Ranking Member, Health and Human Services Committee
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95 University Avenue W.
Room 2401
St. Paul, MN 55155

Elspeth Cavert
Legislative Assistant

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Photo/Video Credit:Senate Media Services

John Marty has represented several northeast metro suburbs and areas of Saint Paul in the Minnesota Senate since 1987.  Senator Marty distinguished himself immediately as an independent-minded progressive who is unafraid to take on special interests.  Even in his first term, he took on several of the most powerful lobbyists, including  “big tobacco”, when he fought for legislation to prohibit smoking in schools and hospitals, banning free distribution of cigarettes and other “first in the nation” proposals.   

Since then, Senator Marty has established himself as a leader on ethics issues at the Legislature and has continuously fought to remove special interest money from the political process.  He has also been a consistent advocate for policies that promote fairness, equality and tolerance, as well as those that invest in prevention—investing in health care, schools, and jobs to build a better future and prevent problems before they start.   Senator Marty was co-chair of the Legislative Commission on Ending Poverty.

Senator Marty is currently the Ranking Minority member of the the Senate Health and Human Services Finance and Policy Committee. He is also the designer and author of the Minnesota Health Plan, a single statewide plan that would cover every Minnesotan for all of their medical needs.  The Minnesota Health Plan, which has dozens of co-authors in the House and Senate, would include prescription drugs, dental care, mental health and chemical dependency treatment, while saving money through prevention, efficiency, and elimination of bureaucracy.

He is a long time advocate for protecting Minnesota's environment, combating climate change and promoting clean energy.  He has received awards from the Sierra Club, Audubon Society, and the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy.  He is committed to Minnesota's renewable energy future. 

Senator Marty's commitment to ethical, compassionate leadership started well before he was elected to the Minnesota Senate.  He was raised by parents (theologian and author Martin Marty, and Elsa Schumacher Marty) who taught him the importance of service to others.

He has a B.A. in Ethics and Society from St. Olaf College.  Senator Marty and his wife Connie live in Roseville and have two adult children.