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2011 Archive Video Collection

Floor Sessions

Date About the Coverage Play Duration
Tue January 4, 2011The Minnesota Senate opens the 2011 legislative session in historic fashion with the election of the first woman Senate President and the first woman Senate Majority Leader.1h 0mn
Mon January 10, 2011The Senate acts on several resolutions regulating Senate operations, including a resolution to reduce per diem payments. 19mn 6s
Thu January 13, 2011The Senate holds a brief floor session to process bill introductions.8mn 40s
Tue January 18, 2011Before the Senate: a resolution setting up mileage reimbursement amounts for Senators traveling between their districts and the Capitol. 8mn 54s
Thu January 20, 2011The Senate holds a brief floor session.7mn 41s
Mon January 24, 2011The Senate meets briefly to officially process bill introductions and reports.5mn 45s
Thu January 27, 2011The Senate approves Committee reports.8mn 54s
Wed February 2, 2011The takes final action on SF 4, a bill lifting the moratorium on nuclear expansion.1h 24mn
Thu February 3, 2011Part 1 - Senate acts on HF 130, a bill extending 2010 unallotments to cut budget deficit by $1 billion dollars. Part 2 & 3 - Senate acts on SF 40, a bill authorizing alternative teacher licensing.5mn 51s
Mon February 7, 2011The Senate begins a new tradition of having a veteran lead the members in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. Today, Herb Cook, Retired - U.S. Army.9mn 36s
Thu February 10, 2011The Senate approves on a 37-28 vote the conference committee report to HF 130, a bill extending Governor Pawlenty's 2010 unallotments into the coming biennium. Also during the Thursday, February 10th, session, the Senate advances SF 56, a bill freezing school employees salaries. 3h 14mn
Mon February 14, 2011The Senate acts on a resolution setting committee deadlins and considers House changes to SF 139, a bill making changes to lead poisoning.17mn 59s
Thu February 17, 2011The Senate meets briefly to procedurely reassign bills to other committees and process reports. 7mn 43s
Mon February 21, 2011The Senate holds a brief floor session.10mn 33s
Thu February 24, 2011HF 1, a bill streamlining the environmental review and permitting process, is before the Senate.1h 46mn
Thu March 3, 2011The Senate and House conference committee agreement to SF 40, a bill creating alternative paths to obtaining a teacher's license, is before the Senate. Plus, the Senate debates Governor Dayton's tax proposals.2h 28mn
Mon March 7, 2011 HF103 (Pederson) UI for adult children of owners; SF69 (Olson) Home school mandates reduced; SF125 (Carlson) Township banking facility authorized; SF194 (Thompson) Uniform commercial code changes 36mn 36s
Wed March 9, 2011The Senate meets briefly to officially reassign bills to other committees.14mn 38s
Thu March 10, 2011The Senate acts on HF 141, a bill raising the penalty for injuring public safety dogs.20mn 31s
Mon March 14, 2011Before the Senate is SF 170, requring teacher candidates to pass a basic skills exam. 41mn 5s
Wed March 16, 2011The Senate holds a brief floor session.12mn 2s
Thu March 17, 2011Senator Ellen Anderson, DFL-St. Paul, says goodbye to the Senate at the conclusion of her final floor session. Governor Mark Dayton appointed Anderson as Chair of the Public Utilities Commission. Also, during the Thursday, March 17th, floor session, the Senate takes up a bill conforming several state tax provisions with federal law50mn 56s
Mon March 21, 2011The Senate grants preliminary approval to three bills on General Orders.27mn 47s
Wed March 23, 2011Senate holds brief floor session in order to reassign bills to appropriate committees.14mn 31s
Thu March 24, 2011The Senate takes up three bills on General Orders, including SF 39, a bill altering rulemaking authority for the Mississippi River Corridor. 1h 0mn
Mon March 28, 2011A bill revamping jobs and economic growth programs and curbing spending by 47 percent for those programs won Senate approval Monday, March 28th. The bill, SF 887, appropriates $103 million dollars for the comining biennium and falls below Governor Dayton's $166.8 million dollar request. In addition, the Senate acted on the Omnibus Agriculture and Rural Economies appropriation bill, which allocates $76.8 million, as compared to Governor Dayton's $78.16 million request. (For closed-captioned video, select Senate Floor Sessions tab on the left.) 2h 29mn
Tue March 29, 2011The Senate acts on three omnibus bills: Judiciary and Public Safety; Environment, Natural Resources, Commerce and Energy, Utilities; Higher Education.00:00:00:
Wed March 30, 2011Part 1: Portion of debate on SF 1047: Omnibus State Government Innovation and Military Affairs Part 2: Portion of debate on SF 1047: Omnibus State Government Innovation and Military Affairs SF 760: Omnibus Health and Human Services Bill Part 3: Final portion of SF 760: Omnibus Health and Human Services Bill2h 12mn
Thu March 31, 2011Following a five-hour debate, the Senate passed the Omnibus Education Finance Bill, which raises overall funding for early education through high school by about 3.5 percent. Among the many provisions, the bill, which came before the Senate Thursday, March 31st, raises per pupil funding by $50 each; imposes a two-year school employee salary freeze; and transfers ingtegration aid for the largest cities to a statewide literacy program. 5h 13mn
Mon April 4, 2011Part 1: On a 38-25 vote, the Senate passed the omnibus transportation funding bill, which reduces spending by about $41 million dollars over current base levels. Among the bill's provisions, it reduces spending for metropolitan transit and passenger rail system planning, design and engineering. Part 2: The Senate begins consideration of HF 42, the omnibus tax bill.2h 0mn
Tue April 5, 2011By a vote of 37-26, the Senate passed the omnibus tax bill Tuesday, April 5th. The bill reduces the statewide business tax by $110 milllion; adds $44 million to the property tax relief program; and extends the local government aid reductions enacted last year.5h 40mn
Thu April 7, 2011The Senate holds a brief floor session.19mn 46s
Mon April 11, 2011On General Orders: HF323 (Gerlach) broker price opinions on residential real estate SF548 (Benson) pollution control cost recovery SF67 (Hoffman) oversized transportation permits Plus, the Senate adopts a resolution declaring April as Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month.28mn 35s
Thu April 14, 2011A bill lifting the restrictions preventing the construction of a new coal burning power plan won Senate approval Thursday, April 14th, on a 42-18 vote. (Coverage begins about 29:30 into the video.)1h 38mn
Mon April 18, 2011Supreme Court Associate Justice Paul Anderson administers the oath of office to Senator-elect Mary Jo McGuire. McGuire was elected to the Minnesota Senate in a special election, following the resignation of District 66 member, Senator Ellen Anderson. Anderson was appointed by Governor Mark Dayton to chair the Public Utilities Commission.13mn 8s
Tue April 26, 2011HF 52 - City, county and town zoning controls and ordinance changes resulting from a court decision.14mn 38s
Wed April 27, 2011The Senate meets briefly in floor session.11mn 46s
Thu April 28, 2011The Senate debates SF 509, a bill requiring voters to present an authorized photo identification card before casting a ballot.2h 13mn
Mon May 2, 2011The Senate holds a brief floor session for the purpose of processing committee reports.16mn 37s
Tue May 3, 2011SF 779, Red Wing land conveyance authorization12mn 46s
Thu May 5, 2011The Senate takes action on about six noncontroversial bills listed on General Orders.34mn 39s
Mon May 9, 2011The Senate holds a brief floor session.20mn 47s
Tue May 10, 2011Part 1 - HF 8 - Healthy Minnesota Contribution Program SF 930 - Deficieny Funding Appropriations SF 1115 - Invasive Species Part 2 - General Orders47mn 48s
Wed May 11, 2011Voters in the 2012 general election would decide whether Minnesota's Constitution should be amended to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, according to a bill passed by the Minnesota Senate Wednesday, May 11th. SF 1308, sponosored by Sen. Warren Limmer, R-Maple Grove, would require Minnesota House approval before being placed on the election ballot.4h 30mn
Thu May 12, 2011 HF235 (Hall) Hannah’s law SF1363 (Ingebrigtsen) Legacy bill HF57 (Hall) Omnibus drug policy bill Plus other bills on General Orders...3h 56mn
Fri May 13, 2011Special Orders: Omnibus Energy Bill Omnibus Liquor Bill Other Items: General Orders2h 22mn
Sat May 14, 2011Part 1 and Part 2: The Senate meets in a Saturday session to take up the Omnibus Game and Fish Bill and several bills on General Orders.27mn 18s
Mon May 16, 2011Part 1: HF 201, limiting funding for abortion services; and, HF 936, prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks post-fertilization age; and, SF 920, Omnibus Transportation Policy Bill Part 2: Continuation of SF 920, Omnibus Transportaion Policy Bill and other Special Orders2h 6mn
Tue May 17, 2011Part 1: The Senate acts on several bills listed on Special Orders Part 2: HF 1425 - Legislative Redistricting HF 1426 - Congressional Redistricting2h 39mn
Wed May 18, 2011Conference Committee Reports: SF 1047 - Omnibus State Government Bill SF 760 - Omnibus Health and Human Services Bill (Portion)* *2nd Portion Continued on May 19th Session 8h 38mn
Thu May 19, 2011PART 3 This Floor Session is from the evening of Thursday, May 19th. Agenda: Noncontroversial Special Orders PART 2 This Floor Session is from Thursday, May 19th, afternoon into early evening. HF 101 - Omnibus Enviornment Finance Bill HF 1140 - Omnibus Transportation Finance Bill HF 1101 - Omnibus Higher Ed Finance PART 1 This Floor Session is from Wednesday, May 18th, into the early morning of Thursday, May 19th SF 760 - Omnibus Health and Human Services Bill (2nd Portion) HF 42 - Omnibus Tax Bill HF 934 - Omnibus Education Finance Bill SF 509 - Omnibus Photo ID Finance Bill56mn 34s
Fri May 20, 2011Part 1 and Part 2 The Senate takes up several bills on Special Orders and conference committee reports.1h 17mn
Sat May 21, 2011Part 1 and Part 2: Senate continues its work on Special Orders, Conference Committee Reports, Messages from the House.2h 1mn
Sun May 22, 2011The Senate takes up HF 264, Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act--"Cheeseburger Bill." Other action on bills approved by the House and earlier approved by the Senate.1h 28mn
Mon May 23, 2011Part 3: The Senate adjourns the 2011 session following final comments from the leaders and final passage of HF 232-Gold Star license plate; HF 753-municipal detachment and annexation. Part 2: The Senate acts on SF 54 - Claims against the state with deficiency funding; and the conference agreement to HF 1381 - Education policy bill. Part 1: Among the conference committee reports, the Senate approves SF 1363, Legacy Bill, and SF 943, Omnibus Game and Fish Bill.52mn 44s
Tue July 19, 2011Part 4: The Senate adjourned the special session sine die Wednesday, July 20th, following final approval of the omnibus health and human services bill; state government finance bill; the omnibus education finance bill; and the capital investment bill. Part 3: On a 37 to 27 vote, the Senate passed HF 20, the omnibus tax bill, which includes the sale of $700 million dollars worth of bonds from expected tobacco settlement revenue. Also during the July 19th floor debate, the Senate passes the omnibus pension bill. Part 2: The Senate quickly passes six major omnibus budget bills: Judiciary and Public Safety; Environment, Energy and Commerce; Jobs and Economic Growth; Transportation; Higher Education; and the Legacy Bill before recessing Tuesday, July 19th. Part 1: Senate President Michelle Fischbach gavels the Minnesota Senate to order Tuesday, July 19th, beginning the the 2011 Special Session. Before recessing, the Senate remembers Senator Linda Scheid, who passed away June 15th.1h 52mn

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