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2013 Archive Video Collection

Floor Sessions

Date About the Coverage Play Duration
Tue January 8, 2013The Minnesota Senate opens the Eighty-eighth legislative session.1h 8mn
Thu January 10, 2013At the conclusion of the Senate floor session, the Senate debates the Rules Committee's action on the Senate salary structure for Republican staff as compared to Senate DFL and nonpartisan staff. 1h 29mn
Mon January 14, 2013The Senate holds a brief floor session.14mn 9s
Thu January 17, 2013The Senate met for a brief floor session.20mn 58s
Tue January 22, 2013The Senate holds a brief floor session and adopts administrative resolutions.17mn 48s
Thu January 24, 2013Before the Senate is the confirmation of Jim Schowalter as Commissioner of Minnesota Management and Budget, and former Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller as Director of Office of Higher Education.21mn 35s
Mon January 28, 2013The Senate holds a brief floor session to officially assign bills to the appropriate committees.12mn 47s
Thu January 31, 2013The Senate considers the confirmation of PCA Commissioner John Linc Stine and Dept. of Commerce Commissioner Michael Rothman.21mn 46s
Mon February 4, 2013The Senate's floor session is very brief; called to officially assign bills to the appropriate committees.11mn 8s
Thu February 7, 2013The Senate acts on several confirmations and considers SF 58, authorizing state employee union contracts.2h 13mn
Mon February 11, 2013Senate considers confirmation of Edwin Van Petter as Director of Minnesota State Lottery and the confirmation of Susan M. Haigh as Chair of the Metropolitan Council.39mn 46s
Wed February 13, 2013The Senate considers several confirmations, including former House Majority Leader Tony Sertich as Chair of the Iron Range Rehabilitation and Resources Board (IRRRB).34mn 39s
Thu February 14, 2013Tens of thousands of Minnesotans would receive health coverage through the federal Medicaid program, under a bill approved by the Senate Thursday, February 14. The bill expands access to the state's Medical Assistance program by easing the eligibility requirements. Minnesota's Medical Assistance program is funded through the federal Medicaid program. Senator Kathy Sheran, DFL-Mankato, sponsor of the measure, said the expansion will bring federal dollars to Minnesota and avoid having the state pay for low-income health care support or raise premiums. Senator Sean Nienow, R-Cambridge, expressed concern that the federal governement may fail to meet its funding obligations, resulting in greater state costs in the future. In other action, the Senate approved HF 6, a bill conforming Minnesota tax provisions with federal changes.2h 54mn
Mon February 18, 2013Senate holds a very brief session to officially assign bills to the appropriate committees.16mn 24s
Thu February 21, 2013Lead Republican Taxes Committee member Julianne Ortman, R-Chanhassen, raised her objections to the Governor's tax plan, outlined in SF 552, during a routine Senate floor motion to assign the bill to the Taxes Committee. Through official floor action, the Senate assigns bills to committees for review. It is unusual for bill assignments to be challenged, and the action demonstrates the controversy surrounding the issue.53mn 5s
Mon February 25, 2013The Senate holds a brief floor session.19mn 57s
Thu February 28, 2013The Senate holds a brief floor session.17mn 11s
Mon March 4, 2013The Senate meets briefly to assign bills to the appropriate committees.12mn 41s
Tue March 5, 2013Senate holds a very brief floor session to accept the House message of passage of HF 5, creating a health insurance exchange.17mn 40s
Wed March 6, 2013Senate Holds a brief floor session.11mn 22s
Thu March 7, 2013Senate debates HF 5, creating a state health insurance exchange.1h 26mn
Mon March 11, 2013The Senate grants approval to five noncontroversial bills listed on Special Orders.5mn 28s
Wed March 13, 2013Part 1 The Senate considers two bills on Special Orders. Part 2 The Senate debates the rejection of the committee report to SF 925, allowing same-sex marriage in Minnesota.1h 14mn
Thu March 14, 2013The Senate holds a very brief floor session.13mn 15s
Mon March 18, 2013The Senate takes action on the conference committee report to HF 5, establishing the state health insurance marketplace. 2h 27mn
Wed March 20, 2013Senate holds very brief floor session to advance bills to appropriate committees.22mn 3s
Thu March 21, 2013Senate holds very brief session to refer bills to appropriate committees.14mn 28s
Tue April 2, 2013Senate returns from the Passover - Easter break.18mn 11s
Thu April 4, 2013Special Orders: S.F. 716-Bonoff: Transmission line certificate of need and routing assessment requirement S.F. 166-Wiklund: Advanced emergency medical technicians (AEMT) ambulance staffing requirement; emergency medical services provisions modifications S.F. 319-Franzen: Active duty service members peace officer reciprocity examination eligibility S.F. 521-Tomassoni: Biomass power mandate project provision modification 1h 0mn
Mon April 8, 2013Consent Calendar: S.F. 28 (Newman) Tax court timely filing for appeals from orders modification S.F. 442 (Wiklund) Disability council membership reduction Special Order: S.F. 1086 (Champion) Blind and disabled persons with service animals public accommodations discrimination prohibition 32mn 24s
Wed April 10, 2013Part 1 S.F. 953 (Hoffman) Social work licensure eligibility tribal agency employment provision inclusion Part 2 S.R. XX (Bakk) Resolution on the Permanent Rules of the Senate 1h 23mn
Thu April 11, 2013SF 76, Thursday, April 11, designating a portion of Trunk Highway 23 as the "Officer Tom Decker Memorial Highway." HF 164, extending the moratorium on the construction of new radiation therapy facilities in specified areas throughout the state. 1h 5mn
Mon April 15, 2013PART 1 S.R. 55-Senjem: A Senate resolution honoring the University of Minnesota women’s hockey team for an historic championship season PART 2 Special Orders: S.F. 489-Pappas: Minnesota state retirement system (MSRS), public employees retirement association (PERA) and former local police and paid firefighter relief associations provisions modifications; constitutional officers merger with legislators pension plan S.F. 1168-Kent: 911 emergency calls new crimes creation and criminal penalties provisions S.F. 840-Champion: Employee personal sick leave benefit use expansion S.F. 663-Johnson: State government resource recovery provisions modifications S.F. 843-Scalze: Local government improvement construction projects industry trade journal advertisement authorization and definition 53mn 38s
Tue April 16, 2013Part 1 SS.F. 671 (Latz) Omnibus judiciary finance bill Part 2 S.F. 1589 (Saxhaug) Omnibus state government, veterans and military affairs appropriations S.F. 541 (Metzen) Omnibus liquor bill S.F. 769 (Jensen) Crime Victims rights changes H.F. 504 (Sparks) Reinsurance association prefunded limit eliminated. 2h 2mn
Wed April 17, 2013Special Orders: SF 1236 - Omnibus higher education funding bill3h 45mn
Thu April 18, 2013Special Orders: H.F. 143 (Skoe) American Indian veterans capitol grounds memorial plaque placement S.F. 1016 (Eaton) Minnesota nurse practicing act definitions modifications S.F. 380 (Hawj) Workforce development council adult basic education programs representative addition HF 232 (Goodwin) Power of attorney statutory short form modification; judicial relief authorization HF 75 (Rosen) Community paramedic certification continuing education hours required S.F. 887 (Marty) Minnesota Radon Awareness Act S.F. 745 (Dziedzic) Omnibus data practices bill HF 834 (Scalze) Metropolitan area water supply advisory committee sunset date extension SF 321 (Sheran) Minnesota task force on prematurity duties and reporting dates modifications 3h 52mn
Fri April 19, 2013SPECIAL ORDERS SF 1607 - Omnibus Economic Development, Energy, Environment4h 40mn
Sat April 20, 2013PART 1 The Senate begins its Saturday floor session before breaking for caucus meetings. PART 2 Special Orders: SF 683 (Rest) Certified public accountant (CPA) services private detective licensing exemption SF 1307 (Hawj) Human rights certificate of compliance for public contracts issuance procedure modification SF 324 (Johnson) Public pension plan employees and officers unlawful actions state auditor reporting requirement S.F. 834 (Latz) State guardian ad litem board provisions modifications S.F. 523 (Champion) Employers criminal history reliance for job applicants limitations and remedies imposition 1h 39mn
Mon April 22, 2013Special Orders: S.F. 658 (Dziedzic) Labor and industry commissioner authority to issue compliance orders for violations of misrepresentations of employment relationships H.F. 369 (Franzen) Uniform Disposition of Community Property Rights at Death Act S.F. 825 (Wiklund) Minnesota Medical Practice Act modifications S.F. 345 (Goodwin) Crime victims estate to request or enforce an order for restitution authorization SF 1291 (Tomassoni) Mine inspector policy, technical, and clarifying provisions modifications 1h 9mn
Tue April 23, 2013Special Orders: S.F. 510 (Marty) Cities solid waste collection process modification and organized collection committees establishment S.F. 924 (Sparks) Shared work program federal law conformance; converting layoffs into Minnesota businesses (CLIMB) program creation S.F. 1270 (Dibble) Omnibus transportation policy bill2h 44mn
Wed April 24, 2013SPECIAL ORDERS: H.F. 748 (Dziedzic) Prompt payment of wages requirements and penalties modified H.F. 19 (Newman) Agency designations allowed in certain probate situations, form language provided, and clarifying changes made H.F. 283 (Wiklund) Witnesses testimony evidence arising from a collaborative law process availability limitation H.F. 669 (Jensen) Statewide Radio Board expanded and updated to include the latest emergency communication technologies, Statewide Radio Board authorized to elect to become a statewide emergency communication board, tribal governments included in regional board structure, and comprehensive authority provided under board to address all emergency communications H.F. 1378 (Pappas) Workers' Compensation Court of Appeals personnel provisions modified 1h 26mn
Thu April 25, 2013PART 1 HF 630 - Omnibus E-12 Education Finance PART 2 HF 1233 - Omnibus Health and Human Services Finance5h 2mn
Fri April 26, 2013Special Orders: S.F. 978 (Torres Ray) omnibus education policy bill Confirmation Calendar: BOARD OF TRUSTEES OF THE MINNESOTA STATE COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES MINNESOTA HIGHER EDUCATION FACILITIES AUTHORITY1h 38mn
Mon April 29, 2013PART 3 Senate reconsiders 32-34 vote on HF 677, omnibus tax bill PART 2 Senate debates and votes on HF 677, omnibus tax bill PART 1 Senate convenes session and processes messages from the House.1h 40mn
Wed May 1, 2013S.F. 723 (Pappas) Undocumented immigrants financial aid and resident tuition at public postsecondary institutions authorization S.F. 33 (Latz) Conciliation court civil contempt penalty; consumer H.F. 648 (Champion) Lender provisions regulated for those who use motor vehicle titles of the borrower as collateral S.F. 250 (Hayden) Preadoptive and adoptive Indian child placement proceedings expansion debt limitation period; assigned consumer debt default judgments regulation S.F. 346 (Goodwin) Prostitution or sex trafficking offenses facilitation money forfeiture S.F. 748 (Sparks) Preneed funeral insurance regulations H.F. 1195 (Dziedzic) Hennepin county authority to negotiate agreements for skilled trade and craft workers and apprentices authorization SF 685 (Ortman) Determination of mental competency for civilly committed requirements1h 44mn
Thu May 2, 2013PART 3 H.F. 194 (Bonoff) Money transmitters fraud prevention measures expansion; no transmit list creation H.F. 459 (Sieben) Bisphenol-A (BPA) food containers sale prohibition S.F. 1564 (Wiklund) Metropolitan council redistricting plan adoption S.F. 340 (Hawj) Development authorities redevelopment demolition loan terms modifications H.F. 588 (Hayden) Staffing plan disclosure act; nurse staffing levels and patient outcomes study and report requirement S.F. 17 (Marty) Resolution requesting Congress to propose a constitutional amendment and, if Congress does not propose an amendment, applying to Congress to call a constitutional convention to propose an amendment clarifying the rights protected under the Constitution are the rights of natural persons and not the rights of artificial entities and that spending money to influence elections is not speech under the First Amendment PART 2 Feature video on H.F. 194 (Bonoff) Money transmitters fraud prevention measures expansion; no transmit list creation PART 1 Messages from the House, including Senate acceptance of omnbius liquor bill.4h 31mn
Fri May 3, 2013PART 3 Special Orders: S.F. 1234 (Sparks) Miscellaneous workers compensation provisions modifications (Following Recess) H.F. 1400 (Jensen) Domestic abuse order for protection violation and no contact order prosecution venue clarification H.F. 458 (Rest) Formaldehyde in products for children prohibition H.F. 131 (Goodwin) Estate sale conductors corporate surety bond posting requirement PART 2 SF 1234 - Changes to workers compensation (Prior to recess) PART 1 Senate concurs to House changes to SF 843, authorizing publication of ads for competitive bids in recognized trade journals.2h 14mn
Mon May 6, 2013Special Orders: H.F. 947 (Sheran) Minnesota Commitment and Treatment Act: Sexually Dangerous Persons and Sexual Psychopathic Personalities H.F. 458 (Rest) Formaldehyde in products for children prohibition S.F. 1073 (Jensen) Identical product pricing requirement; federal fuel standards compliance updates; E85 requirements modification H.F. 1113 (Dziedzic) Environment and natural resources trust fund appropriations H.F. 969 (Eaton) Chemical and mental health and state operated services and policy and technical provisions modifications 52mn 48s
Tue May 7, 2013SPECIAL ORDERS: H.F. 760 Wiklund Human services outdated statutory terms update H.F. 791 (Reinert) Insurance annuity products regulation and annuity model regulation enactment S.F. 1006 (Pappas) Lawful gambling provisions modifications H.F. 195 (Eaton) Licensed dietitian or licensed nutritionist legend drug prescription protocol implementation authorization H.F. 1120 Wiklund Contested case judicial review service on all parties requirement1h 33mn
Wed May 8, 2013PART 2 Debate on Referral of HF 1444 - Omnibus transportation finance bill PART 1 Special Orders: H.F. 767 (Eken) Continuing care provisions modifications; advisory taskforces, nursing facilities, resident relocation, medical assistance (MA), long term care consultation services, assessments, maltreatment reportingmodifications H.F. 681 (Latz) Limitation period for civil actions involving sexual abuse changed. H.F. 92 (Eaton) Minimum wage increase and large employer staggered increase 1h 4mn
Thu May 9, 2013Special Orders: H.F. 740 (Hawj) Landowners bill of rights modification; state parks and forests additions and deletions and public and private lands sales and exchanges authorization S.F. 661 (Rest) Campaign finance and public disclosure provisions modifications S.F. 685 (Ortman) Defendant simultaneous competency, mental illness, and civil commitment examinations requirement S.F. 654 (Wiklund) Miscellaneous health care policy and medical assistance (MA) provisions modifications 3h 27mn
Fri May 10, 2013PART 1 Senate convenes session PART 2 Senate debates HF 956, omnibus energy bill Other Special Orders: H.F. 580 (Goodwin) Data protection for victims of violence provisions modifications H.F. 1284 (Metzen) Motor vehicle fuel sale payment restriction prohibition H.F. 461 (Bonoff) Shaver Lake riparian landowners aquatic plant management permit issuance for cattail control H.F. 634 (Jensen) Identical product pricing requirement; federal fuel standards compliance updates; E85 requirements modification H.F. 542 (Goodwin) Whistleblower protection for state employees modification H.F. 1069 (Eaton) State labor agreements and compensation plans ratification PART 3 Special Orders: H.F. 1444 (Dibble) Omnibus transportation bill *A delete all amendment is presented prior to a Senate Recess PART 4 Senate debates H.F. 144 (Dibble) Omnibus transportaiton bill, which includes an amendment by Sen. Melisa Franzen that includes gas tax increase, metro sales tax increase for transit. 3h 1mn
Mon May 13, 2013Special Orders: HF 1054 - establishing same-sex marriage in Minnesota4h 26mn
Tue May 14, 2013SPECIAL ORDERS: S.F. 1014 (Sheran) Minnesota sex offender program (MSOP) provisions modifications and appropriation S.F. 1272 (Hayden) Healthy housing grant program establishment and appropriation H.F. 1138 (Dahle) Military justice code update and revisions HF 975 (Franzen) Human services fair hearings and internal audits provisions modifications; cultural and ethnic leadership communities council establishment S.F. 561 (Jensen) Building and construction contracts agreements to insure prohibition HF 228 (Nienow) Crime of wildlife arson involving multiple buildings or dwellings, acreage or crop damages, or results in demonstrable bodily harm penalty increase S.F. 1340 (Hayden) Human services licensing data, licensing, child care programs, financial fraud and abuse investigations, and vendors of chemical dependency treatment service provisions modifications; NETStudy use requirement HF 779 (Lourey) Federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) conformity; Minnesota Health Plan Market Rules; market rules work group establishment S.F. 778 (Pappas) Family Child Care Providers Representation Act; family child care providers and home and community-based long-term care services collective bargaining authority 18h 50mn
Wed May 15, 2013PART 2 SPECIAL ORDERS: H.F. 1183 (Cohen) Omnibus Legacy bill H.F. 779 (Lourey) Federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) conformity; Minnesota Health Plan Market Rules; market rules work group establishment H.F. 894 (Sieben) Omnibus elections bill PART 1 SPECIAL ORDERS: SF 778 - Family Child Care Providers, Personal Care Attendants Representation Act SF 235 - Improving data searchability and timely transmitttal of civil commitment cases3h 33mn
Thu May 16, 2013 PART 1 Senate convenes session PART 2 Conference Committee Reports: S.F. 671 (Latz) Omnibus public safety finance bill S.F. 840 (Champion) Employee personal sick leave benefit use expansion H.F. 729 (Tomassoni) Omnibus jobs and economic development finance bill PART 3 Special Orders: S.F. 1276 (Torres Ray) Mortgage foreclosures provisions modifications S.F. 460 (Hayden) Children and family services provisions modifications; data practices, contractual agreements with tribes and child care S.F. 1121 (Dibble) Local government energy improvement program term definitions modifications S.F. 894 (Wiklund ) Health care facilities resident case mix classification provisions modifications S.F. 1340 (Hayden) Human services licensing data, licensing, child care programs, financial fraud and abuse investigations, and vendors of chemical dependency treatment service provisions modifications; NETStudy use requirement S.F. 796 (Schmit) Omnibus game and fish bill46mn 16s
Fri May 17, 2013PART 1 Conference Committee Reports: S.F. 1236 (Bonoff) Omnibus higher education appropriations bill Special Orders: H.F. 80 (Latz) Conciliation court civil contempt penalty; consumer debt limitation period; assigned consumer debt default judgments regulation H.F. 694 (Dahle) Debt management and debt settlement provisions modification H.F. 814 (Sieben) Hazardous substance release report to local fire and law enforcement requirement H.F. 1452 (Latz) I-35W bridge remnant steel disposition authorization H.F. 335 (Dibble) Jury service exclusion due to marital status or sexual orientation prohibition H.F. 1243 (Reinert) Securities and franchise registration provisions modifications H.F. 161 (Ingebrigtsen) Homicide victim personal property protection inventory and emergency order authorization PART 2 S.F. 489 (Pappas) Omnibus pensions bill PART 3 S.F. 489 (Pappas) Omnibus pensions bill1h 35mn
Sat May 18, 2013PART 1: Senate convenes the Saturday session. PART 2: HF 1233 - Omnibus Health, Human Services Conference Committee Report Special Orders: S.F. 629 (Bakk) Lake county auditor-treasurer and recorder offices appointive process authorization H.F. 392 (Latz) Juvenile delinquency court proceedings public hearing determination modifications H.F. 1112 (Goodwin) Modifying certain duties and responsibilities of the Secretary of State H.F. 1587 (Jensen) Insurance foreign language policies and advertising regulations H.F. 950 (Wiger) Transit operator assault criminal penalties imposition H.F. 607 (Wiklund) Optometrist provisions changed H.F. 946 (Goodwin) Alcohol underage possession or consumption limited immunity from prosecution conditions PART 3: SF 271 - Creating a driving privilege drivers license PART 4: HF 976 - Omnibus environment, natural resources, agriculture finance conference report1h 3mn
Sun May 19, 2013PART 1 HF 630, Omnibus E-12 Education Finance Bill Conference Committee Report PART 2 Special Orders: S.F. 827 (Latz) Revisor’s bill H.F. 792 (Sieben) Waiver of liability for negligent conduct prohibition H.F. 474 (Dibble) Automated license plate readers data classification H.F. 1118 (Wiklund ) Bond security requirements modification H.F. 157 (Sieben) Bullion coin dealers regulated H.F. 1792 (Carlson) Claims against the state; department of corrections claims settlement and appropriation H.F. 853 (Sparks) Fire and police department aid threshold for financial reports and audits modifications H.F. 1221 (Carlson) Miscellaneous commerce technical modifications and housekeeping changes and adjustments to statutory dollar amounts H.F. 228 (Nienow) Crime of wildlife arson involving multiple buildings or dwellings, acreage or crop damages, or results in demonstrable bodily harm penalty increase - Safe and Supportive Schools Act PART 3 HF 316 - Special freight disgtribution permit HF 1160 - Providing bonding authority for State Capitol renovation and Capitol-area parking HF 1823 - Propsed constiutional amendment to authorize council on legislative salaries5h 9mn
Mon May 20, 2013PART 1: Confirmation of George W. Perez to Tax Court Judge SF 661 - SF 661 - Making changes to campaign finance and public disclosure provisions - CC Report HF 1214 - Amending regulation of scrap metal processing; create automated property system PART 2: SF 693 - Continualtion of civil actions after death/disability of a party HF 894 - Omnibus elections bill Conference Committee Report HF 1183 - Legacy Finance Conference Committee Report SF 1656 - Disaster assitance to match federal aid for April ice storm in Southwest Minnesota PART 3: HF 1070 - Capital improvements: State Capitol and Capitol area parking ramp; Mpls. Veterans Home; flood mitigation HF 677 - Omnibus Tax Bill 8h 1mn
Mon September 9, 2013Part 1 The Minnesota Senate convenes a special session to allocate $4.5 million dollars in disaster relief. Part 2 The Senate acts on SF 1, a bill providing $4.5 million dollars in disaster relief.1h 15mn

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