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Popular Bills 2017-2018

Please note: This list is produced for internal use within the Senate Information office as a way of quickly finding “popular” bills.


Major Subjects:

Subject File Number Author Brief Summary
2018 NFL Super Bowl
2018 NFL Super BowlSF 2221Torres Ray, P.Using revenue from a temporary Super Bowl surtax to pay for programs that address human trafficking.
2018 NFL Super BowlSF 440Housley, K.Extending bar times during the Super Bowl.
AbortionSF 3382Hall, D.Prohibiting abortions of unborn children.
AbortionSF 4109Mathews, A.Prohibiting abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected.
AgricultureSF 1016Weber, B.Increasing the number of animal units that trigger an environmental review for a proposed feedlot.
AgricultureSF 841Weber, B.Creating a shrimp production incentive.
Capital Investment
Capital InvestmentHF 4404Senjem, D.2018 omnibus bonding bill. (Didn't pass; Needed 41 votes.)
Capital InvestmentHF 4425Draheim, R.2018 omnibus bonding bill. (Senjem floor amendment adopted May 20. Chapter 214 with line-item veto.)
Capital InvestmentSF 210Senjem, D.Omnibus Capital Investment bill. (See also SF 640)
Civil Law
Civil LawSF 1196Limmer, W.Specifying a landowners duty to trespassers. (Ch. 78)
CommerceSF 0015Osmek, D.Establishing fair repair requirements
CommerceSF 1243Limmer, W.Limiting life insurance payments for people who die furthering terrorism. (Ch. 22)
CommerceSF 1344 Utke, P.Modifying insurance fraud provisions. (Ch. 98)
Constitutional Amendment
Constitutional AmendmentSF 101Dziedzic, K.Amending Article 1 to provide for gender equality under the law. (See also SF 224 and SF 2827)
Constitutional AmendmentSF 1080Eken, K.Amending the Constitution to remove real and personal property from taxation and replace it with a progressive tax based on individual income.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 1548Eken, K.Amending Article 9 to create a dedicated fund for long-term care services.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 2326Marty, J.Changing Article 4 to make the Legislature unicameral.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 2647Marty, J.Amending the Constitution to change the process for filling a vacancy in the office of lieutenant governor. (See also SF 2731 and SF 2961)
Constitutional AmendmentSF 2706Dibble, D.Adding to Article 1 that citizens right against unreasonable searches and seizures includes electronic communications and data.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 2747Draheim, R.Amending the Constitution to establish term limits for legislators and executive officers. (See also SF 3080)
Constitutional AmendmentSF 3122Jensen, S.Amending the Minnesota Constitution to reduce the size of the Minnesota Legislature.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 3127Pappas, S.Amending gender neutral terms into the Minnesota Constitution.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 3453Pappas, S.Reducing the voting age in the Constitution for state and local elections to 16.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 3682Osmek, D.Increasing the percentage of the motor vehicle sales tax that the Constitution dedicates to roads and bridges and decreasing the percentage for transit.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 3813Isaacson, J.Creating a commission in the Constitution of five retired judges to draw redistricting maps.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 3837Newman, S.Dedicating vehicle-related taxes to pay for roads.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 4083Klein, M.Granting public and private employees the right to organize labor unions.
Constitutional AmendmentSF 611Fischbach, M.Changing Article 14 to allocate state tax revenue from motor vehicle repair or maintenance sales exclusively to pay for roads. (See also SF 2439 and SF 3837)
Constitutional AmendmentSF 989Hoffman, J.Amending Article 9 to require gubernatorial approval of a Constitutional Amendment proposal before it’s submitted to the voters.
CorrectionsSF 1675Latz, R.Prohibiting the state from using private prisons.
EducationSF 1961Abeler, J.Creating the Student Data Privacy Act.
EducationSF 256Chamberlain, R.Providing tax credits to people who donate money to pay for scholarships. (See also SF 402)
EducationSF 2938Abeler, J.Not allowing secondary schools to start before 8:30 a.m. Not allowing school bus pickup for elementary school students before 7 a.m.
EducationSF 2993Bigham, K.Requiring threat assessment teams for schools that assess individuals that may pose a threat to school safety. (See also SF 3664)
EducationSF 3061Hall, D.Requiring the National Motto of the United States be displayed in school buildings.
EducationSF 3831Kent, S.Prohibiting school lunch providers from shaming students.
EducationSF 4Pratt, E.Making plans to restructure Minnesota’s teacher licensure system. (See also SF 56) (Ch. 73, vetoed)
ElectionsSF 10Wiger, C.Electing the U.S. president by national popular vote. (See also SF 16)
ElectionsSF 1264Housley, K.Changing the primary from August to June.
ElectionsSF 2071Ingebrigtsen, B.Allowing local governments to adopt ranked-choice voting.
ElectionsSF 323Laine, C.Automatically registering eligible voters when they get their driver’s license, unless they decline. (See also SF 796 and SF 3374)
ElectionsSF 3325Koran, M.Prohibiting local governments from establishing ranked-choice voting.
ElectionsSF 358Rest, A.Requiring presidential candidates to disclose five years of tax returns prior to being placed on the ballot.
ElectionsSF 370Isaacson, J.Establishing legislative and congressional districting principles and creating a redistricting commission.
ElectionsSF 3736Champion, B.Restoring voting rights upon release from incarceration.
ElectionsSF 514Kiffmeyer, M.Omnibus elections bill. (Ch. 92)
ElectionsSF 86Kiffmeyer, M.Establishing redistricting principles.
EmploymentSF 1293Utke, P.Workers Compensation Advisory Council recommendations.
EmploymentSF 1318Marty, J.Phasing in an increase in the minimum wage, increasing the working family credit and other provisions.
EmploymentSF 580Miller, J.Uniform State Labor Standards Act, preempting local governments from establishing a higher minimum wage than the state. (Ch. 2, special session, vetoed)
EmploymentSF 830Kent, S.Providing paid family and medical leave.
EnergySF 1239Mathews, A.Eliminating the prohibition on issuing a certificate of need for a new nuclear power plant.
EnergySF 1531Frentz, N.Requiring that Minnesota electric utilities generate 50 percent of their power from renewable sources by 2030.
EnergySF 214Osmek, D.Changing renewable energy programs.
EnergySF 2962Bigham, K.Increasing the renewable energy standard to 50 percent by 2030.
EnergySF 85Mathews, A.Authorizing a natural-gas power plant on the site of the Sherco power plant in Becker. (Ch. 5)
EnvironmentHF 3280Eichorn, J.Establishing findings and authorizing listing of wild-rice waters; nullifying and restricting the application of certain water quality standards. (Vetoed)
EnvironmentHF 3422Ingebrigtsen, B.Modifying wild rice water quality standards; establishing a wild rice work group. (Vetoed)
EnvironmentSF 1087Ingebrigtsen, B.Modifying Environmental permitting requirements. Eliminating the Environment Quality Board and reassigning its duties.
EnvironmentSF 1269Dibble, D.Creating the Health and Climate Resiliency Commission.
EnvironmentSF 1542Dziedzic, K.Establishing a compensation program for landowners who are required to have vegetative buffer strips. Creating riparian protection aid. (Ch. 93, Article 2)
EnvironmentSF 1569Westrom, T.Requiring a certain amount of Legacy funding to be spent on buffer easement acquisition.
EnvironmentSF 262Ingebrigtsen, B.Legacy: Outdoor Heritage Fund projects. (Ch. 91)
EnvironmentSF 2934Westrom, T.Projects funded by the Environment and Natural Resources Trust fund.
EnvironmentSF 465Draheim, R.Extending the deadline for landowners to put vegetative buffer strips along public waters and public drainage systems. (See also SF 938)
EnvironmentSF 550Westrom, T.Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund projects. (Ch. 96)
EnvironmentSF 708Ruud, C.Legacy: Clean Water, Parks and Trails, and Arts and Culture projects. (Ch. 91)
FirearmsSF 1261Latz, R.Requiring criminal background checks for firearm transfers. (See also SF 2782, SF 2882, SF 2969 and SF 3279)
FirearmsSF 1262Latz, R.Allowing law enforcement and family members to petition a court to prohibit people from possessing firearms if they pose a significant danger to themselves or others by possessing a firearm. (See also SF 2781 and SF 2883)
FirearmsSF 292Ruud, C.Defense of Dwelling and Person Act of 2017, expanding laws for the use of deadly force in selfdefense.
FirearmsSF 2959Latz, R.Regulating semiautomatic military-style assault weapons.
FirearmsSF 3116Mathews, A.Allowing permitted and trained school staff to carry firearms.
FirearmsSF 3278Little, M.Requiring the reporting of lost or stolen firearms.
FirearmsSF 3331Dibble, D.Establishing a crime for manufacturing, transferring or possessing large-capacity magazines.
FirearmsSF 3605Pappas, S.Establishing a crime for making, transferring or possessing certain assault weapons.
FirearmsSF 3651Champion, B.Prohibiting the transfer of semiautomatic military-style assault weapons.
FirearmsSF 649Utke, P.Providing the right to carry a firearm without a permit. (See also SF 650)
FireworksSF 235Westrom, T.Expanding the kinds of fireworks that can be used in Minnesota. (See also SF 1191)
Game and Fish
Game and FishSF 1390Housley, K.Prohibiting trapping without permission on certain private lands.
Game and FishSF 1446Hoffman, J.Modifying body gripping trap provisions.
Game and FishSF 1815Ingebrigtsen, B.Placing a moratorium on stocking muskie in waters. (See also SF 3319)
Game and FishSF 1850Eaton, C.Prohibiting a season for wolf hunting.
Game and FishSF 2010Ingebrigtsen, B.Allowing two-line fishing.
HealthSF 143Eaton, C.Removing conscientiously held beliefs as an exemption for immunization to attend school. (See also SF 3977)
HealthSF 1572Eaton, C.End of Life Option Act of 2017, allowing for medical aid in dying.
HealthSF 3103Relph, J.Providing protections for older adults and vulnerable adults.
HealthSF 3107Jensen, S.Limiting opiate prescriptions to a seven-day supply. (See also SF 3323)
HealthSF 3437Housley, K.Eldercare and Vulnerable Adult Protection Act of 2018. (See also SF 3438 and SF 3477)
HealthSF 730Rosen, J.Creating an opiate stewardship program.
HealthSF 799Benson, M.Opioid overdose prevention. (Conference Committee report passed May 2018)
Health Insurance
Health InsuranceSF 1Benson, M.Providing a temporary premium subsidy for people who purchase health insurance in the individual market. (Ch. 2)
Health InsuranceSF 1148Jensen, S.Requiring the state replace MNsure with a federally facilitated marketplace.
Health InsuranceSF 2028Utke, P.Requiring parity between mental health benefits and other medical benefits. (See also SF 2944 and SF 2945)
Health InsuranceSF 219Marty, J.Minnesota Health Plan, guaranteeing health care to every Minnesotan.
Health InsuranceSF 2876Hayden, J.Eliminating the sunset of the MinnesotaCare provider tax.
Health InsuranceSF 2877Hayden, J.Extending the 2017 temporary premium subsidy program through 2018.
Health InsuranceSF 3219Johnson, M.Establishing work requirements for able-bodied Medical Assistance enrollees.
Health InsuranceSF 58Lourey, T.Getting a federal waiver to allow people to buy into the MinnesotaCare program.
Health InsuranceSF 60Lourey, T.Providing a temporary subsidy from the Health Care Access Fund for individuals to pay health insurance premiums.
Health InsuranceSF 720Dahms, G.Creating a state-based reinsurance program. (Ch. 13)
Higher Education
Higher EducationSF 2451Chamberlain, R.Requiring MnSCU and requesting the University of Minnesota create a free-expression policy.
Higher EducationSF 2469Nelson, C.Requiring content-neutral campus free speech policies.
ImmigrationSF 1110Torres Ray, P.Making Minnesota a sanctuary state for purposes of immigration enforcement purposes.
ImmigrationSF 1454Dibble, D.Restricting state and local officials from cooperating with federal immigration enforcement efforts.
ImmigrationSF 2689Torres Ray, P.Urging the president and Congress to continue the federal deferred action for childhood arrival (DACA) program.
JudiciarySF 1044Senjem, D.Eliminating the mandatory retirement age for judges.
JudiciarySF 134Dibble, D.Requiring a special prosecutor in certain cases involving officer-initiated use of force.
JudiciarySF 2789Carlson, J.Increasing the mandatory retirement age for judges to 80.
LiquorSF 1086Miller, J.Allowing off-sale of liquor on Sundays. (Ch. 6)
LiquorSF 976Klein, M.Dedicating the proceeds from taxes on Sunday liquor sales to chemical dependency treatment programs.
MarijuanaSF 1320Hayden, J.Allowing people aged 21 and older to use marijuana.
Metropolitan Council
Metropolitan CouncilSF 1139Anderson, B.Prohibiting the Metropolitan Council from expanding beyond the Twin Cities metro area.
Metropolitan CouncilSF 150Osmek, D.Prohibiting the Metropolitan Council from doing light-rail projects without legislative approval.
Metropolitan CouncilSF 1823Osmek, D.Prohibiting state funding for operating costs of new or expanded light-rail lines.
Metropolitan CouncilSF 2415Osmek, D.Abolishing the Metropolitan Council and transferring its duties.
Metropolitan CouncilSF 2809Pratt, E.Modifying the Metropolitan Council's governance, including requiring local elected officials serve on the council. (See also SF 892)
Metropolitan CouncilSF 38Osmek, D.Creating staggered terms for Metropolitan Council members.
Metropolitan CouncilSF 40Osmek, D.Requiring the governor's Metropolitan Council appointees to receive local approval.
Metropolitan CouncilSF 642Dibble, D.Making Metropolitan Council members elected.
PensionsSF 2233Rosen, J.Pension solvency measures. (See also SF 1064 and SF 1066)
PensionsSF 2620 / Ch. 211Rosen, J.2018 omnibus pensions bill. (Ch. 211)
PensionsSF 545Rosen, J.2017 omnibus pensions bill. (Pensions provisions were vetoed in 2017 Special Session SF 3.)
Public Safety
Public SafetySF 1529Mathews, A.Prohibiting law enforcement agencies from using drones to gather evidence in certain circumstances.
Public SafetySF 2355Housley, K.Expanding the crime of female genital mutilation. (See also SF 2525)
Public SafetySF 2646Eichorn, J.Establishing a crime for misrepresenting an animal as a service animal. (Ch. 106)
Public SafetySF 3206Pappas, S.Eliminating the statute of limitations for certain sex offenses.
Public SafetySF 347Limmer, W.Prohibiting GPS location tracking of ignition interlock devices without a warrant. (Ch. 83)
Public SafetySF 676Ingebrigtsen, B.Making it a gross misdemeanor to obstruct a highway. (See also SF 148)
Public SafetySF 679Ingebrigtsen, B.Making individuals who engage in unlawful assemblies or public nuisances civilly liable for public safety response costs.
StadiumsSF 1255Senjem, D.Providing certain tax exemptions for a Major League Soccer stadium in St. Paul.
StadiumsSF 626Rosen, J.Restricting the use of stadium space by members and staff of the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority.
State Government
State GovernmentHF 399Kiffmeyer, M.Legislative budget. (Ch. 100)
State GovernmentSF 1843Bakk, T.Reducing the size of the Legislature.
State GovernmentSF 2048Ingebrigtsen, B.Creating a standing appropriation for legislative salaries.
State GovernmentSF 2457Wiger, C.Creating a task force to study the design of the state flag.
State GovernmentSF 247Limmer, W.Prohibiting contracts with vendors that discriminate against Israel. (Ch. 21)
State GovernmentSF 2491Nelson, C.Prohibiting funds of the House of Representatives, Senate or Legislative Coordinating Commission from being used to pay a settlement of a sexual harassment or assault allegation.
State GovernmentSF 2528Gazelka, P.Providing funding for the Senate and House of Representatives.
State GovernmentSF 2673Jensen, S.Precluding legislators from receiving per diem living expense payments in certain special sessions.
State GovernmentSF 27Rest, A.Requiring all governor's portraits be displayed in the State Capitol at all times.
State GovernmentSF 2966Rosen, J.Abolishing the Office of MN.IT Services.
State GovernmentSF 3161Anderson, P.Limiting the duties of the Office of MN.IT Services.
State GovernmentSF 324Laine, C.Requiring the House and Senate adopt joint budget targets at least 14 days before the end of each legislative session.
State GovernmentSF 65Fischbach, M.Providing for zero-based budgeting.
TaxesHF 1 Chamberlain, R.2017 omnibus tax bill (Chapter 1 special session)
TaxesHF 4Chamberlain, R.2017 omnibus tax bill. (Vetoed, regular session)
TaxesHF 4385Chamberlain, R.2018 omnibus tax bill. (Vetoed)
TaxesSF 19Ruud, C.Phasing out the state tax on Social Security benefits.
TaxesSF 2428Chamberlain, R.Eliminating income and business taxes and replacing the sales tax with a fair tax.
TaxesSF 3Chamberlain, R.Conforming to federal tax law. (Ch. 1)
TaxesSF 3371Chamberlain, R.Reducing individual income tax rates.
TaxesSF 83Anderson, B.Repealing the estate tax.
TechnologySF 1251Anderson, P.Creating the Legislative Commission on Cyber Security.
TelecommunicationsSF 561Osmek, D.Authorizing collocation of small wireless facilities.
TransportationSF 166Pratt, E.Implementing the federal REAL ID Act. (Ch. 76)
TransportationSF 2Newman, S.Providing transportation funding.
TransportationSF 2997Jasinski, J.Making it a misdemeanor to drive too slow in the left lane of traffic.
TransportationSF 3010Dibble, D.Providing $10 million to continue development and improvement of MNLARS.
TransportationSF 3133Newman, S.Requiring Legislative Advisory Committee to review the MNLARS appropriation; appropriating funding for the continued development and improvement of MNLARS. (Ch. 101)
TransportationSF 3632Dibble, D.Regulating autonomous vehicles.
TransportationSF 3844Abeler, J.Prohibiting the use of automated driving systems.
TransportationSF 837Carlson, J.Prohibiting the use of a cell phone while driving. (See also SF 2853 and SF 3057)

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