmacy Choice Freedom

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman Fights for Equity-Based Aid for Anoka-Hennepin School District

    image red diamond  Hope's Bill

    image red diamond  MA Spend Down Legislation

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman Encourages Investment in Early Childhood Family Education Programming

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman Introduces Achieving a Better Life Experience Act

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman Introduces Legislation for Pre-K for All 4-Year-Old’s

    image red diamond  Capitol Corner with Sen. John Hoffman Dec/Jan

    image red diamond  State’s Economist Projects $1.037 Billion Surplus for FY 2016-17 Budget

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman Graduates from the Legislative Energy Horizon Institute

    image red diamond  2014 Veterans Legislation

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman Presents Proclamation and Resolution for Mast Cell Disease Awareness Day

    image red diamond  Changes Happening in Minnesota Classrooms

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman’s Legislation, Veterans’ Voices Month Signed into Law

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman on Minnesota Having the 2nd Lowest Number of Uninsured in the Country

    image red diamond  2014 Session Stands Out For Giving Back to Minnesotans

    image red diamond  The State of Minnesota is Strong

    image red diamond  Minnesota Senate Votes to Raise Minimum Wage

    image red diamond  Safe Schools Bill Passed by Minnesota Senate

    image red diamond  5% Campaign Fully Funded in Senate’s HHS Bill

    image red diamond  School Readiness Aid Could Get Funding Increase

    image red diamond  Sen. Hoffman’s Bill to Repeal Business to Business Taxes Passes Senate

    image red diamond  Setting the Record Straight on Minnesota's Safe and Supportive Schools Act

    image red diamond  5% Campaign & Tax Repeals Sit at Top of Priority List

    image red diamond  Budget Forecast Shows Signs of Growth

    image red diamond  Anoka-Ramsey Community College to Benefit From DEED Grant

    image red diamond  Minnesota's Economy: Growing Stronger Every Day

    image red diamond  Minnesota Businesses Save Big

    image red diamond  Corridors of Commerce Awards Millions to Hwy 610 Project

    image red diamond  Senate Bonding Tour Stops in District 36

    image red diamond  Schools Repayment

    image red diamond  Minnesota Ranked 8th Best State for Business

    image red diamond  New Legislation Effective August 1

    image red diamond  Property Tax Refund Info

    image red diamond  Capitol Update 5/18/2013

    image red diamond  Capitol Update 4/24/2013

    image red diamond  Capitol Update 4/12/2013

    image red diamond  Capitol Update 4/5/2013

    image red diamond  Capitol Update 3/20/2013

    image red diamond  Capitol Update 2/15/2013