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July 2005
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July 13, 2005
On the final day of Special Session, the Senate takes final action on the pending budget and tax bills.

The bills are as follows:
HF 138 - Omnibus Tax Bill (00:12:43);
HF 139 - Omnibus Health and Human Services Finance Bill (00:43:57);
HF 104 - Omnibus E-12 Education Finance Bill (01:27:43);
SF 105 - Omnibus Transportation Finance and Policy Bill (02:20:45);
HF 44 - Omnibus Pension Bill (03:22:18).

3 hrs, 32 min
July 9, 2005
With the Governor and all four of the legislative leaders having signed a budget agreement, the Senate quickly acts on the House bill to temporarily fund those state agencies and services that have been shutdown. 15 min
July 7, 2005
The Senate floor session is brief while leadership negotiations continue with the Governor. 13 min
July 5, 2005
The Senate's session is brief while budget negotiations continue. 6 min
July 5, 2005
SF 68, a bill temporarily funding through July 11th state government services that have been shutdown, is before the Senate. 1 hr
July 1, 2005
Before the Senate is a motion, requiring 45 votes, to consider a resolution temporarily funding the state agencies and services that have been shutdown. 37 min

June 2005
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June 30, 2005
SF 65, a bill providing base level funding for the next biennium in the areas of education, health and human services, is before the Senate. 2 hrs, 33 min
June 30, 2005
Before the Senate is SF 69, the Omnibus Agriculture, Environment and Economic Development Appropriations Bill. 1 hr, 34 min
June 28, 2005
A motion is made to bring before the members a resolution specifying that the Senate would set the budget amounts for the pending budget bills. 17 min
June 27, 2005
A motion to bring a resolution calling for the Senate to set budget targets comes before the body. 39 min
June 23, 2005
The Senate meets briefly in session, and Senators express frustration over the ongoing special session. 33 min
June 20, 2005
The Senate convenes in session with ten days remaining before a partial government shutdown. 10 min
June 16, 2005
The Senate meets briefly in session and officially assigns several bills to the Senate Rules and Administration Committee that are intended to keep government functioning should a budget agreement not be reached. 8 min
June 13, 2005
The Senate convenes the fourth week of special session. 5 min
June 9, 2005
The Senate conducts a brief floor session. 7 min
June 6, 2005
The Senate convenes the third week of special session. 5 min
June 2, 2005
The Senate meets briefly in floor session. 5 min

May 2005
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May 31, 2005
The Senate convenes its third floor session of the Special Session. 7 min
May 24, 2005
One minute following adjournment of the 2005 regular session, the Senate convenes the special session as called by the Governor. 14 min
May 23, 2005
During the final evening hours of the 2005 regular session, the Senate gives final passage to the omnibus state government funding bill. (Coverage begins at 01:15:40). 2 hrs, 28 min
May 23, 2005
A major agreement to combat the growing meth problem throughout the state and to strengthen sexual assault crimes comes before the Senate as a conference committee report on HF 1, the omnibus public safety bill. (Coverage begins at 03:01:49).
Bills on Special Orders include:
HF 1925 - Human service licensing and predatory offender data access;
HF 2187 - Hennepin county healthcare system;
SF 896 - State lands and natural areas designation and easement conveyances;
HF 2192 - Postadoption services data collection and best practices guidelines;
HF 1889 - Child protection, child care and child and family support provisions;
HF 460 - Off-highway vehicles operation restrictions and forest classification changes;
SF 2121 - Commercial vehicles traffic regulation and drivers license changes;
HF 423 - Rented houseboats and hot tubs and whirlpools public pools regulation;
SF 785 - Restricted video games sale or rental prohibition;
SF 762 - Clean Water Legacy Act;
HF 974 - Peace officers vehicles operation authority;
SF 2093 - Employees payroll card and payroll card accounts regulations;
HF 2133 - State-owned building lease for child care center;
HF 986 - Urban initiative, low income definition;
HF 221 - Recreational land use liability expansion.
5 hrs, 39 min
May 21, 2005
The Senate meets for a Saturday session and grants final passage to several bills on Special Orders.
They include:
SF 1084 - Local government units pay eqauity report filing;
HF 1784 - State employees grievance procedures and repear of correctional employees early retirement;
HF 400 - Unemployment insurance eligibility exception permanency for school food service workers;
HF 823 - State timber lands regulation provisions;
HF 1816 - Mental health services provision changes, crime of fourth degree assault expansion;
HF 742 - Employment search firms regulation;
HF 675 - Hospice care bill of rights changes.
1 hr, 34 min
May 20, 2005
The conference committee report on the Higher Education funding bill received House approval and awaits Senate action. (Coverage begins at 03:33:26).
The Senate acts on the following bills:

HF 894 - Public waters inventory and work permit provisions;
SF 953 - Local government employees compensation limit increase;
SF 232 - Secondary students nonprescription pain relievers possession and use;
HF 987 - Infant cribs safety provision;
HF 874 - Electronic voting systems standards;
SF 1604 - Resolution for Amtrak funding;
HF 419 - Great Horned owls protection status.

4 hrs, 21 min
May 19, 2005
The Northwestern suburbs would receive a new hospital, under HF 1915, a bill awaiting final Senate approval (00:00:00). The Senate takes final action on the omnibus Pension bill (02:01:19) and SF 1298, a bill creating a system for the recycling of television sets and computer monitors, which soon cannot be tossed away in the garbage (03:11:26).
Other bills before the Senate include:
HF 369 - Minnesota common interest ownership act provisions;
HF 367 - Home purchase agreement cancellation and mortgage foreclosure advise notice requirements;
SF 1204 - Health occupations licensing regulation provisions;
HF 436 - Town roads or city streets vacation petitions approval;
HF 1507 - Quarantine for communicable diseases;
SF 1772 - Plant pest, nursery stock and wildflower provision changes;
HF 1555 - Minnesota emergency health powerrs act changes.
6 hrs, 39 min
May 18, 2005
The House transportation funding package, HF 2461, is before the Senate. The Senate also acts on SF 1089, the transportation policy bill (00:32:48). 4 hrs, 37 min
May 18, 2005
During the morning and early afternoon session, the Senate takes final action on SF 644, the family law bill (00:03:00) and HF 847, the game and fish bill (01:16:00). The Senate also acts on the following bills:
HF 369 - Changes to the Minnesota common interest ownership act;
HF 1579 - Technical changes to Health Dept. provisions;
SF 1468 - Public safety officers survivor benefits;
HF 466 - Warehouses operator regulations;
SF 1908 - Shooting range protections;
HF 1809 - Insurance provision changes.
3 hrs, 22 min
May 17, 2005
Income from both parents would be considered when determining child support, under SF 630, a bill awaiting final Senate action. (00:00:48). The Senate also acts on the omnibus liquor bill, SF 664,including a proposed amendment setting 8:00 a.m. as the time when 21 year-olds may legally drink for the first time. (00:51:00).
The Senate also considers:
SF 1555 - Making changes to the charitable gambling provisions;
HF 2156 - Conservators estate transactions involving conflict of interest regulation;
SF 1360 - Unclaimed property notice and distrubiton requirements;
SF 1675 - Recodifying Dept. of Revenue provisions.
2 hrs, 9 min
May 16, 2005
In memory of a young child, who died from the affects of being shaken, a bill promoting the use of educational videos to teach the dangers of shaking infants and young children is before the Senate. (Coverage begins at 00:38:43).
The Senate acts on the following bills:
SF 1720 - Technical changes to laws regulating family services and continuing care;
HF 473 - Exempting wedding rings from creditor remedies;
HF 1951 - Minor long term care provision changes;
SF 1326 - State forest road maps recording;
SF 1815 - Commerce departmen licensee requirements;
HF 1583 - Changes regarding membership travel contracts;
SF 1716 - Workers compensation provision changes;
SF 1207 - Postconviction relief petition limits;
HF 128 - Funeral providers civil action costs recovery;
SF 1984 - Employer nonpayment to employee penalty increases.
1 hr, 30 min
May 13, 2005
The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled the 2003 personal protection act, which eased the process by which residents obtain a handgun permit, as unconstitutional, because it became law as part of an unrelated bill. The Senate considers SF 2259, which would reinstate the 2003 law. (Coverage begins at 00:45:05)
The Senate also takes final action on the following bills:
HF 2110 - Changes to domestic abuse hearings, child custody and parenting time awards;
HF 2028 - Pope county recorder and auditor-treasurer office appointment;
SF 778 - DWI vehicle forfeiture and drivers license revocation;
SF 87 - Trespass crime expansion;
SF 834 - Resolution opposing Centeral American free trade agreement;
HF 1461 - Disabled persons parking privileges changes and simplifcation;
SF 181 - St. Louis County Biauswah bridge and Roussain cemetery designations;
HF 1922 - Minnesota computers for schools surplus state computers transfer
5 hrs, 19 min
May 12, 2005
A host of bills on Special Orders occupy the Senate.
They include:
HF 947 - Stillbirth record option;
HF 1164 - Parked emergency vehicle passing regulations;
HF 732 - Special assessments for electric or utility system alteration costs;
SF 885 - Mpls. motor vehicle deputy regrstrar office addition;
SF 1943 - Correctional officers discipline procedures;
SF 1998 - Helath plan reporting and billing requirements changes;
SF 1086 - Absentee voting;
SF 1135 - Brown County recorder appointment;
SF 2160 - Claims against the state;
SF 1738 - Water use permits issuance prohibition exception;
SF 1846 - Energy savings contracts;
SF 1378 - Medical education funding provisions changes;
HF 1669 - Insurance fees, rate filings and policy renewals and alterations changes.
2 hrs, 52 min
May 11, 2005
Crane Operators would need to be certified and would fall under regulations, according to SF 1485, awaiting final Senate action. (Coverage begins at 00:10:19) The Senate also acts on HF 1761, allowing Minnesota military personnel to disenroll from MinnesotaCare health insurance program (00:13:12). 30 min
May 10, 2005
The Senate considers final passage of six noncontroversial bills on Special Orders.
They include:
HF 1692 - Investment board unclassified employees compensation plan;
HF 1333 - Wabasha port authority commission authorization;
SF 333 - Farm labor housing manufactured home parks regulation exemption;
HF 68 - School districts coach contracts nonrenewal procedure;
HF 487 - Mentally retarded, mental retardation and physically handicapped and related terms statutory terminology modification;
HF 42 - Wildlife control officers firearms silencers use authority.
44 min
May 9, 2005
A bill. SF 917, providing grants to organizations presenting positive abortion alternatives is before the Senate. (Coverage begins at 01:03:05). The Senate also considers SF 1231, prohibiting residential property associations from disallowing the display of the american flag. (00:46:19).
The Senate considers several other noncontroversial bills on Special Orders.
2 hrs, 24 min
May 6, 2005
The third omnibus Senate tax bill, SF 2206, is before the body. (Coverage begins at 00:04:45). 2 hrs, 59 min
May 5, 2005
During the evening session, the Senate considers SF 2267, the omnibus K-12 education budget and policy bill. 2 hrs, 59 min
May 5, 2005
The omnibus early childhood education funding bill, SF 2277, awaits Senate action (00:01:00) as does SF 2265, the omnibus higher education funding bill (01:23:44). 2 hrs, 48 min
May 4, 2005
The Senate considers SF 2278, the omnibus health and human services budget bill. (Coverage begins at 00:09:26). The Senate also votes on the conference committee agreement on SF 4, raising the level of ethanol in gasoline sold in Minnesota (03:46:32). 4 hrs
May 3, 2005
SF 3, a bill raising the minimum wage, is returned to the Senate with House changes, which would raise the miminum wage $1 dollar per hour. The question before the Senate is to accept the House changes or to send the bill to conference committee (coverage begins at 00:00:00). Also, the Senate debates SF 2273, the omnibus public safety bill (00:20:30). 3 hrs, 43 min
May 2, 2005
SF 2276, the omnibus agriculture, environment and economic development budget bill, awaits final Senate action. 2 hrs, 9 min

April 2005
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April 29, 2005
The Senate takes up the state government budget bill, SF 2266, HF 1481. 4 hrs, 3 min
April 28, 2005
Random drug testing authorized by employers would apply to professional athletes, under SF 1780, a bill before the Senate. (Coverage begins at 00:25:29) The Senate also considers SF 1940, modifying the membership of the Metropolitan Council and the airports commission (00:06:44).
The Senate also considers:
HF 1320 - increasing Hennepin County park term limits;
SF 1486 - prohibiting traffic and vehicle inspection citation quotas;
SF 893 - short rotation woody crops contract authority;
SF 1509 - farm labor housing manufactured home parks regulation exemption;
HF 915 - airport land purchase aid reimbursement; aircraft registration requirements modification.
1 hr, 12 min
April 27, 2005
The Senate takes final action on thirteen bills listed on Special Orders. They include SF 808, a bill clarifying the licensing requirements for motorized foot scooters (00:29:41); and SF 289, assigning the state's presidential electoral college votes to the candidate who wins the popular vote (00:37:30).
Other bills before the Senate include:
HF 1334 - exempting environmental review of iron nugget production demonstration;
SF 427 - omnibus retirement provisions;
SF 969 - requiring state vehicles to use more renewable fuels;
SF 1355 - extended application deadline for power technicians license applications;
SF 1861 - requiring study of biotechnolgy piping systems installation procedures;
SF 1296 - snowmobiles trunk highway rights-of-way use;
SF 1056 - optional electronic transfer fee for dealers registration plates and stickers distribution;
SF 1869 - local governments units shared hospital or ambulance service purchasing contracts;
SF 554 - equine teeth floating services supervision requirement;
SF 1146 - clarifying exemption from local zoning ordinances for county agricultural societies;
HF 47 - City aid base calculation correction.
1 hr, 30 min
April 26, 2005
Awaiting Senate approval is a comprehensive energy policy bill, SF 1368, which authorizes the construction of more power transmission lines and promotes the development of renewable energy sources. (Coverage begins at 00:14:51) The Senate also considers HF 218, providing incentives for renewable energy producers (00:52:30). Also awaiting final Senate action is SF 284, allowing zero-depth swimming pools to be used by adults without lifeguard supervision. (00:57:48). 1 hr, 10 min
April 21, 2005
The Senate takes final action on a bill authorizing the Commissioner of Administration to use three new methods for contracting construction work. For two types of contracting, the commissioner is required to make specific written findings that the type of contracting is in the public interest. (Coverage begins at 00:14:18)

The Senate acts on two other bills:
SF 493 - adding members to Yellow Medicing County hospital district board;
SF 767 - recodifying corporate regulation provisions.

47 min
April 18, 2005
The Senate considers several noncontroversial bills on the Consent Calendar. 40 min
April 14, 2005
The Senate considers a motion to place before them HF 241, a bill giving peaceofficers and firefighters the right to wear a U.S. flag patch or pin on their uniforms. (Coverge begins at 00:03:00) 18 min
April 11, 2005
The Senate acts on SF 1064, a bill providing grants for closed-captioning services and dial-up news services for the deaf and hearing impaired community. 21 min
April 7, 2005
The Senate considers a motion to move from committee to the floor HF 6, asking voters whether the state constitution should define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. 44 min
April 6, 2005
The Senate takes its final vote on the bill issuing bonds for statewide public construction projects. 18 min
April 4, 2005
The Senate offers a moment of silence upon the death of Pope John Paul II. 17 min

March 2005
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March 31, 2005
The Senate takes action on SF 255, eliminating the $5,000 cap on MinnesotaCare benefits provided to adults without children (00:09:30), and SF 1683, an omnibus tax bill that includes raising the tax rate on Minnesotans with incomes in the upper tax bracket and eliminating the alternative minimum tax for middle income filers. (00:50:00). 2 hrs, 21 min
March 29, 2005
The Senate convenes its first floor session following Easter break. 19 min
March 23, 2005
The Senate considers two proposals designed to continue the base level of funding for state government in the coming two years and eliminate the projected deficit. SF 1209 raises the revenue and SF 1879 allocates the funding for the various areas of state government. 1 hr, 55 min
March 22, 2005
The Senate considers several noncontroversial bills on the Consent Calendar, including HF 925, which brings state laws into federal conformity to take advantage of Medicare's drug benefit program. 23 min
March 21, 2005
The Senate considers two resolutions: SF 1245, which calls for changes in the federal No Child Left Behind Act, and SF 1092, requesting that the federal No Child Left Behind Act not be expanded to include high schools. 53 min
March 17, 2005
A bill, SF 419, instructing the Dept. of Education and school districts to promote student access to license support services, such as licensed school counselors, licensed school psychologists and licensed school social workers, awaits Senate approval. (Coverage begins at 00:39:59) The Senate also considers SF 180, assigning parents the right to decide whether twin siblings should be placed in the same classrom (01:04:00).
Bills on the Senate Calendar receive Senate consideration, including SF 1960, which would allow candidates for office to distribute candy while participating in a local parade (00:27:08).
1 hr, 19 min
March 14, 2005
Children who are under the age of 9 and weigh less than 80 pounds must be properly restraint when in a vehicle, under SF 298, a bill before the Senate. (Coverage begins at 00:34:34). The Senate also considers a resolution setting the price of local and state government as it relates to personal income (00:12:55).
Four other bills await final Senate approval:
SF 370 - allowing media access to polling places (00:56:54);
SF 451 - codifying Anoka County laws (01:05:00);
SF 453 - authorizing auctioneer licensing (01:13:36);
SF 186 - specifying proper bid process for the construction of a transit hub in downtown Minneapolis (01:16:14).
1 hr, 48 min
March 10, 2005
The Senate holds a brief floor session and considers noncontroversial bills on the Consent Calendar, including SF 1254, which designates May as "Hire a Veteran Month." 19 min
March 7, 2005
The Senate considers several noncontroversial bills that were forwarded by committees to the floor as Consent Calendar items. 37 min
March 3, 2005
Law enforcement officials predict Minnesota has about 400 active meth labs, and the number is growing. The Senate considers a bill, SF 51, intended to curb the production of methamphetamines by regulating the sale of pseudoephedrine. (00:11:45) Also before the Senate is SF 1116, which requires kids under the age of 13 to wear lifejackets when boating (01:24:11) 3 hrs, 39 min

February 2005
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February 28, 2005
With the Senate and House proposing different capital improvements bills, a conference committee is selected, with objections, to resolve the differences. (Coverage begins at 20:55). 30 min
February 24, 2005
Awaiting Senate approval is SF 699, allowing the city of Mounds View to establish a Tax Increment Finance (TIF) district where a city golf course currently exists. The TIF district would provide an incentive to the Medtronic Corporation to build a research facility. (Coverage begins at 00:25:53). 47 min
February 21, 2005
The Senate convenes a brief floor session on Presidents' Day. 14 min
February 17, 2005
Before the Senate is a concurrent resolution setting the deadlines for committees to complete their work. 32 min
February 14, 2005
In addition to acting upon the Consent Calendar bills, the Senate considers the conference committee report on HF57, the deficiency appropriations bill. 33 min
February 10, 2005
Before the Senate is SF 171, the Omnibus Liquor Bill 14 min
February 7, 2005
Awaiting final Senate action is SF 4, a bill raising the amount of ethanol content in gasoline sold in Minnesota from 10 to 20 percent. 24 min
February 3, 2005
Before the Senate is SF 3, a bill proposing to raise the minimum wage. The Senate also considers a proposal, SR 34, designating February 6th as Ronald Reagan Day in Minnesota (01:50:30). 2 hrs, 32 min

January 2005
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January 31, 2005
Before the Senate is SF 2, a bill requiring when releasing state budget forecasts to include inflation in calculating expenditures. Currently inflation only is required in determining state revenues. 1 hr, 24 min
January 27, 2005
HF 57, a bill appropriating funds to cover shortfalls in current agency operating budgets, is before the Senate. 23 min
January 26, 2005
The Senate holds the constitutional authority to approve gubernatorial appointments, and several nominees to various state boards are before the Senate. Pending confirmations include appointments to the Gambling Control Board, Board of Animal Health, Rural Finance Authority, Veterans Home Board, Board of Teaching, Board of School Administrators, and the Minnesota Higher Education Facilities Authority. 19 min
January 24, 2005
SF 1, authorizing the sale of bonds for capital improvements, awaits Senate action. 1 hr, 23 min
January 20, 2005
Before the Senate is a bill to accelerate tax deductions for charitable contributions made on behalf of the Tsunami victims. The proposal would conform the state income tax law to federal policy, which will allow contributions made this month to be tax deductible when estimating 2004 itemized deductions. Also before the Senate is the confirmation of former state representative Alice Seagren as Commissioner of Education. 32 min
January 19, 2005
The Senate meets briefly in its first session of the week. 9 min
January 13, 2005
>A resolution commemorating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is before the Senate. 14 min
January 10, 2005
The Governor's choices to head the Dept. of Public Safety and the Dept. of Administration await Senate confirmation. 30 min
January 6, 2005
The Senate conducts a brief session, formally introducing and referring bills for committee consideration. 13 min
January 4, 2005
The Senate convenes the eight-fourth biennial session of the Minnesota Legislature. 1 hr, 13 min