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May 2004
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May 15, 2004
With the constitutional deadline of Monday for ajournment, the Senate must complete work on all pending legislation and appointments. Before the Senate is the confirmation of several high-profile Gubernatorial appointments, including the Commissioners of Employee Relations, Transportation and Education. (Coverage begins at 10:29:51). Also, the Senate acts on the omnibus date practices bill, HF 2087 (00:11:04); and several omnibus bills, including:
SF 1530, regulating the ownership and possession of dangerous animals (07:58:52);
SF 58. lowering the blood alcohol content to .08 (10:25:00); and
HF 1793, the education policy bill (13:01:00).
View Now 12 hrs, 9 min
May 14, 2004
The Senate was in recess for most of the day, and met in session to process reports from the House and conference committee reports. View Now 1 hr, 9 min
May 13, 2004
Compliance to the federal Help America Vote Act is before the Senate as HF 1006. (Coverage begins at 02:01:10) Another proposal awaiting final Senate action is HF 2151, proposing new changes to the state telecommunication regulations. (03:08:00). And, a motion to bring before the Senate HF 2798, proposing a consitutional amendment to recognize marriage only as a union between a man and a women, concludes the Senate session. (04:28:56) Several other bills on Special Orders await final Senate action. They include:
HF2040 - Wastewater treatment technology certification;
SF653 - 911 emergency telecommunications;
HF 2671 - motor carriers clarifying language;
SF 2429 - requiring notice of intent to move jobs out of the country;
HF 2288 - Conciliation court debtor disclosure requirements expansion;
HF 2139 � title insurance;
HF 2577 - Revisor's Bill;
HF 1838/SF 1948 � articulated buses;
SF 1836 � Secretary of State provisions;
HF 2217 - Railroad crossings;
HF 2391/SF 2192 - drug dispensing;
HF 1006 - Help America Vote Act;
SF 2313 - MN Public Authorities bill;
HF 2246 � nursing home survey and Certification;
HF 2151 � Omnibus Telecommunications bills;
HF 532 - snowmobile right-of-way;
HF 2078 - Met. Council provisions;
HF 2864 - Kosher food;
HF606 - Minnesota Health Plan Contracting Act; health care services prior authorization requests regulation; network shadow contracting provisions modifications.
View Now 5 hrs, 8 min
May 12, 2004
Before the Senate is SF 2426, the Omnibus Agriculture Policy Bill. (Coverage begins at 00:39:08). Several other bills listed on Special Orders await final Senate action. They include:
HF 2383 - DNR Forestry bill;
HF 2378 - city or town unpaid services charges collection authority expansion;
SF 2428 - Omnibus Ag. Policy bill;
SF 2263 - Transportation technical bill;
SR156 - A senate resolution expressing support for the revitalization of the Dakota and Ojibwe languages;
HF 2633 � ethanol production;
HF 2085 - review of hospital;
SF 1866 - State employee contract ratification;
SF 2112 - authorizing an exception to the prohibition on asset transfers for certain charitable gifts;
HF 2027 - exemption to nursing home moratorium;
SF 2292 - disclaimer bill;
HF 2363/SF 2211 � Eurasian water milfoil.
View Now 4 hrs, 39 min
May 11, 2004
Several noncontroversial measures await final Senate action.
HF 2175 - Health Occupations Licensing;
HF 2207 - Drug rebates;
HF 2386 - DEED Merger;
HF 722 - exempting garbage trucks from certain weight restrictions;
HF 1691 - local government road construction;
HF 2444 - Uniform Conflict of Laws;
HF 201 - regulating the joint underwriting association;
HF 1961 - expanding the crime of causing death while committing child abuse;
SF 2068 - prohibiting tree planting over drain tiles.
View Now 2 hrs, 31 min
May 10, 2004
Before the Senate are four omnibus bills: SF 2793 - Regulating ATV use and trails (00:08:35); SF 2696 - Imposing a variety of changes to the state liquor laws (01:34:09); SF 2335 - Enacting several changes to the state transportation regulations (02:23:42); HF 2368 - Changing various provisions regulating game and fish laws (06:18:00). View Now 7 hrs, 30 min
May 7, 2004
Five noncontroversial bills on Special Orders await final Senate action.
They include:
SF 2869 - Modifying regulations regarding the handling of nuclear material;
HF 2277 - Dept. of Human Services licensing bill;
SF 3036 - Memorializng Center fo Medicaid and Medicare Services to designate Minnesota as a single-state region under the Medicare Modernization Act;
SF 1974 - Extending the deadline for funding LCMR projects;
HF 2187 - Requiring the registering of employees of debt collection agencies.
View Now 48 min
May 6, 2004
A proposed $948 million bonding package is before the Senate. (Coverage of the measure, HF 2991, begins at 00:27:10) Also before the Senate is HF 1793, the omnibus education policy bill, which contains proposed science and social studies standards. (03:24:30) View Now 7 hrs, 26 min
May 5, 2004
A bill, SF 1789, creating a process for state residents to purchase stock in the Minnesota Twins is before the Senate. (Coverage begins at 02:38:00) Also, the current metro area ban on the use of phosphorous in lawn fertilizers would be extended statewide, under HF 2005, also before the Senate. (00:39:30)
Other bills on Special Orders awaiting final action include:
SF 2472 � Clarifies laws regulating DNR activities to better identify the department�s responsibilities;
SF 1973 � Expanding the development of the statewide 800 mhz public safety radio system;
HF 2103 � Authorizing municipalities to require the dedication of land in lieu of a fee for public purposes;
HF 1425 � Regulating stays of execution on money judgments against a company and limiting bond amounts during appeals process;
HF 730 � Extending home warranty periods;
SF 2080 � Licensing of outpatient surgery centers;
HF 2691 � Changes regarding the Council on Disability;
SF 2125 � Extending the time that ice houses may be on northern Minnesota lakes;
HF 1954 � Deleting requirements for designation to the Regional Development Commission;
HF 1898 � Repealing requirements for designation of natural preservation routs on county state-aid highways;
HF 1392 � Preventing city governing body members from serving on charter commissions;
SF 2274 � Municipal Interim Zoning Ordinances;
HF 2270 � Regulating publication of public notices in newspapers;
SF 2154 � Regulating E85 use in state owned vehicles;
HF 2235 � Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council;
SF 2703 � DOER state hiring provisions.
View Now 3 hrs
May 4, 2004
Minors would have to wait until they are 18 years of age to receive a driving permit if they are convicted of a crash-related violation, under a measure, SF 2851, that awaits final Senate approval having been amended by the House. View Now 18 min
May 3, 2004
Parents awaiting the adoption of a child would be afforded the same protection under the Human Rights laws as biological parents, according to a bill, SF 1384, before the Senate. (Coverage begins at 00:45:00) For the first time, Minnesota would have statewide regulations on ownership and possession of exotic animals, under SF 1530, another measure before the Senate. (Coverage begins at 02:11:28).
Other bills awaiting final Senate approval include:
HF 2930 - Requiring flags on the Capitol grounds to be flown at half mast upon the death of a public safety officer or a member of the armed services (02:07:00);
SF 2231 - Creating a process for peace officers to recover attorney fees (01:53:27);
SF 2437 - Regulating farm product liens and financing statements (01:57:00);
SF 2455 - Removing sunset date on Council on Propane Education and Research (02:02:52).
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April 2004
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April 29, 2004
Families facing higher taxes as a result of the Alternative Minimum Tax will receive a break, and local governments will receive an additional $60 million dollars in state aid, under HF 2540, the omnibus tax bill before the Senate. However, a planned cut in the statewide business property tax is suspended under the plan. (Coverage begins at 00:18:45) And, the Senate pays tribute to Orville Eithier. (00:04:46) View Now 4 hrs, 10 min
April 28, 2004
Before the Senate is HF 2521, a bill strenthening the accounting and reporting procedures regulating lawful, charitable gambling. Coverage begins at 00:08:00. View Now 26 min
April 26, 2004
The Senate continued its work on the Special Orders Calendar by taking final action on several noncontroversial bills.
Bills awaiting final action include:
SF 2177 - Modifying the method for determining each municipality's affordable and live-cycle housing opportunities (00:24:08);
HF 1645 - Creating the Minnesota Museum Property Act (00:32:08);
SF 806 - Modifying the responsibilities to provide acutarial valuations (00:37:00);
SF 2365 - Creating reporting system for adverse health care events (00:40:24);
SF 1922 - Making minor changes to the underwiriting of homewoners' insurance (00:45:25);
SF 2134 - Regulating joint self-insurance employee benefit plans (00:47:53);
SF 1115 - Establishing third party telecommunication billing regulations (01:13:14).
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April 22, 2004
The Senate dedicated its session to taking final action on several Special Order bills.
Bills awaiting action include:
HF 1978 - conforming regulation of truck driver hours to the federal standard (00:11:21);
SF 1758 - enacting changes to the paternity presumption statute (00:16:47);
SF 2265 - clarifying the status of industrial loan and thrift companies that accept deposits (00:20:04):
HF 1861 - regulating the liability on land used for recreational purposes (00:28:14);
SF 1875 - Modifying the resource consideration for out of home placement of children with their relatives (00:48:50);
SF 1782 - Estabilishing local governments reporting requirements concerning pay equity (00:51:15);
SF 2593 - Regulating the restrictions regarding the display of the United States Flag (01:21:00).
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April 19, 2004
Minors would have to wait until they are 18 years of age to receive a driving permit if they are convicted of a crime, under a measure, SF 2851, before the committee. We begin coverage with a proposed amendment to the bill revoking drivers licenses for crash related violations.
Other bills awaiting final Senate action include:
SF 1805 - Revisons to the Uniform Commercial Code (00:22:24);
HF 995 - Requiring notice and construction plans before excavating around utilities (00:27:53);
SF 2494 - Expanding colors to be used by school safety patrols to include Yellow and Yellow Green along with Blaze Orange ( 00:31:37).
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April 15, 2004
Any changes imposed by the federal government to the regulation of overtime compensation would be suspended in Minnesota, under a proposal before the Senate. The bill, SF 2413, also requires the Dept. of Labor and Industry to study the impact of the federal regulation changes. (Coverage begins at 00:12:26)
Another proposal awaiting Senate action is SF 2009, which transfers Minnesota tourism functions to a separate office called Office of Explore Minnesota Tourism. (Coverage begins at 01:21:00)
View Now 1 hr, 37 min
April 13, 2004
A proposal to raise the minimum wage 75 cents per hour beginning July 1, 2004, and another 75 cents on July 1, 2005, is before the Senate.
The bill, SF 3, raises the wage to $5.90 in 2004 and $6.65 in 2005 for employers with sales above $500,000 annually. Smaller employers would pay a minimum wage of $4.90 in 2004 and $5.65 in 2005.
View Now 2 hrs, 9 min
April 12, 2004
The Legislative Auditor's report on the state lottery spurred proposals to strengthen the oversite of the agency. The proposal, SF 2181, is before the Senate, including an amendment to entirely abolish the state lottery. (Coverage begins at 00:43:02)
Local governments could mandate direct deposit of employees checks, under another proposal, SF 1787, before the Senate. (Coverage begins at 01:03:54)
Several other noncontroversial bills on the Special Orders Calendar await final Senate action. (Coverage begins at 00:06:08)
View Now 1 hr, 41 min
April 8, 2004
Awaiting final Senate action is H.F. 2080, the supplemental appropriations bill. Discussion and amendments to the bill occur according to each article. Transportation funding is the first article to be considered, and coverage begins at 00:08:40
The discussion and amendments on each article occur as follows:
Education - 01:56:14;
Environment, Natural Resources and Econonic Development - 03:09:20;
State Government - 03:37:53;
Health and Human Services - 06:09:45;
Crime Prevention - 08:38:21.
View Now 11 hrs, 32 min
April 7, 2004
Before the Senate is H.F. 956, the DFL-proposed plan to eliminate the $160 million budget deficit. View Now 3 hrs, 10 min
April 5, 2004
The Senate takes final action on several noncontroversial Consent Calendar bills. View Now 41 min

March 2004
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March 31, 2004
The Senate session conducts a brief floor session to reassign bills to the appropriate committees as Friday's committee deadline nears. View Now 18 min
March 29, 2004
The Senate this week faces its third committee deadline, which is set for the budget divisions, and the floor session is brief. View Now 13 min
March 26, 2004
State contracts only could be issued for services performed by United States workers, according to a bill, SF 1792, before the Senate. (Coverage begins at 00:08:15) Noncontroversial bills on the Senate Consent Calendar await final Senate approval (01:23:25). View Now 1 hr, 35 min
March 22, 2004
A proposal asking Minnesota voters if the state constitution should include the definition of a marriage as a union between a man and a women is before the Senate Judiciary Committee. A motion arises to remove the bill from committee and place it before the full Senate. (Coverage begins at 00:08:06.)
The Senate acts on several bills listed on the Consent Calendar. (00:47:00)
View Now 1 hr, 29 min
March 18, 2004
Minnesota agencies would be prohibited from contracting services performed by workers outside of the United States, under SF 1792, a bill before the full Senate. (Coverage begins at 00:00:00) View Now 1 hr, 45 min
March 17, 2004
Reverend Bryan O'Rourke of St. Mark's Parish in St. Paul opens an otherwise routine session with a heartwarming prayer on this St. Patrick's Day. View Now 14 min
March 15, 2004
A bill granting the state attorney general additional authority to prosecute people who levy false claims against the state awaits final Senate approval. (Coverage begins at 00:12:51).
The Senate unanimously granted final passage to several bills listed on the Calendar and Consent Calendar.
View Now 50 min
March 11, 2004
Following a brief floor session, the Senate pays tribute to college football's most successful coach, John Gagliardi from St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota. (Coverage of the tribute begins at 00:22:07.) View Now 36 min
March 8, 2004
A provision allowing agencies to designate additional unclassified positions raised considerable disussion during the floor session. Before the Senate is an amendment removing that authority. The bill is HF 1064 and the coverage begins at 00:07:38. More: View Now 43 min
March 4, 2004
The Senate operates according to the rules it establishes, and a resolution outlining those rules awaits full Senate consideration. (Coverage begins at 00:23:00.) The Senate also considers a motion to advance to the floor a proposed constitutional amendment providing bonus pay for veterans of the War on Terrorism. (Coverage begins at 01:27:00). Several noncontroversial bills listed on the Senate Consent Calendar await final Senate approval (00:07:17). View Now 2 hrs, 14 min
March 1, 2004
A Senate rule places the confirmation of Gubernatorial appointees before the full Senate one year following appointment. The confirmation of Education Commissioner Cheri Pearson Yecke awaits Senate action. View Now 54 min

February 2004
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February 26, 2004
The Senate held a very brief floor session to formally introduce bills, which are then assigned to the proper committee for consideration. The Senate will conduct another brief session Monday, then recess until Wednesday, March 3, to allow members the opportunity to attend their precinct caucuses. View Now 15 min
February 23, 2004
The Senate acts on SF 1613, which allows the city of Roseville to use rank order voting in their upcoming special election. The new voting style eliminates the need for a primary election by allowing voters to select their first and second choices. (Coverage begins at 00:10:01) More: View Now 1 hr, 9 min
February 19, 2004
Governor Pawlenty's appointment of Glenn Wilson as Commissioner of Commerce awaits Senate confirmation. (Coverage begins at 07:57)
Several other bills on General Orders await preliminary Senate action:
SF 1626 clarifies storm and sanitary sewer authorizations (00:48:44);
SF 480 provides protection for the disclosure of job reference information (00:50:58);
HF 148 increases disclosure requirements for local campaign contributions (00:59:16);
SF 1745 amends several state trust law provisions (01:00:51).
View Now 30 min
February 16, 2004
Action to confirm the appointments of Gene Merriam as Commissioner of the Dept. of Natural Resources and Brian Lamb as Commissioner of the Dept. of Administration is before the Senate. View Now 45 min
February 12, 2004
The United States government will withhold federal highway funds to states with blood alcohol standards above .08, and the Minnesota Senate decides whether to lower the state's standard of .10 to the required level. View Now 1 hr, 58 min
February 9, 2004
Confirming the Governor's appointments of agency commissioners is the unique responsiblity of the Senate, and action on the confirmations is before the Senate. View Now 1 hr, 9 min
February 2, 2004
The Senate convenes the 2004 legislative session. View Now 1 hr, 5 min