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2010 Archive Video Collection

Committee Hearings

Date Committee About the Coverage Play Duration
Tue January 26, 2010Finance - Economic Development and Housing Budget Division S.F. 2161 (Anderson) St. Paul regional baseball facility grant bond issue and appropriation. 31mn 0s
Mon February 15, 2010State and Local Government Operations and OversightAgenda: Discussion of early voting. (This is the portion of the hearing that was televised. For complete agenda, please go to the audio archives.)48mn 35s
Tue February 16, 2010JudiciaryAgenda: Office of the Legislative Auditor's Report on the Public Defense System Presentation by the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Information Policy Group's "Juvenile Justice System Decision Points Study" (mandated by 2009 Session Law Chapter 132)1h 57mn
Mon February 22, 2010Conference Committee on H.F. 2700Agenda: H.F. 2700 (Langseth) Omnibus capital investments bonding and appropriations.32mn 49s
Thu February 25, 2010JudiciaryAgenda: S.F. 2383 (Dille) Minnesota couples on the brink project establishment; marriage license fee disposition modification. S.F. 1281 (Hann) Contested marriage dissolution involving minor children modification. S.F. 2362 (Hann) Spousal maintenance termination based on cohabitation. 2h 8mn
Tue March 2, 2010JudiciaryAgenda: S.F. 1732 (Torres Ray) Marriages contracted in another state or territory recognition requirement. S.F. 120 (Marty) Marriage and Family Protection Act; gender-neutral marriage provisions. S.F. 1210 (Dibble) Gender-neutral marriage laws.2h 17mn
Wed March 10, 2010State and Local Government Operations and OversightAgenda: S.F. 2476 (Saltzman) Gambling control board lawful purpose determination flexibility. S.F. 2950 (Sparks) Jobs, family and economic development fund creation; agricultural, rural, early childhood, bioscience, medical technology, economic development, athletic, recreational, extracurricular activities and capital improvements funding mechanisms authorizat.2h 11mn
Fri March 26, 2010Conference Committee on H.F. 1671PART 1: H.F. 1671 (Cohen) Supplemental budget reduction bill: environment, natural resources, agriculture, veterans affairs, transportation articles. Part 2: H.F. 1671 (Cohen) Supplemental budget reduction bill: higher education, taxes, energy, economic development articles.57mn 21s
Tue April 6, 2010Energy, Utilities, Technology and CommunicationsAgenda: Minnesota Forest Resources Council Report: Assessing Forestation Opportunities for Carbon Sequestration in Minnesota; Presentation of Community Energy Challenge Program; Confirmation of PUC Commissioner Betsy Wergin 1h 50mn
Wed April 28, 2010Finance - Health and Human Services Budget DivisionPortion of S.F. 2986 (Erickson Ropes) Prepaid health plan contracts or county-based purchasing plans provisions modifications. S.F. 522 (Torres Ray) Lead Poisoning Prevention Act modification.1h 34mn
Fri May 14, 2010Conference Committee on H.F. 3729Agenda: H.F. 3729 (Bakk) Omnibus tax bill: discussion of food shelf checkoff.50mn 25s
Wed June 2, 2010Rules and Administration - Subcommittee on Ethical ConductPart 1: Senator Satveer Chaudhary, DFL-Fridley, appears before the Senate Rules and Administration Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct to answer questions regarding his involvement to secure fishing restrictions on Fish Lake Reservoir, where he owns a cabin. Part 2: Subcommittee drafts a statement regarding Senator Satveer Chaudhary's conduct.56mn 40s
Mon October 18, 2010Capital InvestmentAgenda: Review Federal Disaster bill.30mn 50s
Mon October 18, 2010FinanceAgenda: 2010 Disaster and Emergency Assistance legislation review.1h 25mn
Mon October 18, 2010TaxesAgenda: 2010 Disaster and Emergency Assistance legislation.50mn 6s
Mon October 18, 2010Finance - Economic Development and Housing Budget DivisionAgenda: Office of Legislative Auditor's Report of Insufficient Oversight by DEED of 2007 Flood Money48mn 38s

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