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2014 Archive Video Collection

Floor Sessions

Date About the Coverage Play Duration
Tue February 25, 2014The Minnesota Senate convenes the 2014 legislative session.30mn 47s
Thu February 27, 2014The Senate granted its final approval to HF 2374, a bill providing $20 million additional dollars for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Under the Senate-endorsed plan, only five percent of the appropriation can be used for administrative costs. According to Senator Tom Saxhaug, Senate author, the bill will help the low income households struggling to meet rising fuel costs, especially homes using propane fuel. Senate Minority Leader David Hann requested expedited Senate action on the bill Thursday, February 28, and the Senate supported his motion.1h 3mn
Mon March 3, 2014Senate meets briefly to refer bills to their appropriate committees for review and discussion.20mn 49s
Tue March 4, 2014The Senate meets briefly to accept committee reports and reassign bills to other committees.16mn 55s
Thu March 6, 2014The Senate meets briefly to reassign bills to the appropriate committees.25mn 37s
Mon March 10, 2014The Senate considers a motion to suspend the rules and act on HF 1777, the omnibus tax bill. The Senate gives final consideration to S.F. 1952 (Metzen) Labor agreements and compensation plans ratification.39mn 29s
Wed March 12, 2014The Senate meets briefly to reassign bills to their appropriate committee. Also, several members of the Senate Education Committee raise their concerns over the late committee notice for HF 826, the Safe and Supportive Schools Act.37mn 21s
Thu March 13, 2014The Senate holds a brief floor session.17mn 57s
Mon March 17, 2014The Senate holds a very brief floor session.17mn 11s
Wed March 19, 2014The Senate holds a brief floor session.35mn 41s
Thu March 20, 2014PART 1 The Senate meets briefly in floor session before recessing to hold caucus discussions on HF 1777, the tax bill. PART 2 Motion to suspend rules for consideration of HF 1777, tax bill.59mn 9s
Fri March 21, 2014On a 58-5 vote, the Senate approved HF 1777, a bill adopting federal conformity measures, increasing the state budget reserve and reversing business-to-business taxes imposed in 2013. 3h 53mn
Mon March 24, 2014On a unanimous vote Monday, March 24, the Senate approved SF 1892, a bill that would designate a section of Highway 36 in North St. Paul as the "Officer Richard Crittenden Memorial Highway." 27mn 0s
Wed March 26, 2014The Senate unanimously approved SF 1737, a bill extending health insurance to a former Stillwater correctional officer who was severely injured on the job while attempting to break up a fight among inmates.26mn 46s
Thu March 27, 2014The Senate meets briefly to process committee reports.18mn 4s
Fri March 28, 2014Special Orders: SF 2004 - Human services grant programs prior appropriation modification; SF 2665 - Military affairs obsolete, unnecessary laws removal.24mn 16s
Mon March 31, 2014SPECIAL ORDERS: H.F. 2385 (Latz) Expert review certification time limits adjusted because of recent amendments to the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure. S.F. 1509 (Torres Ray) Cesar Chavez day designation 29mn 2s
Tue April 1, 2014Special Orders: S.F. 1762 (Johnson) Cosmetologist examiners board provisions modifications S.F. 2060 (Lourey) Food licensing law expansion; farmers market definition and food product sampling and demonstration allowance S.F. 2076 (Sieben) Dakota county local government plan adoption S.F. 2245 (Rest) Lifeguards at public beaches minimum training requirements establishment S.F. 2569 (Wiklund) Housing finance agency (HFA) obsolete, redundant, and unnecessary laws repeal and conforming changes 1h 47mn
Wed April 2, 2014Special Orders: S.F. 1747 (Saxhaug) Chemical production using cellulosic feedstock environmental impact statements review requirements modification S.F. 2108 (Latz) Sales representative agreement certain practices prohibition S.F. 2571 (Champion) Criminal vehicular homicide or operation statute technical amendments H.F. 977 (Franzen) Minnesota Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act S.F. 2221 (Sparks) Drainage systems provisions modifications H.F. 183 (Dibble) Public employees unauthorized access to data enhanced penalties and reporting requirements S.F. 2162 (Hayden) Hennepin county multijurisdictional reinvestment program expansion 1h 13mn
Thu April 3, 2014Special Orders: HF 826 - Safe and Supportive Schools Act5h 44mn
Fri April 4, 2014The Senate holds a brief floor session.20mn 50s
Mon April 7, 2014Special Orders: S.F. 1689 (Metzen) Minnesota FAIR plan employees benefits authorization S.F. 2310 (Johnson) MN.IT services office unnecessary or obsolete language elimination S.F. 1725 (Latz ) Forensic laboratories accreditation S.F. 556 (Sieben ) Off-road recreational vehicle odometers tampering prohibition 40mn 35s
Tue April 8, 2014Part 1 Special Orders: SF 1900 (Eaton) Steve's Law; drug overdose prevention, medical assistance authorization and liability limitation HF 3172 - Supplemental Appropriations Part 2 Continuation of HF 3172 - Supplemental Appropriations3h 12mn
Wed April 9, 2014Special Orders: S.F. 2066 (Dibble) Data practices and personal data privacy legislative commission establishment S.F. 1732 (Hoffman) Help America Vote funds deadline for voting equipment purchase extension H.F. 2091 (Hayden) Raising the minimum wage 1h 32mn
Thu April 10, 2014Part 1 Senate opens session Thursday, April 10. Part 2 Special Orders: H.F. 474 (Champion) Automated license plate readers data classification; public employees unauthorized access to data enhanced penalties and reporting requirements H.F. 2180 (Sieben) School district employees health care coverage provisions modifications H.F. 3167 (Skoe) Omnibus supplemental tax bill 5h 36mn
Tue April 22, 2014PART 2 Special Orders: S.F. 1246 (Dahle) Motor vehicle collisions driver must stop requirements clarification and terminology change H.F. 2858 (Franzen) Limousine regulations modifications S.F. 2466 (Petersen, B.) Electronic device location information; law enforcement cell phone tracking data search warrant requirement H.F. 2397 (Torres Ray) Early childhood and family, kindergarten through grade 12 and adult education policy and technical changes PART 1 Senate convenes floor session2h 36mn
Wed April 23, 2014Special Orders: S.F. 2608 (Saxhaug) Grand Rapids central school commission authority repeal S.F. 2642 (Pappas) Lawful gambling clarifying, technical and conforming modifications H.F. 2659 (Metzen) Threading services cosmetology licensing exemption H.F. 2536 (Pappas) Women's Economic Security Act S.F. 2390 (Sieben) Elections administration provisions modifications and technical changes; special school district #6, South St. Paul; school district election districts dissolution H.F. 2948 (Sparks) Economic development obsolete and redundant laws repeal S.F. 2449 (Hawj) Omnibus lands bill S.F. 2047 (Marty) Newborn screening program modification S.F. 2736 (Kent) Domestic violence offenders GPS monitoring pilot project in second and fifth judicial districts establishment S.F. 2782 (Rest) Campaign finance reports modification; aggregate contribution limit increase H.F. 2190 (Newman) Business organizations prefiling document review; limited liability companies and business corporations regulations modifications S.F. 2175 (Bonoff) Real property acquisition by state agencies regulations S.F. 2312 (Johnson) Administration department and state procurement provisions updates and technical corrections, language elimination and conforming amendmentsv 3h 57mn
Thu April 24, 2014Part 2 Special Orders: S.F. 1926 (Koenen) Building codes local units of government inspection authority regulation S.F. 2470 (Tomassoni) School districts technology and educational service innovative partnership authorization H.F. 2746 (Sparks) Agriculture department obsolete and redundant laws removal and provisions modifications S.F. 2053 (Marty) Minnesota Public Benefit Corporation Act S.F. 874 (Thompson) Judicial forfeiture of property associated with controlled substances offenses and vehicles used in drive-by shootings conviction requirement H.F. 2090 (Latz) Indemnity agreements in design professional service contracts prohibition H.F. 2276 (Goodwin) Safe at home program participant data practices and real property records regulations H.F. 3017 (Latz) Public safety outdated and redundant statutes repeal H.F. 2937 (Scalze) Minnesota historical society provisions technical modifications S.F. 2271 (Wiklund) Metropolitan council obsolete provisions repeal H.F. 3072 (Dibble) Traffic regulations and motor vehicles provisions modifications; motor vehicle sales tax distribution clarification; obsolete provisions elimination Part 1 Consent Calendar: SF 2103 - Using definition of vehicles used in environmental testing 3h 47mn
Fri April 25, 2014PART 2 Special Orders: H.F. 2658 (Sparks) Workers compensation advisory council recommendations adoption S.F. 2887 (Hoffman) Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles barriers to state agencies purchase elimination S.F. 2718 (Dziedzic) Judicial standards board monthly district judge review requirement S.F. 2336 (Goodwin) Lawful gambling fraud provision modification S.F. 2642 (Pappas) Lawful gambling clarifying, technical and conforming modifications S.F. 2398 (Jensen) Minnesota liens on personal property in self-service storage act update and provisions modifications S.F. 2733 (Eaton) Neuroleptic medication administration to civilly committed persons modification; pilot program creation for civil commitment petitions S.F. 2042 (Jensen) Domestic abuse arrest provisions modifications S.F. 347 (Sheran) Uniform Interstate Family Support Act update H.F. 2656 (Lourey) All-payer claims data and database use modification PART 1 The Senate meets briefly before going into recess.1h 25mn
Mon April 28, 2014The video below is only a portion of the Senate floor session. Please refer to audio recording for entire Senate floor session: Special Orders: H.F. 2576 (Champion) Expungement of criminal records and eviction records provisions modifications (ONLY A PORTION OF THIS BILL) S.F. 2065 (Schmit) Independent contractor registration pilot project extension; construction contractors provisions modifications H.F. 1926 (Saxhaug) Outdoor heritage fund appropriations H.F. 2733 (Marty) Natural resources miscellaneous provisions modifications H.F. 3014 (Pappas) Public employment relations board establishment and appropriation 37mn 58s
Tue April 29, 2014Special Orders: S.F. 1958 (Dahle) Cedar Lake area water and sanitary sewer district maximum number of connections increase; Scott county Helena township surplus land, property or money use authorization H.F. 2840 (Jensen) Rice county district one hospital district private sale of land authorization and hospital district dissolution requirement S.F. 2609 (Saxhaug) Grand Rapids public utilities commission members four-year term authorization H.F. 2096 (Sieben) Online voter registration and absentee ballot applications authorization; web site security, maintenance and monitoring requirements; noncampaign disbursement definition modification H.F. 892 (Sheran) Uniform Interstate Family Support Act update H.F. 2217 (Dziedzic) Contracting grants management process and contract management provisions modifications and encumbrance exception H.F. 2853 (Metzen) Commerce department policy, enforcement, and technical changes S.F. 1484 (Sheran) Dental licensing, health related licensing boards, pharmacy board, and controlled substances modifications; appropriations H.F. 859 (Hayden) Landlords and tenants additional remedies for victims of violence; Housing Opportunities Made Equitable (HOME) pilot project establishment S.F. 2322 (Latz) Unfair discriminatory practice jury trial entitlement H.F. 2834 (Marty) Energy antiquated, unnecessary, redundant and obsolete laws elimination H.F. 655 (Fischbach) High-voltage transmission line proposed routes public utilities commission (PUC) designation requirement S.F. 2168 (Rosen) Electric generation facilities certificate of need exemptions provision modification 6h 2mn
Wed April 30, 2014The Senate meets in session.1h 4mn
Thu May 1, 2014PART 2 Special Orders: H.F. 2313 (Hoffman) Confidential employee definition modification H.F. 2722 (Eaton) Child custody and parenting time provisions modifications H.F. 1951 (Pappas) Omnibus retirement bill H.F. 2166 (Bonoff) Electronic rosters statewide authorization H.F. 1851 (Schmit) Criminal sexual conduct repeat offenders penalties increase H.F. 1425 (Koenen) Annexation definition modification; annexation by ordinance provisions modifications H.F. 2694 (Jensen) Real estate brokers and salespersons regulations modifications S.F. 2614 (Dibble) Connector highways length limit removal; trunk highways one-week bid advertisement period H.F. 3084 (Dibble) Transportation department (DOT) reporting requirements elimination; obsolete and redundant provisions elimination; conforming changes H.F. 2854 (Carlson) Commerce department and public utilities commission (PUC) obsolete, unnecessary or redundant laws and rules elimination and provisions modifications H.F. 1604 (Nelson) Narcotics or controlled substances activities by health care professionals employer mandatory reporting requirement H.F. 2660 (Champion) Forma pauperis party proceeding partial reimbursement costs modification S.F. 2099 (Cohen) Political contributions from funds subject to the individual income tax requirement S.F. 511 (Sheran) Advanced practice registered nurses licensure and regulations; advisory committee creation and appropriation PART 1 The Senate convenes session prior to recessing for caucus meetings.4h 3mn
Fri May 2, 2014Special Orders: H.F. 1984 (Saxhaug) Public construction contracts responsible contractor requirement definition establishment H.F. 2695 (Jensen) Commerce department licensee education requirements modifications H.F. 2701 (Cohen) Disaster assistance contingency account establishment S.F. 1740 (Sieben) Smart phone antitheft protection and cellphones resale S.F. 2099 (Cohen) Political contributions from funds subject to the individual income tax requirement (withdrawn from Thursday's agenda) S.F. 2423 (Goodwin) Pregnancy and childbirth needs related to incarcerated women; advisory committee establishment H.F. 2668 (Latz) Omnibus judiciary policy provisions modifications S.F. 2192 (Marty) Lead and mercury products prohibition and regulation; formaldehyde in children's products prohibition modification H.F. 2925 (Latz) Imprisonment and Exoneration Remedies Act S.F. 2454 (Marty) Natural resources provisions modification and obsolete laws elimination and regulatory efficiencies authorization H.F. 2479 (Latz) Housing courts and housing calendars use of referees almost exclusively for landlord and tenant cases authorization 3h 29mn
Mon May 5, 2014Special Orders: H.F. 2566 (Hawj) St. Paul port authority meetings by telephone or other electronic means authorization H.F. 1916 (Johnson) Women veterans special license plates establishment and appropriation H.F. 2405 (Kent) Checking account numbers as private or nonpublic data classification requirement H.F. 2953 (Dahms) County correctional services grant qualifications modification; contiguous county requirement elimination H.F. 3115 (Tomassoni) St. Louis county board of commissioners to change to two years the term of a certain member to be elected in 2014 upon local approval H.F. 1874 (Dziedzic) Environment and natural resources trust fund appropriations H.F. 1863 (Sieben) Executive branch advisory groups governing laws modification H.F. 3238 (Latz) Domestic violence abusing party with restraining order and persons convicted of domestic violence offenses weapons possession prohibition S.F. 2712 (Dziedzic) Court-ordered child support failure to pay crime clarification H.F. 2531 (Hoffman) Campaign finance technical changes and provisions modifications H.F. 3043 (Brown) Cemetery property transfer from local governments to tribal associations authorization 3h 12mn
Tue May 6, 2014Part 2 H.F. 2219 (Nienow) Nicholas Patrick Spehar memorial highway designation H.F. 2755 (Latz) Corrections and corrections department outdated and redundant provisions modifications and elimination S.F. 2346 (Metzen) Omnibus liquor bill S.F. 1722 (Hoffman) Teacher bargaining unit additional therapists inclusion S.F. 2422 (Marty) Notaries to perform civil marriages authorization S.F. 1641 (Dibble) Medical marijuana use authorization Part 1 H.F. 2219 (Nienow) Nicholas Patrick Spehar memorial highway designation5h 58mn
Wed May 7, 2014Part 2 Special Orders: H.F. 2622 (Metzen) Water or wastewater treatment law privatization procedures and standards repeal; metropolitan council wastewater services responsibilities continuation authorization H.F. 2446 (Reinert) Pharmacy board provisions modifications H.F. 2318 (Metzen) Special school district #6, South St. Paul; school district election districts dissolution H.F. 2214 (Reinert) Transportation department (DOT) technical, miscellaneous and housekeeping provisions modifications H.F. 2092 (Sheran) Combat wounded veterans motorcycle plates authorization S.F. 2546 (Latz) Predatory offender registration requirements modification and clarification H.F. 2912 (Champion) Motor vehicle lien held by a licensed dealer sale provisions H.F. 2654 (Latz) Part-time peace officer licensure elimination H.F. 683 (Wiger) Legislative water commission creation Part 1 Senate processes messages prior to recess.3h 28mn
Thu May 8, 2014Part 3 - Women's Economic Security Act - Conference Committee Report Part 2 Special Orders: H.F. 2724 (Pappas) Administrative rulemaking process regulations and provisions modifications H.F. 2670 (Reinert) Architecture, engineering, land surveying, landscape architecture, geoscience, and interior design professions licensing provisions modifications S.F 2343 (Pappas) State government investment reporting modification H.F. 2402 (Sheran) Omnibus HHS policy H.F. 2852 (Schmit) Omnibus game and fish bill H.F. 2543 (Scalze) Natural resources department (DNR) and pollution control agency (PCA) permitting efficiencies modification; administrative penalty order and field citations provisions modifications; civil penalties, rulemaking, data classifications and reporting requirements modification and appropriation authorization Part 1 The Senate meets briefly prior to recess.2h 2mn
Fri May 9, 2014Special Orders: S.F. 1770 (Dziedzic) Data practices act privatization application clarification to parties contracting with a government entity H.F. 2950 (Hoffman) Human services children and family services, health care, chemical and mental services, continuing care and operations obsolete provisions elimination; elderly waiver, alternative care program and mental health services for children provisions modifications S.F. 2627 (Pappas) Assisted reproduction paternity and maternity determinations provisions modifications S.F. 2268 (Carlson) Transportation accessibility advisory committee scope of jurisdiction expansion S.F. 2255 (Kent) Metropolitan council additional investment authority authorization H.F. 3073 (Jensen) Miscellaneous insurance provisions modifications H.F. 2684 (Kent) Graduated driver licensing requirements modifications H.F. 263 (Jensen) Crime of violence definition modification H.F. 2386 (Hall) Relief from conviction petition filing modification; board of public defenders reimbursement report elimination; notice to offender for restitution modification 2h 37mn
Mon May 12, 2014PART 2 Confirmation Calendar Special Orders: S.F. 2438 (Sparks) Office of combative sports and construction codes and licensing division housekeeping provisions modifications; interstate compact on industrialized/modular buildings provisions modifications S.F. 2627 (Pappas) Assisted reproduction paternity and maternity determinations provisions modifications S.F. 1360 (Ortman) Fraudulent or otherwise improper financing statements felony penalties expansion H.F. 2467 (Latz) Human services background studies requirements modification H.F. 2949 (Hawj) Unemployment insurance provisions modifications H.F. 3073 (Jensen) Miscellaneous insurance provisions modifications H.F. 2236 (Torres Ray) Open meeting law notifications expansion H.F. 3241 (Carlson) Claims against the state; departments of corrections and transportation claims settlement and appropriations Part 1 Senate accepts messages from the House.4h 13mn
Tue May 13, 2014Part 2 Tuesday, May 13, 2014 at 9:00 AM (caucuses will take place after session commences) Special Orders: H.F. 2724 (Pappas) Administrative rulemaking process regulations and provisions modifications H.F. 2188 (Newman) Ownership of real estate by spouses and mortgage redemption periods clarification and conformance; transfer on death deeds modification H.F. 2546 (Latz) Revisor's bill H.F. 1915 (Anderson) Relevant military experience modification for peace officer reciprocity examination eligibility H.F. 2830 (Eken) Becker county auditor-treasurer and recorder office combination and appointive process authorization H.F. 2812 (Hoffman) Veterans' Voices month establishment H.F. 3169 (Eken) Legislative salary council establishment; constitutional amendment to remove lawmakers power to set their own pay modification Part 1 Senate requests a conference committee to resolve differences between House-approved and Senate approved medical marijuana bills.5h 9mn
Wed May 14, 2014Part 3 Senate acts on conference committee reports. Part 2 Special Orders: S.F. 2306 (Johnson) Certificates for compliance for public contracts scope of application modification; requirements for bids and proposals from certain businesses clarification H.F. 2995 (Reinert) Towing order requirements clarification H.F. 2255 (Carlson) Ignition interlock program limited license issuance authority modifications H.F. 2798 (Dziedzic) Pollinator lethal insecticide plant and nursery stock labeling restrictions H.F. 2881 (Carlson) Railroad employees motor carriers regulation modification H.F. 2546 (Latz) Revisor's bill H.F. 1981 (Ruud) Snow removal authority sunset elimination Part 1 Senate meets briefly prior to recessing for caucus meetings.1h 13mn
Thu May 15, 2014Part 4 Adjournment Part 3 Omnibus health and human services policy bill. Part 2 Special Orders: H.F. 2989 (Koenen) Business organizations secretary of state filings, recordings and registrations provisions modifications H.F. 1226 (Thompson) Prosecuting attorney, judge or commissioner of corrections death penalties modification; prosecuting attorney and judge assault penalties modification (This video is only a portion of the afternoon session. It includes breakaway coverage of a press conference announcing agreement on medical marijuana.) Part 1 This is only a portion of the opening of the Senate floor session due to coverage of the supplemental budget conference committee1mn 23s
Fri May 16, 2014Part 3 Senate acts on supplemental appropriations bill, plus final comments on the 2014 legislative session from Senate Minority Leader David Hann and Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk. Part 2 Senate acts on medical marijuana bill. Part 1 Senate acts on capital investment bills.1h 8mn

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