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2007 Archive Video Collection

Committee Hearings

Date Committee About the Coverage Play Duration
Fri January 5, 2007Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources Debate and final vote to override the Governor's veto of HF 2800, the transportation funding bill.N/A
Wed May 9, 2007TaxesAgenda: S.F. 6 (Pogemiller) Dallas Sams Outdoor and Cultural Legacy Act. S.F. 610 (Bakk) Miscellaneous tax provisions modification. S.F. 2249 (Bakk) Tax increment financing provisions modification. S.F. 2276 (Cohen) Industries tax incentives effectiveness study; film production tax credit. S.F. XXXX (Moua (H.F. 2441 Davnie)) Corporate franchise tax sales definition from performance of services for regulated investment companies modified under the apportionment formula. H.F. 2294 (Dill (S.F. 2003 Bakk)) Cook-Orr Hospital District levy authority modified.N/A
Tue May 15, 2007FinanceAgenda: S.F. 430 (Betzold) Miscellaneous retirement corrections. S.F. 2287 (Rest) Capitol renovation bond issue and appropriation. N/A
Tue May 15, 2007Rules and AdministrationAgenda: Appointment of Donald Schiefelbein to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (Chaudhary) Appointments to the Legislative Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources (Chaudhary) S.F. 590 (Vickerman) Resolution to amend the federal Montgomery GI Bill for the selected reserves. S.F. 1274 (Pariseau) Resolution for conservation reserve program reauthorization. S.F. 1701 (Betzold) Minnesota Health Records Act. H.F. 548 (Betzold) Omnibus state government appropriations. H.F. 1063 (Pappas) Omnibus higher education appropriations. H.F. 1078 (Berglin) Omnibus health and human services appropriations. N/A
Fri May 18, 2007FinanceAn amendment that would keep the Dept. of Transporation operating is offered to H.F. 562. Agenda: H.F. 562 (Murphy) Town road sign replacement program implementation appropriation.N/A
Sun May 20, 2007Conference Committee on H.F. 2362Senate Tax Chair Tom Bakk receives a special gift from a House delegation. N/A
Wed June 20, 2007EducationAgenda: 2007 Laws: Overview, E-12 Omnibus Education Finance and Policy Act Future Education Policy Challenges and Opportunities Preparing for 2008 Legislative SessionN/A
Tue June 26, 2007Health, Housing and Family SecurityAgenda: Joint Hearing with House Health & Human Services Committee regarding the Minnesota Department of Health's disclosure practices for public health risksN/A
Tue June 26, 2007State and Local Government Operations and OversightAgenda: Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission stadium presentationN/A
Wed August 15, 2007JudiciaryAgenda: Overview of draft federal regulations for State compliance with REAL ID Act (Jeremy Meadows, National Conference on State Legislatures (NSCL)) Data practice implications of implementing REAL ID regulations (Katie Engler, Assistant Director, Information Policy Analysis Division, MN Dept. of Administration) State capacity to implement REAL ID draft regulations (Commissioner Patricia McCormack, MN Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS))N/A
Tue September 11, 2007FinanceAgenda: S.F. XXXX (Senator Sharon Erickson-Ropes, Senator Ann Lynch, Senator Steve Murphy) Flood Relief Legislation. Governor's Relief Package (Commissioner of Finance Tom Hanson and State Budget Director Jim Schowalter) Presentation on FEMA aid (Lead Fiscal Analyst Matt Massman)N/A
Tue September 11, 2007Rules and AdministrationAgenda: Before the committee is a comprehensive relief package totalling about $150 million for flood-stricken residents in Southeastern Minnesota awaits Senate action. The bill also provides assistance to Cook County for costs associated with fighting forest fires and to the city of Minneapolis to help with efforts surrounding the 35W bridge collapse.N/A
Mon September 17, 2007EducationAgenda: Making the federal No Child Left Behind Act work in Minnesota.N/A
Wed October 10, 2007Health, Housing and Family SecurityAgenda: "Atrazine, Public Health & Scientific Integrity"N/A
Wed October 17, 2007Finance - Economic Development Budget DivisionAgenda: Progress Report on Flood Relief Package: 1) Dept. of Employment & Economic Development(DEED) 2) Housing Finance Agency(MHFA)N/A
Tue October 30, 2007Finance - Public Safety Budget DivisionAgenda: MSOP and Sex offender programs in other states “Good Time” Discussion Report on Information Requests from 9/24/07N/A
Thu November 15, 2007Finance - Health and Human Services Budget DivisionAgenda: Minneapolis Veterans Home Update and Governor's Task Force Report.N/A
Tue November 20, 2007State and Local Government Operations and Oversight - Subcommittee on ElectionsAgenda: Presentations on and discussion of ranked choice voting.N/A
Tue November 27, 2007Finance - E-12 Education Budget DivisionAgenda: Discussion of the role of levies in education financeN/A
Wed December 19, 2007Rules and AdministrationAgenda: Presentation from Dan Boomhower, Senate Director of Human Resources. Presentation from Senator Murphy and the Joint Legislative Committee to Investigate the Bridge Collapse.N/A

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