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2015 Archive Video Collection

Floor Sessions

Date About the Coverage Play Duration
Tue January 6, 2015The Senate opens the 2015 legislative session.46mn 40s
Thu January 8, 2015The Senate holds a brief floor session.6mn 28s
Mon January 12, 2015Senate meets briefly.6mn 34s
Thu January 15, 2015The Senate meets briefly.46mn 18s
Tue January 20, 2015The Senate holds a brief floor session.20mn 18s
Wed January 21, 2015Senate Floor Session for January 21, 2015.15mn 32s
Thu January 22, 2015Minnesota Senate Sessions from January 22, 2015. Bills considered and voted on: SF-1 - Disaster Relief HF-6 - Tax Conformity 29mn 18s
Thu January 29, 2015The Senate holds a brief floor session.22mn 11s
Mon February 2, 2015Following a brief floor session, the Senate pays tribute to former Journalist Jim Ragsdale and retiring Journalist Bill Salisbury.33mn 45s
Mon February 9, 2015The Senate meets briefly to officially assign bills to the appropriate committees. 19mn 4s
Thu February 12, 2015Special Orders: SF 174 - Deficiency Appropriations1h 11mn
Mon February 16, 2015The Senate meets briefly to process bill introductions and assignments.20mn 10s
Thu February 19, 2015The Senate meets briefly to officially process bills and assign them to the proper committees. 16mn 48s
Mon February 23, 2015Senate sends SF 174, deficiency funding bill, to a conference committee. 21mn 44s
Thu February 26, 2015Part 2 - Senate acts on the conference committee report to SF 174, the deficiency funding bill Part 1 - Senate meets briefly prior to recess for caucus meetings.1h 24mn
Mon March 2, 2015The Senate holds a brief floor session.17mn 27s
Thu March 5, 2015Senate takes up the confirmation calendar.43mn 8s
Mon March 9, 2015The Senate approves several appointments by Governor Mark Dayton to head state agencies, including Lucinda Jesson, Dept. of Human Services.36mn 0s
Thu March 12, 2015Special Orders: HF 8, Child protection reporting requirements Confirmation Calendar 59mn 3s
Wed March 18, 2015Senate meets briefly to receive committee reports and reassign bills to the appropriate committees.15mn 1s
Thu March 19, 2015Sen. Brown moves that SF 1543, Student Physical Privacy Act, genetically determined sex categorization for sports, be moved from the Senate Education Committee and place before the full Senate.33mn 0s
Mon March 23, 2015Special Orders: S.F. 209 - Saxhaug: Manufactured home space requirements modification S.F. 152 - Schmit: Agritourism professionals liability immunity 26mn 42s
Wed March 25, 2015SPECIAL ORDERS: Agenda: S.F. 619 - Goodwin: Victims of violence address protection in legal proceedings requirement S.F. 1563--Lourey: Indian tribes background checks by bureau of criminal apprehension (BCA) at tribe request requirement26mn 50s
Thu March 26, 2015Special Orders: H.F. 423 - Eken: Ambulance service requirements provisions modifications H.F. 794 - Carlson: Land surveying provisions modifications14mn 35s
Tue April 7, 2015The Senate returns from the Passover, Easter break. 23mn 28s
Mon April 13, 2015Part 1 - Senate meets briefly prior to recess for caucus meetings. Part 2 - Agenda: Senate Permanent Rules Special Orders: S.F. 107—Eken: Patient designated caregiver opportunity and patient aftercare needs requirements S.F. 857—Sheran: Silver alert system for missing senior citizens working group establishment S.F. 1444—Sparks: Mortgage foreclosure sales modifications 1h 4mn
Tue April 14, 2015Special Orders S.F. 1741—Dahle: Patients to enjoin collection actions taken by nonprofit hospitals upon failure to provide a plain language summary of its financial assistance policy S.F. 1081—Jensen: Untested sexual assault test (rape) kits accounting and report S.F. 1147—Latz: Mortgage foreclosure advertisement publication requirements 1h 2mn
Tue April 21, 2015Part 1 Senate meets briefly prior to recess. Part 2 Special Orders: H.F. 2225 (Dahle) Avian influenza emergency response activities appropriation S.F. 495 (Sheran) Stroke transport protocols development requirement S.F. 997 (Jensen) Long-term care insurance partnership policy minimum permitted inflation protection reduction S.F. 1455 (Saxhaug) Veterans affairs commissioner guardianship program repeal S.F. 1535 (Bonoff)Office of higher education technical and policy changes S.F. 1073 (Latz) DWI motor vehicle standards and procedures modification and clarification S.F. 1406 (Hawj) Miscellaneous lands conveyance and sales bill S.F. 100 (Petersen, B.)Right to Try Act1h 52mn
Wed April 22, 2015Special Orders: SF 2101 - Omnibus Agriculture, Environment, Economic Development, Energy and Natural Resources appropriations4h 41mn
Thu April 23, 2015Special Orders: S.F. 1244--Osmek: Colton's Law; persons placed on intensive supervised release from prison to be placed on electronic monitoring immediately upon release S.F. 878—Latz: Omnibus judiciary policy bill S.F. 406—Latz: Omnibus judiciary finance bill 6h 34mn
Fri April 24, 2015Special Orders SF 1458 - Omnibus Health and Human Service Appropriations5h 13mn
Mon April 27, 2015Special Orders: HF 4 - Omnibus transportation appropriations SF 1647 - Transportation policy bill3h 15mn
Tue April 28, 2015Part 1 Senate convenes session prior to recess. Part 2 Special Orders: S.F. 1120--Sheran: Crime of fourth-degree assault protections expansion for secure treatment facility employees working directly with mentally ill and dangerous patients S.F. 1265--Jensen: Individuals to contract with insurance producers to advocate for the individual with respect to health coverage with an insurance company S.F. 417--Dahle: Professional licensed engineers licensing requirements clarification S.F. 1137--Jensen: Criminal sexual conduct offenses for persons with authority over juvenile's expansion S.F. 1499--Dahle: Cedar Lake area water and sanitary sewer district filing deadline extension S.F. 694--Hawj: St. Paul port authority provisions modifications S.F. 1816--Cohen: Uniform Voidable Transactions Act S.F. 986--Carlson: Reckless driving misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor penalties S.F. 1219--Rosen: Controlled substances schedules expansion and modifications S.F. 1215--Marty: Flame-retardant chemicals in children's products and upholstered residential furniture prohibition H.F. 283--Gazelka: Camp Ripley sentinel landscape designation and coordinating committee establishment 2h 12mn
Wed April 29, 2015Part 1 The Senate convenes the floor session prior to recess. Part 2 Special Orders: H.F. 844-Wiger: E-12 omnibus budget bill S.F. 1495--Wiger: Omnibus education policy bill 6h 26mn
Thu April 30, 2015Part 1 Resolution honoring Justice Alan Page Remembering April 30, 2015 as Vietnamese Remembrance Day Part 2 Special Orders: S.F. 464 (Kent) Miscellaneous public safety department technical corrections S.F. 462 (Hoffman) Prenatal Trisomy Diagnosis Awareness Act S.F. 1438 (Franzen) Retired workers compensation judges requirements modifications S.F. 1374 (Latz) Survival or continuation of civil actions after the death or disability of a party S.F. 1191 (Newman) Child custody best interest of the child standards modification S.F. 253 (Sheran) Interstate medical licensure compact S.F. 1679 (Dziedzic) Transportation network companies financial responsibility H.F. 510 (Rest) Hennepin county board certificate of approved law secretary of state filing S.F. 1523 (Lourey) Health coverages modifications S.F. 1597 (Rest) Firefighters licensure requirements modifications H.F. 239 (Westrom) Conservator bond posting requirements exceptions 1h 50mn
Fri May 1, 2015Senate meets very briefly.N/A
Mon May 4, 2015Special Orders: HF 848 - Omnibus Tax Bill3h 53mn
Tue May 5, 2015Part 1: The Senate convenes the floor session prior to recess. Part 2: Special Orders: S.F. 239 (Eaton) Crime of financial exploitation of vulnerable adult addition to definition of designated offense in forfeiture laws S.F. 1478 (Dziedzic) Interstate compact on juveniles repeal S.F. 1553(Wiklund) Human services policy provisions modifications; tobacco inspector staff unmarked vehicles use authorization; individuals committed by tribal courts cost of care cost requirement modifications; cultural and ethnic communities leadership council establishment S.F. 1413 (Kent) School bus trespassing crime and criminal penalty imposition S.F. 674 (Marty) Personal care products containing microbeads sale prohibition S.F. 1270 (Pappas) Sex trafficking offenses, data privacy, evidence, crime victim protections, sex crime defenses, and criminal penalty provisions modifications and clarifications H.F. 262 (Thompson) Contract for deed documents memorials registrar retention requirement; city, county, and town approval of plats modification Senate Confirmation Calendar2h 33mn
Wed May 6, 2015Special Orders: Special Orders: S.F. 1504 (Marty) E-health advisory committee, trauma advisory council, and the maternal and child health advisory task force sunset date extension; stillbirth review H.F. 1358 (Dahle) Energy conservation measure definition addition S.F. 1698 (Jensen) Commerce commissioner weights and measures authority modification; fuels advertisement, definition, and standards provisions modifications S.F. 1293 (Hoffman) Crime of adulteration by body fluid establishment S.F. 233 (Kiffmeyer) Ambulatory health care additional accrediting organization S.F. 1374 (Latz) Survival or continuation of civil actions after the death or disability of a party S.F. 1765 (Rosen) Pharmacy board provisions modifications 1h 15mn
Thu May 7, 2015Special Orders S.F. 634 (Scalze) Lawful gambling games, licensing, reporting and other regulatory provisions modifications; lawful gambling clarifying, technical, and conforming provisions modifications S.F. 229 (Koenen) Lawful gambling modifications; casino style games prohibition; play at the pump, ATM, and internet lottery ticket sales prohibition and suspension H.F. 1770 (Schmit) Conciliation court provided jurisdiction to determine claims by a county against a nonresident S.F. 1025 (Housley) Strategic litigation against public participation (SLAPP) government protections modification S.F. 1735 (Marty) Public utilities performance-based multiyear rate plans authorization S.F. 871 (Clausen) Minnesota state colleges and universities (MnSCU) remedial education process regulation S.F. 856 (Nelson) Postsecondary enrollment options (PSEO) program full credit for completed PSEO courses requirement; transfer curriculum report requirement S.F. 86 (Latz) Automated license plate reader data classification, use of log and destruction of data requirements S.F. 1587 (Ingebrigtsen) Agricultural property owners' equity-stripping law protection extension H.F. 303 (Cohen) Omnibus legacy appropriations bill6h 25mn
Fri May 8, 2015Special Orders S.F. 1350 (Metzen) Mendota Heights Officer Scott Patrick Memorial highway designation S.F. 1854 (Wiger) Sergeant Joseph Bergeron memorial highway designation on trunk highway #36 in Maplewood S.F. 542 (Cohen) Residential hospice facility definition modification H.F. 1127 (Jensen) Savings promotion raffles by financial institutions authorization H.F. 1725 (Wiklund) Office of administrative hearings contested cases electronic filing authorization41mn 37s
Mon May 11, 2015Special Orders: H.F. 307--Eken: Automobile insurance proof in electronic format authorization S.F. 1371--Sparks: Labor and industry construction codes and licensing housekeeping modifications S.F. 280-Metzen: Labor agreements and compensation plans ratification. S.F. 205--Carlson: Campaign finance and public disclosure board policy provisions modifications S.F. 1432--Marty: Pollution control agency (PCA) policy provisions modifications S.F. 1398-Pappas: Omnibus retirement bill. H.F. 417--Miller: Houston county economic development authority members three-year terms S.F. 698-Dziedzic: Environment and natural resources trust fund appropriations; legislative-citizen commission on Minnesota resources provisions modifications S.F. 1374 (Latz) Survival or continuation of civil actions after the death or disability of a party S.F. 455-Sieben: Election administration; elections emergency planning task force; Uniform Faithful Presidential Electors Act; automatic voter registration; right to vote restoration; early voting; redistricting population; appropriations 5h 10mn
Tue May 12, 2015H.F. 1427--Jensen: Rice county district #1 hospital district board meeting requirements modification H.F. 1036--Eaton: Physician assistant program provisions modification H.F 177--Jensen: Self-service storage facility insurance sales regulations S.F. 1603--Eaton: Crime of automated sales suppression devices (zappers) use; civil and criminal penalties authorization; forfeiture requirement S.F. 706--Rosen: Foster care licensing, home and community-based services standards and disability waiver rate systems provisions modifications H.F. 1193--Wiklund: School-age child program human services licensure exclusion S.F. 383--Jensen: Optometrists, doctors and chiropractors licensing provisions modifications H.F. 1916--Ruud: Crow Wing county auditor-treasurer and recorder appointive process authorization S.F. 1771--Dibble: Medical cannabis (marijuana) registry program provisions modifications S.F. 1876--Rosen: Child protection legislative task force establishment S.F. 1694--Lourey: Religious objections to autopsies authorization2h 29mn
Wed May 13, 2015H.F. 1357 (Pappas) Certificate of marriage dissolution court preparation and submission requirement S.F. 1973 (Carlson) Corrections department claims settlement appropriation S.F. 113 (Pappas) Resolution urging Congress to remove the Equal Rights Amendments ratification deadline H.F. 385 (Franzen) Business organizations and limited liability companies conversion requirements modification; conversion of corporations and limited liability companies repeal H.F. 1556 (Carlson) Hire a Veteran month designation change H.F. 450 (Housley) Military Spouses and Families Day S.F. 362 (Anderson) Veterans Honor and Remember Flag designation as a symbol of recognition and honor for fallen military service members S.F. 1757 (Nelson) Lodging establishment definition expansion H.F. 1792 (Eken) Receivership of nursing homes or certified boarding care homes provisions modifications H.F. 12 (Ingebrigtsen) Blue Alert system establishment to aid in the apprehension of those who kill or injure law enforcement officers S.F. 2144 (Nienow) Legislator compensation suspension until finance and revenue bills are enacted; government continued appropriations provisions modifications2h 19mn
Thu May 14, 2015H.F. 2193--Sparks: Workers compensation advisory council recommendation adoption and federal conformity for inpatient hospital payments H.F. 1003--Goodwin: Local government donation of surplus property to nonprofit organizations authority and tort liability exception H.F. 1554—Sparks: Omnibus Ag bill1h 18mn
Fri May 15, 2015Part 1: The Senate convenes the floor session prior to recess. Part 2: Senate Concurrent Resolution relating to adjournment Senate Resolution relating to conduct of business during interim Senate Concurrent Resolution relating to conference committee meetings Interim Travel Expense and Per Diem Memo Senate Confirmation Calendar41mn 12s
Sat May 16, 2015Part 1: The Senate convenes the floor session prior to recess. Part 2: The Senate adjourns for the evening 1mn 58s
Sun May 17, 2015Part 3: SF 205--Campaign finance and public disclosure board policy changes conference report SF 1458--Omnibus Health and Human Services Appropriations Part 2: SF 878--Omnibus judiciary and public safety policy and funding conference report SF 455--Omnibus elections conference report SF 86--License Plate Reader Data Management report SPECIAL ORDERS: H.F. 1257--Saxhaug: Responsible contractor public construction contracting requirements clarifications and modifications S.F. 113--Pappas: Resolution urging Congress to remove the Equal Rights Amendments ratification deadline H.F. 546--Saxhaug: Government entity authority to release certain military release forms to another government entity expansion H.F. 1535--Sheran: Omnibus health and human services policy bill S.F. 1974--Ortman: Resolution memorializing the President and Congress to provide reimbursement under Medicaid for services provided at the Anoka-Metro regional treatment center Part 1: S.F. 5--Omnibus higher education bill conference report1h 25mn
Mon May 18, 2015Part 4 HF 1437 - Jobs, Economic Development and Energy Appropriations HF 748 - Bonding Bill Part 3 SF 888 - Omnibus State Government and Veterans Affairs Appropriations Conference Committee Report HF 846 - Omnibus Environment and Natural Resources Appropriations Conference Committee Report Part 2 HF 844--Omnibus E-12 Education Appropriations Conference Committee Report SF 698--LCCMR Funding SF 1647--Omnibus Transportation and Policy Bill ("lights on") Part 1 The Senate convenes session and the recesses for caucus meetings to discuss final conference committee reports awaiting approval.1h 25mn
Fri June 12, 2015Part 5 Senate acts on omnibus bonding bill and revisor bill Part 4 Senate considers motion to adopt House-approved omnibus agriculture, environment and natural resources bill Part 3 Senate considers amendments to the omnibus agriculture, environment and natural resources bill Part 2 Senate takes action on: 1) omnibus e-12 education appropriations bill; 2) omnibus agriculture, environment and natural resources bill; 3) capital improvements bill (discussion only) Part 1 Senate organizes in special session, takes action on the following bills: 1) legacy bill; 2) omnibus energy and economic development bill; 3) omnibus agriculture, environment and natural resources bill (debate only)37mn 27s

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