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May 2006
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Floor Session Date About the Debate and Video Coverage View Video Duration
May 21, 2006
The Senate sets aside most of the evening for speeches from the retiring Senators, and acts on the pending supplemental budget bill. 3 hrs, 54 min
May 20, 2006
Following recess, the Senate acts on SF 2480, financing a Twins ballpark, HF 2959, the bonding bill, HF 785, the omnibus tax bill, and SF 1057, the Minneapolis Teachers Retirement Fund. 3 hrs, 25 min
May 20, 2006
During the afternoon session, the Senate acts on the conference committee reports to SF 2460, financing a new Gophers football stadium, SF 0762, the Clean Water Legacy Act, HF 3779, Adults-only proposed businesses notice requirement; SF 0785, Restricted video games sales.
Other committee reports acted on include:
SF 2576 - Ambulance purchase and lease regulations;
HF 3185 - Bioprocess piping and equipment data classification.

Other bills considered include:
SF 3480 - Commerce dept. omnibus insurance bill;
SF 2743 - Voting system criteria and voting machines working group establishment;
HF 3451 - Municipal planning proposed developments land dedication standards.

2 hrs, 21 min
May 19, 2006
The Senate acts on the HF 3116, the omnibus game and fish bill, Hf 3664, providing unpaid leave to family members of soldiers wounded or killed in active service and authorizing a veterans plaque.
The Senate also considers:
HF 3451 - Municipal land dedication standards;
SF 3631 - Claims against the state.
1 hr, 44 min
May 18, 2006
The Senate considers SF 3079, a bill limiting the liability of claims brought against the state and municipalities. They also act of SF 2814, a bill changing the name and makeup of the Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources (LCMR).
The Senate also considers SF 3234, requiring home manufacturers to honor their warranties, even if they are no longer in business.
1 hr, 11 min
May 17, 2006
HF 2916, a bill creating a fire safety account from surcharges on fire insurance premiums, is before the Senate. Members also consider the omnibus insurance bill, SF 3480, and the data practices bill, SF 3132.
Other bills before the Senate:
SF 2723 - Wastewater treatment facilities, pollution control agency report and proposal requirements;
HF 2688 - Military war dogs plaque; Hennepin county Victory Memorial Drive historic district and steering task force.
4 hrs, 25 min
May 16, 2006
SF 3053, a bill allowing ATV riders to use their vehicles on private lands during deer season, is before the Senate, as is SF 2833, which creates allowances for people to work in the human services industry.
The Senate also considers:
HF 3383 - Allowing general obligation bonds to be issued for Grand Rapids joint service center;
SF 3121 - Dept. of Commerce banking bill;
HF 3073 - Real estate provision changes, foreign judgment modifications.
1 hr, 8 min
May 15, 2006
Bills awaiting final action include SF 3058, the higher education policy bill, SF 2994, the education policy bill and the conference committee report on SF 2750, the eminent domain bill.
Other bills include:
HF 2722 - Homeowners home-based adult foster care services coverage regulation;
SF 2851 - State timber provisions;
HF 2892 - Authorizing the construction of the Mankato Academic Building;
SF 2980 - Noncontroversial drivers license provisions;
HF 3302 - Municipal and county planning and zoning preliminary plat approval changes
3 hrs, 38 min
May 11, 2006
In an extended floor session, the Senate tackles the omnibus energy bill, SF 2798, the omnibus transportation bill, SF 3764, and SF 2722, which sets state budgeting principles and procedures. The Senate also considers a bill, SF 2833, allowing exceptions for former felons to work in the human services field, and HF 3374, the omnibus tax bill. 8 hrs, 4 min
May 10, 2006
The Honeycrisp Apple would be desinated the State Fruit, according to SF 2303, which is before the Senate. 11 min
May 9, 2006
The University of Minnesota would receive support for building a Biomedical Science Research Facility (SF 3044) and a new football stadium (SF 2460), under two bills before the Senate. HF 2480, a bill aiding the construction of a new Twins ballpark and a Vikings stadium--both with roofs--and transit via a metro-wide .5 percent sales tax increase, also awaits Senate approval. 3 hrs, 23 min
May 8, 2006
The Senate acts on HF 4162, the supplemental finance bill. 3 hrs, 51 min
May 8, 2006
Homeowners facing construction defects may bring a liability claim against the insurance company of a dissolved construction firm, under SF 1287, a bill approved by the House and awaiting final Senate action.
The Senate also considers several noncontroversial bills:
HF 3477 - Modifying terms regarding local government subdivision regulations;
SF 2973 - DNR technical bill;
SF 3450 - Metropolitan Council special transportation service requirements expansion;
SF 2635 - Aitkin County localpublic land ordinances;
SF 2576 - Ambulance purchase and lease regulations;
HF 2697 - Authorizing firefighters to use headset communication.
33 min
May 4, 2006
The Mercury Emissions Reduction Act, HF 3712, awaits final Senate approval. (Coverage begins at 00:19:30) The Senate also considers:
SF 358 - Changing boundaries and school baord election procedure for Minneapolis Special School District #1;
SF 3017 - Milk volume production loan program funding study;
HF 3779 - Adults only businesses notice requirement.
1 hr, 20 min
May 3, 2006
Noncontroversial bills on Special Orders are before the Senate. They include:
HF 2514 - Uniform Securities Act;
SF 2995 - Regulating liens on motor vehicle storage charges;
HF 2876 - Clarifying twonship mutual insurance companies second class cities property insurance prohibitions;
HF 3464 - Allowing inmates to receive a barber and cosmetology license;
SF 2123 - Asking Congress to require postal service changes notification to local communities;
SF 3106 - Drivers license suspension changes;
SF 2849 - County town bridge account infationary adjustments;
SF 2737 - Absentee voting due to public health circumstances;
SF 3176 - Building codes recodification.
1 hr, 13 min
May 2, 2006
Approval of the Rules and Administration Committee's action to pull HF 2480, the House-approved Twins financing plan from the Taxes Committee raises objections. (Coverage begins at 00:47:30). Also, HF 3940, the omnibus liquor bill, is before the Senate along with several other noncontroversial bills on Special Orders:
SF 3349 - Domestic abuse protective order enforcement;
SF 3105 - Real estate recording and registration fee changes;
SF 3219 - Brainerd regional treatment center surplus state land conveyance;
SF 2528 - State and local government personal transactions credit and debit cards use study;
HF 3185 - Bioprocess piping and equipment date classification;
SF 2907 - Business infrastructure and redevelopment accounts reporting requirements;
SF 2933 - Municipal land dedication standards.
1 hr, 6 min
May 1, 2006
A motion to move HF 263, a bill sponsored by Sen. Geoff Michel that parallels the House-approved Gopher stadium financing plan, is before the Senate. (Coverage begins at 01:20:00) The Senate also considers several non-controversial bills on Special Orders.
The bills include:
SF 3059 - Minor changes to nursing facilities continuing care provisions, person sick leave benefits;
SF 3146 - Nursing facilities relocation notification requirements;
HF 3771 - Medial practice board active military service applicants extension;
HF 3111 - Interstate contracts for chemical health services child care providers;
SF 2982 - Prohibiting exhibition driving;
SF 2660 - Minneapolis park and recreation board and city council land or park dedication fee imposition;
HF 3665 - Veterans homes board electronic meetings authority;
SF 2374 - Unlicensed dogs seizure notice requirement;
HF 3449 - Manufactured home park coversions regulations;
SF 3551 - Real estate appraiser modification;
HF 3285 - Eliminating Metropolitan Council school district capital improvements plan review requirement;
SF 2939 - Pennock real estate acquisition and conveyance.
1 hr, 53 min

April 2006
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Floor Session Date About the Debate and Video Coverage View Now Duration
April 27, 2006
The Minnesota Lottery could not advertise its games, under an amendment proposed to SF 930, a bill appropriating money for compulsive gambling prevention and education. The Senate also considers a bill, SF 3526, that designates a portion of Highway 35W as the Shawn Silvera memorial highway. 1 hr, 11 min
April 25, 2006
An amendment raising the age to legally gamble in Minnesota is proposed to SF 2954, a bill making several minor changes to Minnesota's gambling laws. The Senate also considers an amendment to SF 3199, a bill modifying child support and maintenance provisions, that would lower the filing fee for divorce. The final bill before the Senate is SF 2745, making noncontroversial changes to medical license provisions. 1 hr, 23 min
April 24, 2006
A resolution, SF 195, calling for Congressional members to work with the United Nations to end the desecration of Hmong graves in Thailand is before the Senate.
The Senate also considers:
HF 1480 - Red Lake county drainage system outlet fee charging authority;
SF 2706 - Thief River Falls extended employment pilot project extension;
SF 2735 - Modifications to the Legislative Audit Commission;
HF 3142 - Hennepin county regional park district provision modification;
SF 3023 - State agencies environmental permit actions deadlines;
HF 1838 - Neighborhood electric vehicles use on local roadways.
55 min
April 20, 2006
The Senate reconsiders SF 3131, the omnibus tax bill, which failed to win majority support Wednesday. (Coverage begins at 1:35:17) Also, Minnesota drivers could be pulled over for not wearing their seatbelt, under SF 1070, which makes the violation a primary offense. (Coverage begins at 37:16) Several other bills are before the Senate.
The bills include:
SF 1287 - Prohibiting home builders and remodelers from dissolving their corporations to avoid warranty work;
SF 3615 - Modifying child care assistane provider parent fees;
SF 2532 - Eliminating expiration date for construction of radiation therapy facilities;
SF 3228 - 911 emergency telecommunications service provision changes;
HF 2998 - Repealing sunset for firefighter labor arbitration provision;
SF 3256 - Alcohol without liquid devices prohibition;
SF 3213 - Removing two legislaitve routes from state highway system;
SF 2840 - Organ donation paid leave for public employees;
SF 3319 - Construction code inspectors compentency criteria and continuing education;
SF 1040 - Released persons conduct medical professionals civil liability limit.
2 hrs, 37 min
April 19, 2006
SF 3131, the omnibus tax bill, is before the Senate. 3 hrs, 14 min
April 18, 2006
The Senate officially sends its version of the bonding bill to the House through a required parliamentary procedure and it approves a resolution honoring the Minnesota National Guard on its 150th anniversary. 17 min
April 12, 2006
The Senate meets in an extended floor session before Spring break and considers several bills, including SF 1459, which creates a statewide health insurance pool for school district employees and retirees.
The Senate also considers:
SF 3216 - Modifying common interest community local requriement applications;
SF 2646 - Establishing an organ and tissue donation driver education requirement;
HF 2645 - Increasing the membership of Swift County's rural development finance authority;
HF 3169 - Prohibiting local government units from issuing postsendoary institution fees;
HF 3310 - Authorizing advance deposits or payments on boat slip rentals;
HF 2994 - Setting replacement and repair of watercraft storage structures on public waters.
1 hr, 29 min
April 11, 2006
The Senate takes final action on SF 2832, a bill creating a task force to study recruitment of volunteer emergency personnel. 13 min
April 10, 2006
SF 2702, a bill extending unemployment and dislocated worker benefits to striking NWA mechanics, awaits final Senate action. The Senate also acts on SF 2002, a bill strengthening laws to discourage identity theft. 1 hr, 51 min
April 6, 2006
Three noncontroversial bills are before the Senate: SF 1039, prohibiting the tampering of clock-hour meters on farm tractors; SF 2634, ratifying state labor contract agreements; SF 2239, modifying minor pension provisions. 30 min
April 5, 2006
SF 2976, a bill expanding the determination of what documents can prove residency in order to vote, is before the Senate. 59 min
April 3, 2006
Voters in the November election would have the opportunity to decide if the state sales tax should be raised by three-eights of one percent to fund environmental and cultural programs, according to SF 2734, which is before the Senate. 1 hr, 22 min

March 2006
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Floor Session Date About the Debate and Video Coverage View Now Duration
March 30, 2006
Three bills are before the Senate: HF 3039 extends the time allowed for the harvesting of timber; SF 2726 allows the mental health collective to apply for a community provider designation; and SF 2793 designates Hennepin County Outpatient Clinic as a community provider. 22 min
March 29, 2006
Lawmakers have one week remaining to approve policy bills. Policy committees must finish their work by Wednesday, April 5th. Until then, Senate committees will review bills moving successfully through the House, and House policy committees must do the same with Senate bills. The Senate meets briefly in session to consider noncontroversial bills on the Consent Calendar. 26 min
March 27, 2006
SF 2750, a bill tightening the use of eminent domain by local governments, is before the full Senate. 1 hr, 50 min
March 23, 2006
Forty-two votes are needed to advance SF 3475, the bonding or capital improvements bill, which is before the Senate. 41 min
March 22, 2006
The Senate meets briefly to reassign bills to the appropriate committees for further action. 14 min
March 20, 2006
The Northwestern suburbs of the Twin Cities would receive a newly-built hospital, according to HF 1915, a bill worked-out by a conference committee, approved by the House and awaiting final action by the Senate. The Senate also debates a motion to pull from committee and place before the Senate a bill asking voters whether marriage in Minnesota should be defined as a union between a man and a woman. 2 hrs, 22 min
March 16, 2006
Before the Senate is HF 2985, which sets the distance from which protestors can demonstrate at a funeral. Members also consider HF 1878, which consolidates Carver County offices of recorder, auditor and treasurer. 1 hr, 20 min
March 15, 2006
The full Senate meets in session to reassign bills to the appropriate committees for further action. Floor sessions are brief during the early part of session to allow time for committees to meet and act on the various bills pending. 11 min
March 8, 2006
The Senate considers SF 2653, a bill appropriating money to assist people with the purchase of prescription drugs while the federal government works out problems related to the changes in the Medicare Part D program. 40 min
March 2, 2006
Chuck Lindberg, the last surviving Marine who raised the first flag at Iwo Jima, is honored by the Minnesota Senate. 22 min
March 1, 2006
The Senate convenes the 2006 legislative session. 17 min