December 17, 2017
Minnesota Senate
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Minnesota Senate 2017 Capitol News Coverage Directory 4
Senate Rule 16

16. Credentials for News Coverage

16.1 (a) The Secretary of the Senate shall provide a reasonable number of spaces on the Senate floor and in the Senate gallery for individuals and organizations with credentials and passes issued under this rule.

(b) The Sergeant at Arms may not issue credentials or day passes under this rule to political organizations or to individuals affiliated with a political organization. For the purposes of this rule, "political organization" means an organization owned or controlled by a registered lobbyist, a political caucus, a political party, or any party organization and "individuals affiliated with a political organization" means an individual who, during the preceding 24 months, has been employed by or received any compensation from a political organization.

(c) Due to the limited space available for organizations or individuals providing news coverage of the Senate, the Senate finds that there is a compelling public interest in limiting credentials issued under this rule to organizations or individuals who demonstrate that they provide regular news coverage of the legislature. For session credentials, an organization or individual must submit an application to the Sergeant at Arms. The Sergeant at Arms must review the application and approve or reject it within 14 days after receipt. Upon the request of the Sergeant at Arms, an applicant for credentials must provide evidence of the applicant's activities in providing regular news coverage of the legislature. Evidence of regular news coverage must include examples of news coverage of legislative matters produced by the applicant. The examples must include written, video, or audio coverage written or recorded in the past year, and a description of how they were publicly distributed. Any opinion expressed in the examples is not subject to review under this rule at any time.

(d) If an application is rejected, the Sergeant at Arms must state the reason for the rejection in writing and notify the applicant, the Secretary of the Senate, the Majority Leader, and the Minority Leader in writing.

(e) An appeal of a denial of credentials must be made in writing to the Secretary of the Senate, the Senate Majority Leader, and the Senate Minority Leader. The Committee on Rules and Administration shall review and decide the appeal within 14 days after receiving a letter of appeal.

16.2 The Sergeant at Arms may grant a day pass for access authorized under Rule 16.1, paragraph (a) The day pass may be issued for a single day to an individual or organization who has not applied for credentials and who is not prohibited from receiving credentials under Rule 16.1, paragraph (b). The pass may be granted upon the request of a member or the organization or individual, and may be renewed from day to day upon request.

16.3 The Secretary shall compile and distribute to the public a directory of individuals and organizations who have been issued credentials under Rule 16.1 to provide news coverage from the Senate floor. The directory must include each individual's picture and organization and a brief biography.

16.4 The Secretary must issue each individual or organization with credentials an identification badge showing the individual's name and organization. The individual must wear the badge when in the Senate Chamber.

16.5 (a) A credential shall be revoked by the Sergeant at Arms if the Sergeant has received credible information indicating that the individual or organization either was not qualified to receive the credential when it was given, or no longer qualifies for a credential.

(b) An appeal of a revocation of credentials must be made in writing to the Secretary of the Senate, the Senate Majority Leader, and the Senate Minority Leader. The Committee on Rules and Administration shall review and decide the appeal within 14 days after receiving a letter of appeal.

adopted January 06,2015

Minnesota Senate 2017 Capitol News Coverage Directory 5
Jim Mone
Associated Press
Capitol: 612-332-2727
Cell: 612-730-8258
Education: B.S. Degree, Nebraska Omaha
Experience: 43 years AP photographer.
Kyle Potter
Associated Press
Capitol: 651-222-4821
Newsroom: 612-332-2727
Fax: 651-222-2208
Cell: 612-805-0617
Education: B.A., University of Minnesota
Experience: Minnesota Daily, Pioneer Press, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, The Forum of Fargo Moorhead, Associated Press.
Don Davis
Forum News Service
Capitol: 651-290-0707
Education: Wm. Penn College (Oskaloosa, Iowa); Journalism degree, Drake University (Des Moines, Iowa).
Experience: Covered state government for Rochester Post-Bulletin and Bismarck Tribune; newspaper editor for 15 years; Forum Communications Capitol Bureau chief since 2001.
Tom Olmscheid
Freelance - St. Paul
Education: AA degree Inver Hills C. C.
Experience: 36 years House Chief Photographer, 38 years contract photographer Associated Press. Freelance contributor to MinnPost and Pioneer Press.
Minnesota Senate 2017 Capitol News Coverage Directory 6
John Croman
Capitol: 651-292-8988
Newsroom: 763-797-7215
Fax: 763-546-1111
Cell: 612-209-9091
Education: BS, Journalism, University of Kansas.
Experience: 30 years in TV and radio news, including 10 years covering MN State Capitol; Omaha, Phoenix, and Lawrence, KS; seven years in radio news in Lawrence, Salina, and Coffeyville, KS.
Timothy Blotz
Newsroom: 952-946-5767
Cell: 952-412-7677
Education: B.S. Political Science, Communication - University of Wisconsin Stevens Point; M. A. Strategic Communications - University of Minnesota
Experience: 30 years of broadcasting and communications.
Tom Hauser
Capitol: 651-665-0920
Newsroom: 651-642-4455
Fax: 651-642-4409
Education: BA, Journalism and Political Science, University of St. Thomas; MA, Journalism and Mass Communications, Drake University.
Experience: KAAL-TV, Austin, MN; WINK-TV, Fort Myers, FL; WHO-TV, Des Moines; KSTP-TV, Mpls-St. Paul.
Francisco Almenara-Dumur
KTTC-TV 10 - Rochester, MN
Newsroom: 507-535-8934
Fax: 507-288-6278
Cell: 804-551-1601
Education: BA, Journalism; Minor, Computer Science, James Madison University
Experience: KTTC (June 2016 - present); internship at WRIC in Richmond, Va.; reporter for JMU Today in college.
Minnesota Senate 2017 Capitol News Coverage Directory 7
Shannon Bolte
KTTC-TV 10 - Rochester, MN
Newsroom: 507-280-5125
Fax: 507-288-6278
Cell: 507-251-7984
Education: BA, photojournalism, Winona State University.
Experience: Full-time photographer at KTTC since November 2014.
Shannon Rousseau
KTTC-TV 10 - Rochester, MN
Newsroom: 507-535-8935
Fax: 507-288-6278
Education: BA, Radio, TV and Film, University of North Texas. Minors in music and communication.
Experience: Weekend anchor, producer and multimedia journalist at KTTC since August 2016. Nightly news anchor, producer and reporter at North Texas Television. Internship at WFAA in Forth Worth,
Chuck Sibley
KTTC-TV 10 - Rochester, MN
Newsroom: 507-280-5125
Fax: 507-288-6278
Experience: Worked at KTTC since 1972, with more than 20 years as the senior news photojournalist.
Chris Yu
KTTC-TV 10 - Rochester, MN
Newsroom: 507-535-8932
Fax: 507-288-6278
Cell: 252-571-4600
Education: BA, journalism, University of Maryland.
Experience: Mutlimedia reporter at KTTC since November 2015. Previously worked at WCTI-TV and WHTM-TV.
Minnesota Senate 2017 Capitol News Coverage Directory 8
Trey Mewes
Mankato Free Press
Capitol: 651-491-0632
Newsroom: 507-344-6365
Education: University of Minnesota 2006-2010, BA degree in journalism, history.
Experience: Mankato Free Press since September 2015. Previously worked at the Austin Daily Herald.
Kevin Featherly
Minnesota Lawyer/Politics in Minnesota
Newsroom: 651-222-1837
Education: BA, Journalism, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
Experience: Most recently 12 years of freelance writing for dozens of local and national publications; held previous positions as reporter and editor with Washington Post Newsweek Interactive, McGraw-Hill, Landmark Communications, North Country Community Newspapers and Internet Broadcasting System.
Scott Peterson
Minnesota News Network
Capitol: 651-224-0355
Newsroom: 952-545-6660
Cell: 612-423-4676
Education: BS - UW - Riverfalls, WI Associates - Radio Broadcast - Brown
Experience: Anchor, reporter, producer, Minnesota News Network; KYMN - Radio; Clear Channel - KTCN 1130
Bill Werner
Minnesota News Network
Capitol: 651-224-0355
Newsroom: 952-545-6660
Education: BA, Political Science, Macalester College.
Experience: Political correspondent, Minnesota News Network since 1993.
Minnesota Senate 2017 Capitol News Coverage Directory 9
Brian Bakst
Minnesota Public Radio
Capitol: 651-291-1035
Newsroom: 651-290-1424
Cell: 651-226-6089
Education: BA, Political Science/Journalism, University of Minnesota.
Experience: Copy editor, Albuquerque Journal; legislative correspondent, Murphy McGinnis Media; legislative reporter, Associated Press, 1999 - 2016.
Tim Nelson
Minnesota Public Radio
Newsroom: 651-290-1393
Cell: 651-315-4900
Education: BA, Gustavus Adolphus College.
Experience: Minnesota Daily, St. Paul Pioneer Press.
Tim Pugmire
Minnesota Public Radio
Capitol: 651-291-1035
Newsroom: 651-290-1424
Cell: 651-261-3287
Education: BS, St. Cloud State University.
Experience: Minnesota Public Radio, 1990-present.
Tom Scheck
Minnesota Public Radio
Capitol: 651-290-1574
Newsroom: 651-290-1424
Fax: 651-227-5238
Education: BA in Broadcast Journalism and English, Syracuse University.
Experience: General assignment reporter, Indiana Public Radio, 1996-2000; reporter on health care issues, MPR news, 2000-2005; reporter, politics and state government MPR News, 2005-2010.
Minnesota Senate 2017 Capitol News Coverage Directory 10
Ken McAuliffe - MSP
Capitol: 952-270-0512
Newsroom: 952-473-0503
Experience: Owner and journalist for, owner 2013
Briana Noel Bierschbach
Newsroom: 320-469-3206
Education: B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities
Experience: Previously covered the Minnesota Legislature with the Associated Press and Politics in Minnesota.
Martin Owings
Capitol: 612-819-8599
Cell: 612-819-8599
Education: MA - Organizational Leadership IT, Saint Catherine University (Exp 2015), BA - History, Metro State University
Experience: KFAI Radio News, Public Record Media, MN Capitol Conversations,
Alexandra Renslo
NWCT-12 News
Capitol: 612-720-9074
Newsroom: 763-533-8196
Fax: 763-533-1346
Education: BA, Journalism & English, UW-Madison
Experience: 15 years of experience in television news; reporter, anchor, producer. Wisconsin Public Television, WKBT-TV, NWCT-12 News, 2005-present.
Minnesota Senate 2017 Capitol News Coverage Directory 11
Heather J. Carlson
Rochester Post-Bulletin
Capitol: 507-301-1927
Newsroom: 507-281-7482
Fax: 507-285-7715
Education: MA in Journalism, University of Missouri; BA, College of St Catherine.
Experience: Previously worked as Associated Press statehouse reporter in Missouri; Rochester Post-Bulletin, 2005-present.
Christopher Magan
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Capitol: 651-228-5136
Newsroom: 651-228-5557
Fax: 651-228-5500
Cell: 513-535-0281
Education: B.S. Journalism from Tennessee State University
Experience: Education reporter Pioneer Press 2011 - Education/Government reporter Dayton Daily News 2004-2011
Dave Orrick
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Capitol: 651-224-5812
Fax: 651-228-5500
Cell: 651-283-5489
Education: Northwestern University.
Experience: Twenty years' experience; 11 years' experience with St. Paul Pioneer Press.
Jean Pieri
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Newsroom: 651-228-5497
Fax: 651-228-2169
Cell: 651-325-6017
Education: University of Minnesota.
Experience: St. Paul Pioneer Press photographer since 1983.
Minnesota Senate 2017 Capitol News Coverage Directory 12
Bill Salisbury
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Capitol: 651-228-5538
Newsroom: 651-228-5555
Fax: 651-228-5528
Cell: 651-334-5538
Education: BA, History, University of MN, Morris.
Experience: Reporter, Fairmont Sentinel, 1971-72; reporter, Rochester Post-Bulletin, 1972-77; reporter, St. Paul Pioneer press, 1977-present.
Tad Vezner
St. Paul Pioneer Press
Newsroom: 651-228-5461
Fax: 651-228-5500
Education: MA from Missouri School of Journalism
Experience: 10 years s reporter at Pioneer Press.
Patrick Condon
Star Tribune
Capitol: 651-925-5049
Cell: 612-655-7312
Education: University of St.Thomas, St. Paul.
Experience: Star Tribune 2014-present. AP reporter in Minnesota 2004-2014. Covered 2005 and 2006 Legislative sessions in St. Paul. Also covered Legislatures and state government for newspapers in Washington State and North Dakota.
J. Patrick Coolican
Star Tribune
Capitol: 651-925-5042
Fax: 651-222-0101
Education: B.A. University of Notre Dame Fellowships: The Ohio State University University of Michigan
Experience: The Seattle Times, Las Vegas Sun.
Minnesota Senate 2017 Capitol News Coverage Directory 13
Erin Golden
Star Tribune
Capitol: 612-673-4790
Education: BA, History and American Studies, College of William and Mary; MS, Journalism, Northwestern University.
Experience: Star Tribune (2014 - present); Previously: Omaha World-Herald, The Bulletin.
Leila Navidi
Star Tribune
Newsroom: 612-710-1293
Education: Rochester Institute of Technology B.A. Applied Photography 2003
Experience: Star Tribune since Sept., 2014 Las Vegas Sun 2007-2013
Christopher Snowbeck
Star Tribune
Newsroom: 612-673-4744
Cell: 612-900-4019
Education: B.A., Carleton College, 1994
Experience: Minneapolis Star Tribune, 2014-present; St. Paul Pioneer Press, 2006-2014; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1997-2006; Charlotte, Va., Daily Progress, 1994-1997.
Glen Stubbe
Star Tribune
Capitol: 612-210-8603
Newsroom: 612-210-8603
Education: BS Photojournalism, Syracuse University.
Experience: Wilkes-Barre, PA, Times Leader, 1981-83; Tampa Tribune, FL, 1983-86; Washington Times, DC, 1986-98, Star Tribune, 1998 - present.
Minnesota Senate 2017 Capitol News Coverage Directory 14
Lori Sturdevant
Star Tribune
Capitol: 612-673-4505
Newsroom: 612-673-4505
Fax: 651-222-0101
Cell: 612-644-6963
Education: BA, Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa; graduate work, University of Minnesota.
Experience: Star Tribune reporter, 1976-1986; assignment editor 1986-1992; editorial writer and columnist, 1992-present. Author and/or editor of ten books, including "Her Honor: Rosalie Wahl and the Minnesota Women's Movement" and "The Pillsburys of Minnesota."
Richard Tsong-Taatarii
Star Tribune
Capitol: 612-418-2163
Newsroom: 612-673-4517
Education: B.A. U.C. Berkeley '92
Experience: 12 years Star Tribune staff photagrapher
Michael McIntee
The Uptake
Capitol: 612-261-2272
Newsroom: 651-538-0411
Education: BA, Journalism, University of MN.
Experience: WMMR-AM news director, 1977-81; WCCO -TV producer, 1979-1982; KGBT-TV producer, 1982-84; KETV-TV producer 1984-87; KWTV TV producer, 1987-88; Conus Communication 1989-2002; cofounder and executive producer, The UpTake, 2006-present.
Cirien Saadeh
The Uptake
Capitol: 612-261-2272
Newsroom: 651-538-0411
Education: BA, Political Science, St. Catherine University, 2012; MA, Humanities, Prescott College, 2015; Ph.D., Sustainability Education (Journalism Focus), Prescott College, currently pursuing.
Experience: Freelance reporting during the last several years on local politics and community mobilization efforts. Previous work as a reporter at the Minnesota State Capitol, reporting on both state and local elections, as well as legislative politics for independent, nonprofit organizations.
Minnesota Senate 2017 Capitol News Coverage Directory 15
Bill Sorem
The Uptake
Capitol: 651-452-0530
Newsroom: 651-452-0530
Cell: 952-239-1169
Education: BS, Agriculture Sciences, University of Minnesota.
Experience: 20 years advertising agency experience 5 years reporting for TheUptake
Mitchell Berg
True North - St. Paul, MN
Newsroom: 651-855-8912
Education: BA, English, Jamestown College, ND.
Experience: Shot in the Dark, 2002-present; True North, WWTC-AM,
David N. Gillette
Twin Cities PBS
Capitol: 612-296-9030
Newsroom: 651-229-1345
Cell: 612-296-9030
Education: BA, Art, Creative Writing, Univ. of MN; Honor Program, 2001; Policy Fellow, Hurbert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, 2009 - 2010; Center for the Study of Politics and Governance.
Experience: Commentator and essayist for TPT since 2007, Almanac and Nightly Business Report; covered Legislative sessions for Almanac At The Capitol, since 2007.
Mary Lahammer
Twin Cities PBS
Capitol: 651-402-8848
Education: University of Minnesota; major: Journalism and Mass Communications; honors: Summa Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa.
Experience: Host, Almanac at the Capitol; reporter, Almanac; anchor/reporter, WQOW-TV, Eau Claire, Wis.; anchor/reporter, KUMV-TV, Williston, N.D.; winner of several Emmys and other awards for hosting, reporting, producing, and photography.
Minnesota Senate 2017 Capitol News Coverage Directory 16
Scott Trotman
Twin Cities PBS
Capitol: 612-867-8358
Newsroom: 651-222-1717
Education: BA, Winona State University; major, Mass Communications, Broardcasting; minor, Speech Communications.
Experience: Over 20 years of video production experience; 16 years with TPT. Worked four sessions with Senate Media in 1990's.
Pat Kessler
Capitol: 651-287-6991
Newsroom: 612-330-2509
Education: Macalester College, English/Journalism.
Experience: WCCO-TV; Minnesota Public Radio.